Sea Dogs Patch 1.06

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How to patch the game: After downloading the patch copy it to the folder where Sea Dogs is installed. Then double-click on the patch icon to run it. NOTE: Installing this patch will reset your display, sound and music options to the install default. This is necessary to resolve certain video and sound issues. To reset your system settings to you preference, the patch includes a configuration utility (Config.exe) and run from the Program menu or can be run from the folder where you installed Sea Dogs. This file allows you to make changes to what video card and resolution will be used, what graphic features will be turned on/off, and sound and FX settings before loading the game. Run Config.exe before you run Sea Dogs in order to reset your hardware settings. Using this utility will help you bypass any problems you may encounter with screen resolution, multiple video cards, or sound cards. What's New -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fixed bugs: 102----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Fixed bug with losing music and sound after successful boarding. * Fixed bug with wrong date in save game screen. (June after July) * Fixed bug with wrong logbook record about the place of the meeting with Damien Rotnie. * Fixed bug with Adam Mullen payment. * Fixed bug with linen delivery quest. * Fixed bug with Beuve Hainault hiring. * Fixed bug with "Armored Battleship" being shown as Armored. * Fixed bug with enemy pursuing you from behind until he is destroyed without firing his cannons. * Fixed bug with capturing enemy ships as allies using quicksave after pressing F2 to begin boarding action. * Fixed bug with passing crew payment if you're standing at anchor at the end of month. * Fixed bug with one unrepaired percent of hull in shipyard. * Fixed bug which prevented quest advance after taking quest ship as prize. * Fixed bug in Ropeflake's quest. * Fixed bug with Octavio Lambrini's quest. * Fixed bug with main map crush for nation 5. * Fixed memory leaks. * Empty dialog boxes bug fixed (occured only for certain types of graphic. card) * Fixed bug with invalid HP value for sails in Status screen after reparing. * Fixed game lock when using 'A' key in interior city location. * Fixed shipyard bug: if your class odd you able to buy ship with lesser class than allowed. * Fixed bug related to saving games next to forts after destroying the guns, and having the fort's cannons "respawn". 103----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Fixed incorrect bit depth switching when new seettings applied (half screen interfaces with strange colors). * Fixed problem with missing expansion part for message_terminal. * Fixed dialog fonts problem, when font changed to small and unviewable. * Fixed bug with missed "LEVEL UP" Message. 104----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Fixed problem with game crash on Voodoo family cards [in dialog terminal] * Fixed GDI resource leak [fonts] * Fixed problem with incorrect fonts size, when using Large Fonts (Descktop settings) * Fixed logical error with letter of marque * Fixed problem - system hangup, when boarding Peter Glance 105----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Fixed several bugs in resource managment system * Fixed problem with Letters of Marque and nations 106----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Fixed bug that prevented player to enter Highrock while completing pirate line * Fixed bug that Jeremy McMellon gives a quest to sink English lineships near Dead Island two times. * Fixed bug in pirate line that taking of the quest to capture Granda Avilia opens the island on map under pirate flag at once. * Fixed bug in final dialogue with Nicolas Montferrat right after capture of Isle d'Orange in the pirate line. * After reloading of saved game game music disappeared - fixed * Fixed bug with anti-aliasing being disabled after successful boardings. * Fixed bug that prevented player to complete quests if quest ship was taken as prize. * Fixed bug with multiple sales of a dagger to Nicolas Montferrat Added features: * Maximum available resolution set at 1280x1024 * Increased repair skill effectiveness. * Added an ability to invert mouse. Turn on in Options Menu under Controls. * Added option which allows you to select game difficulty when you begin a new game. This option is available in the Options menu under Game Settings. You do not need to hit Apply for the changes to take place. * Option to auto-save game automatically each time you're leaving the town. Turn on/off in the Options menu under Game Settings. You do not need to hit Apply for the changes to take place. * Turn rate of Nicolas Sharp in town was improved. * Increased the distance an attacking ship will appear in random encounters. * Added blinking cursor in the ship name string on Status-Ship screen. * Raymond Ibelin was moved from Isle d'Orange to Shark Island. * Changed some officers' skills. * Player can dismiss officers anywhere he wants except open sea. * All officers except quest characters now return to their original location after dismissal. * After boarding, a player can now take any ship, even if his rank doesn't allow this. But if he takes a higher ship than his rank allows, he will receive a penalty to all his skills proportional to difference between the class of the ship taken and the ship class he is allowed to take according to his rank. * Default Quickload button was set at F7. !!! Some of changes will take effect only if you start a new game. !!!
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