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* The demo will give a preview of the tracks on League 5.

* There is 1 Solo Drift Goal, 1 Drift King Goal and 1 Circuit Race goal.

* Tracks include Rome Gladiator's Shadow and Sydney The Phantom

* Drivable cars will be Nissan 350Z, BMW M3, Holden Monaro and the Saleen Mustang.

* Games for Windows Live

Requerimentos minimos:

* Windows XP SP2 / Windows Media Centre / Windows Vista

* DirectX9c

* DirectX9 Compatible sound card.

* Pentium 4 HT or equivalent at 3Ghz

* 1Gb RAM

* DirectX shader 3 compatible video card, such as Nvidia 7600GS 256MB or ATI X1600 256MB or greater

* DVD-Rom

* 5.7 GB Hard drive space

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