Dica e Truques sobre "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" para "PC" por arthur silveira salvador

#Dicas & Truques Dicas e Truques de The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion para Computador. Publicado por arthur silveira salvador, em .

Cheat Mode

Press ~ (tilde) while playing to bring up the console. Enter any of the following codes: Code: Result: tgm God Mode if Nothing Targeted tcl No Clipping Mode tfh Full Help help List Console Commands lock # Lock Selected Door (1-100) unlock Unlock Selected Door kill Kill Selected NPC Target coc NAME Teleport to NAME modpcs SKILL, # Add Indicated Amount of Points to Specified Skill modpca ATTRIBUTE, # Add Indicated Amount of Points to Specified Attribute AdvLevel Advance a Level AdvSkill Advance Skill Experience CompleteQuest Complete Current Quest caqs Complete All Quest Stages psb Get All Spells ToggleMapMarkers Reveal All Map Locations sexchange Change Gender showclassmenu Change Class showbirthsignmenu Change Birth Sign player.setlevel # Change Level to # (1-255) tai AI On/Off tcai Combat AI On/Off player.additem 0000000f 1000 Get 1000 Gold player.additem 0000000a 100 Get 100 Lockpicks player.additem 0000000b 100 Get 100 Skeleton Keys player.additem 0000000c 100 Get 100 Repair Hammers player.additem X Y Get Item (X=HEX NUMBER OF ITEM, Y=AMOUNT)

WARNING: Please be aware that you can complete a quest that you have not gotten yet, thus breaking the quest, if you summon certain items like the IMPERIAL DRAGON ARMOR. The best way to test out what items are quest items and what items are not is to QUICKSAVE before you summon any items. If you get a Quest Item and you don't want to ruin any future quests, then load up your quicksave and try summoning something else. Use the summon item cheat at your own risk!

MODPCS Example:

Enter modpcs blade, 10 to increase your blade skill by 10 points; it will not set it to 10. Raising your skills in this manner will cause you to level up, but will not give you any attribute bonuses when you pick which attributes you want to increase on the level up screen.

MODPCA Example:

Enter modpca strength, 10 to increase your strength by 10; it will not set it to 10.

Add Item Listing:

Use the following HEX numbers with the player.additem X Y code. The example is player.additem 0002299F 1 to get Elven Boots.

0002299C ElvenCuirass ARMO Elven Cuirass 0002299D ElvenGreaves ARMO Elven Greaves 0002299E ElvenGauntlets ARMO Elven Gauntlets 0002299F ElvenBoots ARMO Elven Boots 000229A0 ElvenShield ARMO Elven Shield 000229A1 ElvenHelmet ARMO Elven Helmet 000229A2 SteelCuirass ARMO Steel Cuirass 000229A3 SteelGreaves ARMO Steel Greaves 000229A4 SteelHelmet ARMO Steel Helmet 000229A5 SteelBoots ARMO Steel Boots 000229A6 LowerShirt01 CLOT Blacksmith's Apron 000229A7 LowerPants01 CLOT Blacksmith's Pants 000229A8 LowerShoes01 CLOT Rough Leather Shoes 000229A9 LeatherBracer ARMO Leather Bracer 000229AA LowerShirt02 CLOT Dark Green Shirt 000229AB LowerPants02 CLOT Laced Leather Pants 000229AC LowerShoes02 CLOT Stitched Leather Shoes 000229AD MiddleShirt01 CLOT Brown Shirt 000229AE MiddlePants01 CLOT Light Brown Linens 000229AF MiddleShoes01 CLOT Pigskin Shoes 000229B0 UpperShirt01 CLOT Green Brocade Doublet 000229B1 UpperPants01 CLOT Green Silk Garment 000229B2 UpperShoes01 CLOT Green Velvet Shoes 000ADD4E ImperialDragonBootsHeavy ARMO Imperial Dragon Boots 000ADD50 ImperialDragonCuirassLight ARMO Imperial Dragon Cuirass 000ADD51 ImperialDragonGauntletsHeavy ARMO Imperial Dragon Gauntlets 000ADD52 ImperialDragonGreavesHeavy ARMO Imperial Dragon Greaves 000ADDA2 ImperialDragonHelmetHeavy ARMO Imperial Dragon Helmet 000ADDA3 ImperialDragonBootsLight ARMO Imperial Dragon Boots 000ADDAA ImperialDragonCuirassHeavy ARMO Imperial Dragon Cuirass 000CA152 UniqueWeapHatred WEAP Battleaxe of Hatred 000CA153 UniqueStaffApotheosis WEAP Apotheosis 000CA154 UniqueWeapAcid WEAP Akavari Sunderblade 000CA155 UniqueWeapAkavari WEAP Akavari Warblade 000CA156 UniqueWeapBlindness WEAP Bow of Infliction 000CA157 UniqueClubSubmission WEAP Truncheon of Submission 000CA158 UniqueWeaponKorbansSaber WEAP Captain Kordan's Saber 000CA159 UniqueWeapCleaver WEAP Destarine's Cleaver 0001FED0 EmperorGauntlets ARMO Emperor's Gauntlets 0001FED1 EmperorGreaves ARMO Emperor's Greaves 0001FED2 EmperorHelmet ARMO Emperor's Helmet 0001FECE EmperorBoots ARMO Emperor's Boots 0000552C EnchClothingRobeShieldGrand CLOT Aegis Robe 0000552D EnchClothingPantsFortifyMagicka CLOT Fortify Magicka Pants 00005530 EnchClothingShirtlShield CLOT Vest of Warding 00005519 EnchClothingRobeShieldPetty CLOT Robe of Deflection 0000551C EnchClothingRobeShieldLesser CLOT Robe of Warding 00005527 EnchClothingRobeShieldCommon CLOT Robe of Protection 00005529 EnchClothingRobeShieldGreater CLOT Robe of Defense 00048981 EnchClothingPantsAcrobatics CLOT