Dica de dusck para Postal 2: Share the Pain de PC

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Cheat -Effect Alamode- God Mode PacNHeat- Get Every Destructive Weapon PayLoad- Lots of Ammo in All Weapons PiggyTreats- Lots of Doughnuts JewsForJesus- Lots of Cash BoyAndHisDog- Lots of Dog Treats Jones- Lots of Health Pipes SwimWithFishes- All Radar Items FireInYourHole- Rocket Cameras IAmTheOne- Lots of Catnip LotsAPussy- Lots of Cats BlockMyAss- Body Armor SmackDatAss- Gimp Suit IAmTheLaw- Cop Uniform Healthful- Full Health, 4 Medkits Whatchutalkinbout- All Non-Players become Gary Coleman Osama- All Non-Players become Fanatics RockinCats- Change Guns to have Cats on them DokkinCats- Removes Cat Repeating Guns IFeelFree- Ghost Mode LikeABirdy- Fly Mode slomo- Slow Motion playersonly- Stop Every Non-Triggered Action Ghost- No Clipping (Walk Through Walls) iamsolame- Maximum ammo, invincibility, and all weapons walk Disables- flight and ghost modes nowwedance- Scissors machin gun headshots- One shot kills boppincats- When gun is shooting cats, cats will ricochet splodincats- Disables ricocheting cats Setday -Reset Day to Monday slomo 1 -disables Slow-Motion Whatchutalkingabout- Everyone is Coleman
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