Dica e Truques sobre "Marvel Super Hero Squad" para "PS2" por tom helloween

#Dicas & Truques Dicas e Truques de Marvel Super Hero Squad para Playstation 2. Publicado por tom helloween, em .

Infinite shard duration Cheat 742737

Grounded cheat (hovering disabled in Battle mode) 476863

No Blocking Cheat 888888

One Hit Kills cheat 663448

Super Knockback cheat 777777

Thrown object takedown 847936

Captain America; US Agent costume 925627 or 956278

Captain America; Ultimate Captain America costume 177674

Doctor Doom; Ultimate Doctor and Professor Doom costumes 999999

Falcon; Ultimate Falcon costume 666666

Iron Man; War Machine costume 111111

Silver Surfer; Anti-Surfer and Gold Surfer costumes 555555

Spider-Man; Symbiote Spider-Man costume 925678 or 925628

The Hulk; Grey Hulk and Red Hulk costumes 222222

Thor; Chain Armor and Loki-Thor's costumes 444444

Wolverine; Brown and Feral costumes 333333

A.I.M. Agent and Blue Suit A.I.M. Agent costumes 246246

Tom #tom helloween