Acrobatics Pants 00048982 EnchClothingShirtlLightArmor CLOT Light Armor Vest 00048983 EnchClothingShirtMarksman CLOT Marksman Quilted Doublet 00048984 EnchClothingShirtMerchantile CLOT Mercantile Black Outfit 00048985 EnchClothingShirtSecurity CLOT Security Russet Felt Shirt 00048986 EnchClothingShoesSneak CLOT Sneak Blue Suede Shoes 00048987 EnchClothingShirtSpeechcraft CLOT Speechcraft Green Brocade Doublet 00048989 EnchClothingShirtResistDisease CLOT Resist Disease Burgundy Linen Shirt 0004898A EnchClothingPantsResistFire CLOT Resist Fire Burgundy Linens 0004898B EnchClothingShirtResistNormalWeapons CLOT Resist Normal Weapons Quilted Doublet 0004898C EnchClothingShirtResistPoison CLOT Resist Poison Blue & Green Outfit 0004898F EnchClothingShoesWaterwalking CLOT Waterwalking Gold Trimmed Shoes 00048990 EnchClothingRobeChameleon CLOT Lesser Chameleon Robe 00048991 EnchClothingShoesFeather CLOT Feather Shoes 00048992 EnchClothingPantsFortifyFatigue CLOT Fortify Fatigue Pants 000CA10F UniqueDwarvenCuirassJuggernaut ARMO Dondoran's Juggernaut 000CA110 UniqueElvenCuirassLegacy ARMO Birthright of Astalon 000CA111 UniqueChainBootsMerchant ARMO Boots of the Swift Merchant 000CA112 UniqueFurGreavesMonkey ARMO Monkeypants 000CA113 UniqueGlassBootsQuicksilver ARMO Quicksilver Boots 000CA114 UniqueSteelGauntletsRasheedasSpecial ARMO Rasheda's Special 000CA116 UniqueAkavariShieldTowerOfTheNine ARMO Tower of the Nine 000CA117 UniqueAkavariCuirassApocalypse ARMO Aegis of the Apocalypse 000CA118 UniqueEbonyGauntetsAtronach ARMO Hands of the Atronach 000CA119 UniqueDwarvenHelmDelver ARMO Helm of the Deep Delver 000CA11A UniqueIronGauntletsDrunkard ARMO Fists of the Drunkard 000CA11B UniqueOrcishHelmFerocity ARMO Helm of Ferocity 000CA11C UniqueOrcishGaunletsHunger ARMO Gauntlets of Gluttony 000CA11D UniqueScrollSacrifice BOOK Chronicle of Sacrifice 000CA11E UniqueScrollPurileBanter BOOK Document of Purile Banter 000CA11F UniqueScrollFireNexus BOOK Annal of the Fire Nexus 000CA120 UniqueScrollStorms BOOK Stormrider Scroll 000CA121 UniqueClothingHoodDruid CLOT Cowl of the Druid 000CA122 UniqueClothingShirtArtisan CLOT Apron of the Master Artisan 000CA123 UniqueClothingShirtBard CLOT Vest of the Bard 000CA124 UniqueClothingHoodSeer CLOT Veil of the Seer 000CA125 UniqueClothingPantsSilverTongues CLOT Imperial Breeches 000CA126 UniqueRingTransmuter CLOT Ring of Transmutation 000CA127 UniqueClothingRobeCreativity CLOT Robe of Creativity 000CA128 UniqueRingWortcraft CLOT Ring of Wortcraft 000CA129 UniqueClothingHoodGatherer CLOT Mantle of the Woodsman 000CA12A UniqueRingUnseen CLOT Spectre Ring 000CA12B UniqueClothingBootsAthlete CLOT Nistor's Boots 000CA12C UniqueClothingHoodDiplomat CLOT Councilor's Hood 0018AE4B ImperialPalaceBoots ARMO Imperial Watch Boots 0018AE4C ImperialPalaceCuirass ARMO Imperial Watch Cuirass 0018AE4D ImperialPalaceGauntlets ARMO Imperial Watch Gauntlets 0018AE4E ImperialPalaceGreaves ARMO Imperial Watch Greaves 0018AE4F ImperialPalaceHelmet ARMO Imperial Watch Helmet 0002C212 EnchDaedricHelmetDetectLife ARMO Inquisitor's Helmet 0002C214 EnchDaedricGauntletsDetectLife ARMO Inquisitor's Gauntlets 0002C215 EnchDaedricBootsFeather ARMO Boots of the Thrall 0002C217 EnchDaedricGauntletsFortStrength ARMO Gauntlets of Brutality 0002C218 EnchDaedricCuirassFortEndurance ARMO Cuirass of Fortitude 0002C21A EnchDaedricGreavesFortFatigue ARMO Deathmarch Greaves 0002C21B EnchDaedricCuirassFortHealth ARMO Cuirass of the Undefeated 0002C21D EnchDaedricGauntletsFortArmorer ARMO Warforger's Gauntlets 0002C21E EnchDaedricBootsFortAthletics ARMO Boots of the Taskmaster 0002C220 EnchDaedricShieldFortBlock ARMO Dwarvenskin Shield 0002C221 EnchDaedricGauntletsFortHandtoHand ARMO Gauntlets of Punishment 0002C223 EnchDaedricCuirassFortHeavyArmor ARMO Cuirass of the Blood Legion 0002C224 EnchDaedricGauntletsLight ARMO Moonshadow Gauntlets 0002C226 EnchDaedricShieldLight ARMO Moonshadow Shield 0002C227 EnchDaedricShieldReflectDamage ARMO Shield of Vengence 0002C228 EnchDaedricShieldReflectSpell ARMO Shield of Animus 0002C229 EnchDaedricGreavesResistFire ARMO Flamewalker Greaves 0002C233 EnchDaedricGauntletsResistFrost ARMO Nordslayer Gauntlets 0002C235 EnchDaedricHelmetResistMagicka ARMO Mageslayer's Helmet 0002C239 EnchDaedricGreavesResistParalysis ARMO Slavemaster's Greaves 0002C23B EnchDaedricCuirassResistPoison ARMO Cuirass of the Pit Viper 0002C23F EnchDaedricBootsResistShock ARMO Boots of the Storm 0002C244 EnchDaedricShieldShield ARMO Monolithic Shield 0002C245 EnchDaedricShieldShockShield ARMO Stormlord's Shield 0002C247 EnchDaedricGreavesSpellAbsorption ARMO Magebane Greaves 0002C24E EnchDaedricHelmetWaterbreathing ARMO Helmet of the Flood 0003633F GlassHelmet ARMO Glass Helmet 00036340 GlassGauntlets ARMO Glass Gauntlets 00036341 GlassBoots ARMO Glass Boots 00036342 GlassGreaves ARMO Glass Greaves 00036343 GlassCuirass ARMO Glass Cuirass 00036344 GlassShield ARMO Glass Shield 00036345 DwarvenHelmet ARMO Dwarven Helmet 00036346 DwarvenGauntlets ARMO Dwarven Gauntlets 00036347 DwarvenBoots ARMO Dwarven Boots 00036348 DwarvenGreaves ARMO Dwarven Greaves 00036349 DwarvenCuirass ARMO Dwarven Cuirass 0003634A DwarvenShield ARMO Dwarven Shield 0003634B OrcishHelmet ARMO Orcish Helmet 0003634C OrcishGauntlets ARMO Orcish Gauntlets 0003634D OrcishBoots ARMO Orcish Boots 0003634E OrcishGreaves ARMO Orcish Greaves 0003634F OrcishCuirass ARMO Orcish Cuirass 00036350 OrcishShield ARMO Orcish Shield 00036351 EbonyHelmet ARMO Ebony Helmet 00036352 EbonyGauntlets ARMO Ebony Gauntlets 00036353 EbonyBoots ARMO Ebony Boots 00036354 EbonyGreaves ARMO Ebony Greaves 00036355 EnchEbonyCuirassResistPoison ARMO Viperbane Cuirass 00036356 EbonyShield ARMO Ebony Shield 00036357 DaedricHelmet ARMO Daedric Helmet 00036358 DaedricGauntlets ARMO Daedric Gauntlets 00036359 DaedricBoots ARMO Daedric Boots 0003635A DaedricGreaves ARMO Daedric Greaves 0003635B DaedricCuirass ARMO Daedric Cuirass 0003635C DaedricShield ARMO Daedric Shield 000977BC ArenaChainmailHelmet ARMO Chainmail Helmet 000977BD ArenaOrcishShield ARMO Orcish Shield 000977BE ArenaFurShield ARMO Fur Shield 000977BF ArenaLeatherShield ARMO Leather Shield 000977C0 ArenaMithrilShield ARMO Mithril Shield 000977C1 ArenaElvenShield ARMO Elven Shield 000977C2 ArenaSteelShield ARMO Steel Shield 000977C3 ArenaSteelLongsword WEAP Steel Longsword 000977C4 ArenaSilverMace WEAP Silver Mace 000977C5 ArenaSilverShortsword WEAP Silver Shortsword 000977C6 ArenaIronBow WEAP Iron Bow 000977C7 ArenaSilverLongsword WEAP Silver Longsword 000977C8 ArenaIronWarAxe WEAP Iron War Axe 000977C9 ArenaAkaviriLongSword WEAP Akaviri Katana 000977CA ArenaDwarvenClaymore WEAP Dwarven Claymore 000977CB ArenaGlassWarHammer WEAP Glass Warhammer 000977CC ArenaElvenBow WEAP Elven Bow 000977CD ArenaElvenLongSword WEAP Elven Long Sword 000977CE ArenaEbonyMace WEAP Ebony Mace 000977CF ArenaEbonyWarAxe WEAP Ebony War Axe 000977D0 ArenaEbonyBow WEAP Ebony Bow 000977D1 ArenaIronLongsword WEAP Iron Longsword 000977D2 ArenaSilverBattleAxe WEAP Silver BattleAxe 00098417 EnchRingResistDiseaseJadeTopaz CLOT Ring of Fortitude 00098418 EnchRingResistDiseaseJadeRuby CLOT Grand Ring of Fortitude 00098419 EnchRingResistFireBrass CLOT Base Ring of Firewalking 0009841A EnchRingResistFireBrassPearl CLOT Ring of Firewalking 0009841B EnchRingResistFireBrassTopaz CLOT Grand Ring of Firewalking 0009841C EnchRingResistFrostSilver CLOT Base Ring of the North 0009841D EnchRingResistFrostSilverRuby CLOT Ring of the North 0009841E EnchRingResistFrostSilverSapphire CLOT Grand Ring of the North 0009841F EnchRingResistMagickaEbony CLOT Base Ring of Nihilism 00098420 EnchRingResistMagickaEbonyEmerald CLOT Ring of Nihilism 00098421 EnchRingResistMagickaEbonyDiamond CLOT Grand Ring of Nihilism 00098422 EnchRingResistNormalWeaponsGold CLOT Base Ring of Steelskin 00098423 EnchRingResistNormalWeaponsGoldSapphire CLOT Ring of Steelskin 00098424 EnchRingResistNormalWeaponsGoldEmerald CLOT Grand Ring of Steelskin 00098425 EnchRingResistParalysisJadeSapphire CLOT Base Ring of Freedom 00098426 EnchRingResistParalysisSilverSapphire CLOT Ring of Freedom 00098427 EnchRingResistParalysisGoldSapphire CLOT Grand Ring of Freedom 00098428 EnchRingResistPoisonSilverEmerald CLOT Base Ring of the Viper 00098429 EnchRingResistPoisonGoldEmerald CLOT Ring of the Viper 0009842A EnchRingResistPoisonEbonyEmerald CLOT Grand Ring of the Viper 0009842B EnchRingResistShockCopper CLOT Base Ring of Storms 0009842C EnchRingResistShockCopperPearl CLOT Ring of Storms 0009842D EnchRingResistShockCopperTopaz CLOT Grand Ring of Storms 00098437 EnchRingShieldCopper CLOT Base Ring of Aegis 00098438 EnchRingShieldCopperPearl CLOT Ring of Aegis 00098439 EnchRingShieldCopperTopaz CLOT Grand Ring of Aegis 0009843A EnchRingShockShieldCopper CLOT Base Ring of Shock Shield 0009843B EnchRingShockShieldCopperPearl CLOT Ring of Shock Shield 0009843C EnchRingShockShieldCopperTopaz CLOT Grand Ring of Shock Shield 0009843D EnchAmuletSpellAbsorptionCopper CLOT Base Amulet of Absorption 0009843E EnchAmuletSpellAbsorptionSilver CLOT Amulet of Absorption 0009843F EnchAmuletSpellAbsorptionJeweled CLOT Grand Amulet of Absorption 00098440 EnchNecklaceWaterbreathingCopper CLOT Base Necklace of the Sea 00098441 EnchNecklaceWaterbreathingSilver CLOT Grand Necklace of the Sea 00098442 EnchNecklaceWaterbreathingJeweled CLOT Necklace of the Sea 00098443 EnchNecklaceWaterwalkingBronze CLOT Base Necklace of Seawalking 00098444 EnchNecklaceWaterwalkingJade CLOT Necklace of Seawalking 00098445 EnchNecklaceWaterwalkingGold CLOT Grand Necklace of Seawalking 00098446 EnchRingofPerfection CLOT Ring of Perfection 00098447 EnchRingofStamina CLOT Ring of Stamina 00098448 EnchRingofWar CLOT Ring of War 00098449 EnchRingofTreachery CLOT Ring of Treachery 0009844A EnchRingofWizardry CLOT Ring of Wizardry 0009844B EnchRingMundane CLOT Mundane Ring 0009844C EnchRingFlame CLOT Flame Ring 0009844D EnchRingFrost CLOT Frost Ring 0009844E EnchRingStorm CLOT Storm Ring 0009844F EnchRingofVitality CLOT Ring of Vitality 00098450 EnchRingElemental CLOT Elemental Ring 00098452 EnchNecklaceofSwords CLOT Necklace of Swords 00098453 EnchAmuletofAxes CLOT Amulet of Axes 00098454 EnchRingSorcerers CLOT Sorcerer's Ring 00098455 EnchRingofThieves CLOT Ring of Thieves 00098456 EnchRingofSkimming CLOT Ring of Skimming 00098457 EnchAcrobatsAmulet CLOT Acrobat's Amulet 00098458 EnchRingoftheIronFist CLOT Ring of the Iron Fist 0009845B EnchAmuletReflectSpellJade CLOT Amulet of Reflection 0009845C EnchAmuletReflectSpellGold CLOT Grand Amulet of Reflection 0009845D EnchRingResistDiseaseJade CLOT Base Ring of Fortitude 00038510 BlackwoodCuirass ARMO Blackwood Cuirass 00038511 BlackwoodGauntlets ARMO Blackwood Gauntlets 00038512 BlackwoodGreaves ARMO Blackwood Greaves 00038513 BlackwoodHelmet ARMO Blackwood Helmet 00038514 BlackwoodBoots ARMO Blackwood Boots 000387A6 EnchElvenWarhammerAbsFatigue WEAP Warhammer of Siphoning 000387A7 EnchElvenMaceAbsFatigue WEAP Mace of Siphoning 000387A8 EnchEbonyMaceAbsHealth WEAP Mace of Feeding 000387A9 EnchEbonyWarhammerAbsHealth WEAP Warhammer of Feeding 000387AA EnchSilverDaggerAbsMagicka WEAP Dagger of Depletion 000387AB EnchSilverShortswordAbsMagicka WEAP Shortsword of Depletion 000387AC EnchSilverLongswordAbsMagicka WEAP Longsword of Depletion 000387AD EnchSilverMaceAbsMagicka WEAP Mace of Depletion 000387AE EnchSilverBattleaxeAbsMagicka WEAP Battle Axe of Depletion 000387AF EnchSilverWaraxeAbsMagicka WEAP War Axe of Depletion 000387B0 EnchSilverWarhammerAbsMagicka WEAP Warhammer of Depletion 000387B1 EnchIronMaceBurden WEAP Mace of Weight 000387B2 EnchIronWarhammerBurden WEAP Warhammer of Weight 000387B3 EnchSteelWarhammerBurden WEAP Warhammer of Strain 000387B4 EnchSteelMaceBurden WEAP Mace of Strain 000387B5 EnchDwarvenWarhammerBurden WEAP Akaviri Warhammer Burden 000387B6 EnchDwarvenMaceBurden WEAP Mace of Burden 000387B7 EnchElvenMaceBurden WEAP Mace of Overload 000387B8 EnchElvenWarhammerBurden WEAP Warhammer of Overload 000387B9 EnchGlassWarhammerBurden WEAP Warhammer of Encumbrance 000387BA EnchGlassMaceBurden WEAP Mace of Encumbrance 000387BB EnchEbonyWarhammerBurden WEAP Warhammer of Excess 000387BC EnchEbonyMaceBurden WEAP Mace of Excess 000387BD EnchDaedricWarhammerBurden WEAP Warhammer of Deadweight 000387BE EnchDaedricMaceBurden WEAP Mace of Deadweight 000389E6 EnchDwarvenDaggerDamIntelligence WEAP Dagger of Enfeeblement 000389E7 EnchDwarvenShortswordDamSpeed WEAP Shortsword of Enfeeblement 000389E8 EnchDwarvenLongswordDamAgility WEAP Longsword of Enfeeblement 000389E9 EnchDwarvenMaceDamWillpower WEAP Mace of Enfeeblement 000389EA EnchDwarvenWarhammerDamStrength WEAP Warhammer of Enfeeblement 000389EB EnchDwarvenWaraxeDamLuck WEAP War Axe of Enfeeblement 0003A856 WeapSteelBattleAxeFine WEAP Fine Steel Battle Axe 0003A857 WeapSteelBowFine WEAP Fine Steel Bow 0003A858 WeapSteelClaymoreFine WEAP Fine Steel Claymore 0003A859 WeapSteelDaggerFine WEAP Fine Steel Dagger 0003A85A WeapSteelLongswordFine WEAP Fine Steel Longsword 0003A85B WeapSteelMaceFine WEAP Fine Steel Mace 0003A85C WeapSteelShortswordFine WEAP Fine Steel Shortsword 0003A85D WeapSteelWarAxeFine WEAP Fine Steel War Axe 0003A85E WeapSteelWarhammerFine WEAP Fine Steel Warhammer 0003A85F WeapIronBattleAxeFine WEAP Fine Iron Battle Axe 0003A860 WeapIronBowFine WEAP Fine Iron Bow 0003A861 WeapIronClaymoreFine WEAP Fine Iron Claymore 0003A862 WeapIronDaggerFine WEAP Fine Iron Dagger 0003A863 WeapIronLongswordFine WEAP Fine Iron Longsword 0003A864 WeapIronMaceFine WEAP Fine Iron Mace 0003A865 WeapIronShortswordFine WEAP Fine Iron Shortsword 0003A866 WeapIronWarAxeFine WEAP Fine Iron War Axe 0003A867 WeapIronWarhammerFine WEAP Fine Iron Warhammer 0003B3FF EnchElvenBattleAxeAbsFatigue WEAP Battle Axe of Siphoning 0003B400 EnchElvenWarAxeAbsFatigue WEAP War Axe of Siphoning 0003B401 EnchEbonyWarAxeAbsHealth WEAP War Axe of Feeding 0003B402 EnchEbonyBattleAxeAbsHealth WEAP Battle Axe of Feeding 0003B403 EnchDaedricBattleAxeAbsMagicka WEAP Battle Axe of Transmogrify 0003B404 EnchDaedricMaceAbsMagicka WEAP Mace of Transmogrify 0003B405 EnchDaedricWarAxeAbsMagicka WEAP War Axe of Transmogrify 0003B406 EnchDaedricWarHammerAbsMagicka WEAP Warhammer of Transmogrify 0003B407 EnchDwarvenBattleAxeDisArmor WEAP Battle Axe of Decay 0003B408 EnchDwarvenWarAxeDisArmor WEAP War Axe of Decay 0003B409 EnchElvenWarAxeDisArmor WEAP War Axe of Dissolution 0003B40A EnchElvenBattleAxeDisArmor WEAP Battle Axe of Dissolution 0003B40B EnchGlassWarAxeDisArmor WEAP War Axe of Fracturing 0003B40C EnchDaedricBattleAxeDisArmor WEAP Battle Axe of Putrification 0003B40D EnchDaedricWarAxeDisArmor WEAP War Axe of Putrification 0003B40E EnchEbonyBattleAxeDisArmor WEAP Battle Axe of Rending 0003B40F EnchEbonyWarAxeDisArmor WEAP War Axe of Rending 0001C6CD WeapIronClaymore WEAP Iron Claymore 0001C6CE IronHelmet ARMO Iron Helmet 0001C6CF IronBoots ARMO Iron Boots 0001C6D0 IronGreaves ARMO Iron Greaves 0001C6D1 IronCuirass ARMO Iron Cuirass 0001C6D2 IronGauntlets ARMO Iron Gauntlets 0001C6D3 ChainmailCuirass ARMO Chainmail Cuirass 0001C6D4 ChainmailBoots ARMO Chainmail Boots 0001C6D5 ChainmailGreaves ARMO Chainmail Greaves 0001C6D6 ChainmailGauntlets ARMO Chainmail Gauntlets 0001C6D7 ChainmailHelmet ARMO Chainmail Helmet 0001C6D8 SteelGauntlets ARMO Steel Gauntlets 0003CCFE EnchEbonyClaymoreTempest WEAP Tempest 0003CCFF EnchDwarvenBattleAxeHazards WEAP Axe of Hazards 0003CD01 EnchElvenClaymoreImmolator WEAP Immolator 0003CD02 EnchGlassShortswordWounding WEAP Sword of Wounding 0003CD04 EnchElvenBowDragonsBow WEAP Dragon's Bow 0003CD05 EnchGlassClaymoreBoreal WEAP Boreal 0003CD06 EnchElvenBowBlizzard WEAP Blizzard Bow 0003CD07 EnchSilverWarAxeGhost WEAP Ghost Axe 0003CD08 EnchElvenBowStorm WEAP Storm Bow 0003D7B7 EnchDwarvenDaggerDisWeapon WEAP Dagger of Fragments 0003D7B8 EnchDwarvenClaymoreDisWeapon WEAP Claymore of Fragments 0003D7B9 EnchDwarvenLongSwordDisWeapon WEAP Longsword of Fragments 0003D7BA EnchDwarvenShortSwordDisWeapon WEAP Shortsword of Fragments 0003D7BB EnchElvenClaymoreDisWeapon WEAP Claymore of Brittleness 0003D7BC EnchElvenDaggerDisWeapon WEAP Dagger of Brittleness 0003D7BD EnchElvenLongSwordDisWeapon WEAP Long Sword of Brittleness 0003D7BE EnchElvenShortswordDisWeapon WEAP Shortsword of Brittleness 0003D7BF EnchGlassClaymoreDisWeapon WEAP Claymore of Fracturing 0003D7C0 EnchGlassDaggerDisWeapon WEAP Dagger of Fracturing 0003D7C1 EnchGlassLongswordDisWeapon WEAP Longsword of Fracturing 0003D7C2 EnchGlassShortswordDisWeapon WEAP Shortsword of Fracturing 0003D7C3 EnchEbonyClaymoreDisWeapon WEAP Claymore of Shattering 0003D7C4 EnchEbonyDaggerDisWeapon WEAP Dagger of Shattering 0003D7C5 EnchEbonyLongswordDisWeapon WEAP Longsword of Shattering 0003D7C6 EnchEbonyShortswordDisWeapon WEAP Shortsword of Shattering 0003D7C7 EnchDaedricClaymoreDisWeapon WEAP Claymore of Disintegration 0003D7C8 EnchDaedricDaggerDisWeapon WEAP Dagger of Disintegration 0003D7C9 EnchDaedricLongswordDisWeapon WEAP Longsword of Disintegration 0003D7CA EnchDaedricShortswordDisWeapon WEAP Shortsword of Disintegration 0003D7CB EnchSilverBattleAxeDispel WEAP Battle Axe of Dispel 0003D7CC EnchSilverClaymoreDispel WEAP Claymore of Dispel 0003D7CD EnchSilverDaggerDispel WEAP Dagger of Dispel 0003D7CE EnchSilverLongswordDispel WEAP Longsword of Dispel 0003D7CF EnchSilverMaceDispel WEAP Mace of Dispel 0003D7D0 EnchSilverShortswordDispel WEAP Shortsword of Dispel 0003D7D1 EnchSilverWarAxeDispel WEAP War Axe of Dispel 0003D7D2 EnchSilverWarhammerDispel WEAP Warhammer of Dispel 0003D7D3 EnchSteelBattleAxeDraEndurance WEAP Battle Axe of Diminishing 0003D7D4 EnchSteelDaggerDraIntelligence WEAP Dagger of Diminishing 0003D7D5 EnchSteelLongswordDraAgility WEAP Longsword of Diminishing 0003D7D6 EnchSteelMaceDraWillpower WEAP Mace of Diminishing 0003D7D7 EnchSteelShortswordDraSpeed WEAP Shortsword of Diminishing 0003D7D8 EnchSteelWarAxeDraLuck WEAP War Axe of Diminishing 0003D7D9 EnchSteelWarhammerDraStrength WEAP Warhammer of Diminishing 0003D7DA EnchIronClaymoreDraFatigue WEAP Claymore of Weariness 0003D7DB EnchIronDaggerDraFatigue WEAP Dagger of Weariness 0003D7DC EnchIronLongswordDraFatigue WEAP Longsword of Weariness 0003D7DD EnchIronShortswordDraFatigue WEAP Shortsword of Weariness 0003D7DE EnchDwarvenClaymoreDraHealth WEAP Claymore of Pain 0003D7DF EnchDwarvenDaggerDraHealth WEAP Dagger of Pain 0003D7E0 EnchDwarvenLongSwordDraHealth WEAP Longsword of Pain 0003D7E1 EnchDwarvenShortSwordDraHealth WEAP Shortsword of Pain 0003D7E2 EnchSilverBattleAxeDraMagicka WEAP Battle Axe of Sapping 0003D7E3 EnchSilverClaymoreDraMagicka WEAP Claymore of Sapping 0003D7E4 EnchSilverDaggerDraMagicka WEAP Dagger of Sapping 0003D7E5 EnchSilverLongswordDraMagicka WEAP Longsword of Sapping 0003D7E6 EnchSilverMaceDraMagicka WEAP Mace of Sapping 0003D7E7 EnchSilverShortswordDraMagicka WEAP Shortsword of Sapping 0003D7E8 EnchElvenClaymoreDraMagicka WEAP Claymore of Depletion 0003D7E9 EnchElvenDaggerDraMagicka WEAP Dagger of Depletion 0003D7EA EnchElvenLongSwordDraMagicka WEAP Long Sword of Depletion 0003D7EB EnchElvenShortswordDraMagicka WEAP Shortsword of Depletion 0003DAE7 EnchIronBattleAxeEmber WEAP Battle Axe of Embers 0003DAE9 EnchIronBowEmber WEAP Bow of Embers 0003DAEA EnchIronClaymoreEmber WEAP Claymore of Embers 0003DAEB EnchIronDaggerEmber WEAP Dagger of Embers 0003DAEC EnchIronLongswordEmber WEAP Longsword of Embers 0003DAED EnchIronMaceEmber WEAP Mace of Embers 0003DAEE EnchIronShortswordEmber WEAP Shortsword of Embers 0003DAEF EnchIronWarAxeEmber WEAP War Axe of Embers 0003DAF0 EnchIronWarhammerEmber WEAP Warhammer of Embers 0003DAF1 EnchSteelBattleAxeEmber WEAP Quality Battle Axe Ember 0003DAF2 EnchSteelBowEmber WEAP Bow of Burning 0003DAF3 EnchSteelClaymoreEmber WEAP Claymore of Burning 0003DAF4 EnchSteelDaggerEmber WEAP Dagger of Burning 0003DAF5 EnchSteelLongswordEmber WEAP Longsword of Burning 0003DAF6 EnchSteelMaceEmber WEAP Mace of Burning 0003DAF7 EnchSteelShortswordEmber WEAP Shortsword of Burning 0003DAF8 EnchSteelWarAxeEmber WEAP War Axe of Burning 0003DAF9 EnchSteelWarhammerEmber WEAP Warhammer of Burning 0003DAFA EnchDwarvenBattleAxeFlame WEAP Battle Axe of Scorching 0003DAFB EnchDwarvenBowFlame WEAP Bow of Scorching 0003DAFC EnchDwarvenClaymoreFlame WEAP Claymore of Scorching 0003DAFD EnchDwarvenDaggerFlame WEAP Dagger of Scorching 0003DAFE EnchDwarvenLongSwordFlame WEAP Longsword of Scorching 0003DAFF EnchDwarvenMaceFlame WEAP Mace of Scorching 0003DB00 EnchDwarvenShortSwordFlame WEAP Shortsword of Scorching 0003DB01 EnchDwarvenWarAxeFlame WEAP War Axe of Scorching 0003DB02 EnchDwarvenWarHammerFlame WEAP Warhammer of Scorching 0003DB03 EnchElvenBattleAxeBlaze WEAP Battle Axe of Flames 0003DB04 EnchElvenBowBlaze WEAP Bow of Flames 0003DB05 EnchElvenClaymoreBlaze WEAP Claymore of Flames 0003DB06 EnchElvenDaggerBlaze WEAP Dagger of Flames 0003DB07 EnchElvenLongSwordBlaze WEAP Long Sword of Flames 0003DB08 EnchElvenMaceBlaze WEAP Mace of Flames 0003DB09 EnchElvenShortswordBlaze WEAP Shortsword of Flames 0003DB0A EnchElvenWarAxeBlaze WEAP War Axe of Flames 0003DB0B EnchElvenWarHammerBlaze WEAP Warhammer of Flames 0003DB0C EnchGlassBattleAxeBlaze WEAP Battle Axe of Fire 0003DB0D EnchGlassBowBlaze WEAP Bow of Fire 0003DB0E EnchGlassClaymoreBlaze WEAP Claymore of Fire 0003DB0F EnchGlassDaggerBlaze WEAP Dagger of Fire 0001DA82 ElfPonytail HAIR Windbound 0003DB10 EnchGlassLongswordBlaze WEAP Longsword of Fire 0001DA83 ElfBraid HAIR Wind Braids 0003DB11 EnchGlassMaceBlaze WEAP Mace of Fire 0003DB12 EnchGlassShortswordBlaze WEAP Shortsword of Fire 0003DB13 EnchGlassWarAxeBlaze WEAP War Axe of Fire 0003DB14 EnchGlassWarHammerBlaze WEAP Warhammer of Fire 0003DB15 EnchEbonyBattleAxeScorch WEAP Battle Axe of the Blaze 0003DB16 EnchEbonyBowScorch WEAP Bow of the Blaze 0003DB17 EnchEbonyClaymoreScorch WEAP Claymore of the Blaze 0003DB18 EnchEbonyDaggerScorch WEAP Dagger of the Blaze 0003DB19 EnchEbonyLongswordScorch WEAP Longsword of the Blaze 0003DB1A EnchEbonyMaceScorch WEAP Mace of the Blaze 0003DB1B EnchEbonyShortswordScorch WEAP Shortsword of the Blaze 0003DB1C EnchEbonyWarAxeScorch WEAP War Axe of the Blaze 0003DB1D EnchEbonyWarHammerScorch WEAP Warhammer of the Blaze 0003DB1E EnchDaedricBattleAxeScorch WEAP Battle Axe of the Inferno 0003DB1F EnchDaedricBowScorch WEAP Bow of the Inferno 0003DB20 EnchDaedricClaymoreScorch WEAP Claymore of the Inferno 0003DB21 EnchDaedricDaggerScorch WEAP Dagger of the Inferno 0003DB22 EnchDaedricLongswordScorch WEAP Longsword of the Inferno 0003DB23 EnchDaedricMaceScorch WEAP Mace of the Inferno 0003DB24 EnchDaedricShortswordScorch WEAP Shortsword of the Inferno 0003DB25 EnchDaedricWarAxeScorch WEAP War Axe of the Inferno 0003DB26 EnchDaedricWarHammerScorch WEAP Warhammer of the Inferno 0003DB73 EnchIronClaymoreShiver WEAP Claymore of Frost 0003DB74 EnchIronDaggerShiver WEAP Dagger of Frost 0003DB75 EnchIronLongswordShiver WEAP Longsword of Frost 0003DB76 EnchIronMaceShiver WEAP Mace of Frost 0003DB77 EnchIronShortswordShiver WEAP Shortsword of Frost 0003DB78 EnchIronWarAxeShiver WEAP War Axe of Frost 0003DB79 EnchIronWarhammerShiver WEAP Warhammer of Frost 0003DB7A EnchSteelBattleAxeShiver WEAP Quality Battle Axe Shiver 0003DB7B EnchSteelBowShiver WEAP Bow of Numbing 0003DB7C EnchSteelClaymoreShiver WEAP Claymore of Numbing 0003DB7D EnchSteelDaggerShiver WEAP Dagger of Numbing 0003DB7E EnchSteelLongswordShiver WEAP Longsword of Numbing 0003DB7F EnchSteelMaceShiver WEAP Mace of Numbing 0003DB80 EnchSteelShortswordShiver WEAP Shortsword of Numbing 0003DB81 EnchSteelWarAxeShiver WEAP War Axe of Numbing 0003DB82 EnchSteelWarhammerShiver WEAP Warhammer of Numbing 0003DB8F EnchIronBattleAxeShiver WEAP Battle Axe of Frost 0003E9AE Dremora2KynvalGreaves ARMO Dremora Kynval Greaves 0003E9AF Dremora3KynreeveBoots ARMO Dremora Kynreeve Boots 0003E9B0 Dremora3KynreeveCuirass ARMO Dremora Kynreeve Cuirass 0003E9B1 Dremora3KynreeveGreaves ARMO Dremora Kynreeve Greaves 0003E9B2 Dremora3KynreeveShield ARMO Dremora Kynreeve Shield 0003E9B3 Dremora4KynmarcherBoots ARMO Dremora Kynmarcher Boots 0003E9B4 Dremora4KynmarcherCuirass ARMO Dremora Kynmarcher Cuirass 0003E9B5 Dremora4KynmarcherGreaves ARMO Dremora Kynmarcher Greaves 0003E9B6 Dremora5MarkynazBoots ARMO Dremora Markynaz Boots 0003E9B7 Dremora5MarkynazCuirass ARMO Dremora Markynaz Cuirass 0003E9B8 Dremora5MarkynazGreaves ARMO Dremora Markynaz Greaves 0003E9B9 Dremora0ChurlBoots ARMO Dremora Churl Boots 0003E9BA Dremora1CaitiffBoots ARMO Dremora Caitiff Boots 0003E9BB Dremora2KynvalBoots ARMO Dremora Kynval Boots 0003E9BC Dremora0ChurlGreaves ARMO Dremora Churl Greaves 0003E9BD Dremora0ChurlCuirass ARMO Dremora Churl Cuirass 0003E9BE Dremora1CaitiffCuirass ARMO Dremora Caitiff Cuirass 0003E9BF Dremora1CaitiffGreaves ARMO Dremora Caitiff Greaves 0003E9C0 Dremora1CaitiffShield ARMO Dremora Caitiff Shield 0003E9C1 Dremora2KynvalCuirass ARMO Dremora Kynval Cuirass 0003E9C2 DremoraMace WEAP Dremora Mace 0003E9C3 DremoraLongSword WEAP Dremora Longsword 0003E9C4 DremoraClaymore WEAP Dremora Claymore

Teleport Location Listing:

Use the following location names with the coc cheat. The example is coc AbandonedMine to teleport to the Abandoned Mine. Put the destination name in parentheses if it contains a space.

Location Code A Fighting Chance ICMarketDistrictAFightingChance A Fighting Chance Basement ICMarketDistrictAFightingChanceBasement A Fighting Chance Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictAFightingChanceUpstairs A Warlock's Luck BravilaWarlockluck Abandoned Basement CheydinhalAbandonedHouseBasement Abandoned House AnvilAbandonedHouse Abandoned House CheydinhalAbandonedHouse Abandoned Mine AbandonedMine Abandoned Mine Caverns AbandonedMine02 Abandoned Shack ICWaterfrontAbandonedShack Adrian Decanius' Basement ICElvenGardensAdrianDecaniusHouseBasement Adrian Decanius' House ICElvenGardensAdrianDecaniusHouse Adrian Decanius' Private Quarters ICElvenGardensAdrianDecaniusHouseUpstairs Aengvir's House HarlunsWatchAengvirsHouse Agarmir's Basement ICTalosPlazaAgarmirsHouseBasement Agarmir's House ICTalosPlazaAgarmirsHouse Agarmir's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaAgarmirsHouseUpstairs Ahdarji's House LeyawiinAhdarjisHouse Ahdarji's House 2nd Floor East LeyawiinAhdarjisHouse2ndFloorEast Ahdarji's House 2nd Floor West LeyawiinAhdarjisHouse2ndFloorWest Alberic Litte's Basement ChorrolAlbericLittesBasement Alberic Litte's House ChorrolAlbericLittesHouse Aldos Othran's House CheydinhalAldosOthransHouse Aleron Loche's House BravilAleronLochesHouse Aleswell Inn AleswellInn Algot's Basement ICTempleDistrictAlgotsBasement Algot's House ICTempleDistrictAlgotsHouse Algot's Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictAlgotsHouseUpstairs All Things Alchemical SkingradAllThingsAlchemical Alval Uvani's Basement LeyawiinAlvalUvanisHouseBasement Alval Uvani's House LeyawiinAlvalUvanisHouse Alval Uvani's House 2nd Floor LeyawiinAlvalUvanisHouse2ndFloor Amantius Allectus' Basement ICTempleDistrictAmantiusAllectusBasement Amantius Allectus' House ICTempleDistrictAmantiusAllectusHouse Amantius Allectus' Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictAmantiusAllectusHouseUpstairs Ambroise Canne's House SkingradAmbroiseCannesHouse Amelion Tomb AmelionFamilyTomb Ancestor Moth Crypt TempleOfTheAncestorMothCrypt Andragil's House BravilAndragilHouse Anga Anga Angelie's Basement ICTalosPlazaAngeliesHouseBasement Angelie's House ICTalosPlazaAngeliesHouse Angelie's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaAngeliesHouseUpstairs Anutwyll Anutwyll Anutwyll Inner Chambers Anutwyll02 Anvil Castle AnvilCastleGreatHall Anvil Castle Caverns AnvilCastleNecromancerLair Anvil Lighthouse AnvilLighthouse Anvil Lighthouse Cellar AnvilLighthouseBasement Anvil Lighthouse Tower AnvilLighthouseUpperRoom Anvil Mages Guild AnvilMagesGuild Applewatch Farmhouse ApplewatchInterior Arborwatch ChorrolHouseForSale Arborwatch Bedrooms ChorrolHouseForSale2floor Arborwatch Suite ChorrolHouseForSale3floor Arch-Mage's Lobby ICArcaneUniversityArchMagesTowerLobby Arch-Mage's Quarters ICArcaneUniversityArchMagesQuarters Arch-Mage's Tower Council Chambers ICArcaneUniversityArchMagesTowerCouncil Areldil's Basement ICTalosPlazaAreldilsHouseBasement Areldil's House ICTalosPlazaAreldilsHouse Areldil's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaAreldilsHouseUpstairs Arena ChorrolArena Arena ArenaMatchCell Arena Bloodworks ICArenaBloodworks Arkved's Death Quarters ArkvedsTower07 Arkved's Hall of Changes ArkvedsTower04 Arkved's Lost Halls ArkvedsTower03 Arkved's Rending Halls ArkvedsTower06 Arkved's Retreat ArkvedsTower05 Arkved's Tower ArkvedsTower01 Arkved's Void ArkvedsTower02 Armand Christophe's House ICWaterfrontArmandChristopheHouse Armor Warehouse WarehouseArmor Armor Warehouse WarehouseMagicArmor Armory ICImperialLegionHQArmory Arnora's House BrumaArnorasHouse Arpenia Arpenia Arrowshaft Cavern ArrowshaftCavern Arrowshaft Cavern Subtarrane ArrowshaftCavern03 Arvena Thelas' Basement AnvilArvenaThelasBasement Arvena Thelas' House AnvilArvenaThelasHouse Arvin Dalvilu's House BleakersWayArvinDalvilusHouse Astante's Home BrindleHome02 Astinia Atius' Basement ICTalosPlazaAstiniaAtiusHouseBasement Astinia Atius' House ICTalosPlazaAstiniaAtiusHouse Astinia Atius' Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaAstiniaAtiusHouseUpstairs Atatar Atatar Atatar Haelia Anga Atatar03 Atatar Haelia Dagon Atatar02 Atatar Loria Atatar04 Baenlin's Basement BrumaBaenlinsBasement Baenlin's House BrumaBaenlinsHouse Barren Cave BarrenCave Barren Mine BarrenMine Barthel Gernand's House CropsfordBarthelGernandsHouse Bawn Bawn Bawn Latta Bawn03 Bawn Loria Bawn02 Bay Roan Stables BravilStable Bazur Gro-Gharz's House CheydinhalGharzHouse Bedrock Break BedrockBreak Belda Belda Belda Lor Belda02 Beldaburo Beldaburo Beldaburo Anga Beldaburo02 Belletor's Folly BelletorsFolly Belletor's Folly Cavern BelletorsFolly03 Belletor's Folly Mines BelletorsFolly02 Beneath the Bloodworks ImperialSewerSystemArena Benirus Manor AnvilBenirusManorHaunted Benirus Manor Basement AnvilBenirusManorBasement Bernadette Peneles' House SkingradBernadettePenelesHouse Best Goods and Guarantees LeyawiinBestGoodsAndGuarantees Betto Plotius' House LeyawiinBettoPlotiusHouse Biene Amelion's House WatersEdgeBieneAmelionsHouse Bincals' House CropsfordBincalsHouse Black Balconies of Fieldhouse FieldhouseCave03 Black Horse Courier ICMarketDistrictBlackHorseCourier Black Horse Courier Basement ICMarketDistrictBlackHorseCourierBasement Black Horse Courier Upstairs Offices ICMarketDistrictBlackHorseCourierUpstairs Black Rock Caverns BlackRockCaverns Black Rock Caverns BlackRockCavernsLight7 Black Rock Main Chamber BlackRockCaverns02 Black Waterside Stables CheydinhalBlackWatersideStables Blackwood Company Hall LeyawiinBlackwoodCompanyHall Blackwood Company Hall Basement LeyawiinBlackwoodTreeRoom Blackwood Company Training Hall LeyawiinBlackwoodCompanyTrainingHall Bleak Flats Cave BleakFlatsCave Bleak Flats Cave XXXRANDOMCave01 Bleak Mine BleakMine Bleaker's Way Goodwill Inn BleakersWayGoodwillInn Blood Well DAPeryiteSmallTower01 Blood Well MS13OblivionSmallTower01 Blood Well OblivionMqKvatchSmallTower04 Blood Well OblivionRD001Tower02 Blood Well OblivionRD003Tower02Left Blood Well OblivionRD003Tower02Right Blood Well OblivionRD006TowerLeft Bloodcrust Cavern BloodcrustCavern Bloodmayne Cave BloodmayneCave Bloodmayne Cave Labyrinth BloodmayneCave02 Bloodrun Cave BloodRunCave Book Warehouse WarehouseBooks Borba's Goods and Stores CheydinhalBorbasGoodsandStores Borba's Goods and Stores Basement CheydinhalBorbasGoodsandStoresBasement Border Watch Inn BorderWatchInn Boreal Stone Cave BorealStoneCave Bradon Lirrians Basement BrumaBradonLirriansBasement Bradon Lirrian's House BrumaBradonLirriansHouse Bramblepoint Cave BramblepointCave Bravil Chapel Undercroft BravilChapelUndercroft Bravil Fighters Guild Basement BravilFightersGuildBasement Bravil Fighter's Guild Second Floor BravilFightersGuild2ndFloor Bravil Fighter's Guild Third Floor BravilFightersGuild3rdFloor Bravil Mages Guild BravilMagesGuild Bravil Mages Guild 2nd Floor BravilMagesGuild2ndFloor Bravil Mages Guild 3rd Floor BravilMagesGuild3rdFloor Bravil Mages Guild Basement BravilMagesGuildBasement Bravil Wizard's Grotto BravilWizardsGrotto Bravil Wizard's Lair BravilWizardsLair Breakneck Cave BreakneckCave Breakneck Cave Inner Chamber BreakneckCave03 Brina Cross XXXDELETEME Brina Cross Inn BrinaCrossInn Brittlerock Cave BrittlerockCave Brittlerock Lower Passages BrittlerockCave02 Broken Promises Cave BrokenPromisesCave Brotch Calus' House BrumaBrotchCalusHouse Bruma Caverns BrumaCaverns Bruma Fighters Guild BrumaFightersGuild Bruma Mages Guild BrumaMagesGuild Bruma Mages Guild BrumaMagesGuildDestroyed Cadlew Chapel CadlewChapel Capstone Cave CapstoneCave Capstone Great Cavern CapstoneCave02 Captain's Cabin ICWaterfrontMarieElenaCaptainsCabin Carac Agaialor ParadiseCamoranFortress Carandial's House BravilCarandialHouse Casta Scribonia's Basement ChorrolCastaScriboniasBasement Casta Scribonia's House ChorrolCastaScriboniasHouse Castle Barracks AnvilCastleBarracks Castle Bravil Barracks BravilCastleBarracks Castle Bravil Dining Hall BravilCastleDiningHall Castle Bravil Dungeon BravilCastleDungeon Castle Bravil Great Hall BravilCastleGreatHall Castle Bravil Servant's Quarters BravilCastleServantsQuarters Castle Bruma Barracks BrumaCastleBarracks Castle Bruma Dungeon BrumaCastleDungeon Castle Chorrol Arch Tower ChorrolCastleTowerBL2 Castle Chorrol Barracks ChorrolCastleBarracks Castle Chorrol Dungeon ChorrolCastleDungeon Castle Chorrol East Tower ChorrolCastleTowerFR Castle Chorrol Great Hall ChorrolCastleGreatHall Castle Chorrol North Tower ChorrolCastleTowerBR Castle Chorrol Private Quarters ChorrolCastlePrivateQuarters Castle Chorrol Private Quarters ChorrolCastlePrivateQuarters02 Castle Chorrol South Tower ChorrolCastleTowerFL Castle Chorrol Wall Tower East View ChorrolCastleTowerR2 Castle Chorrol Wall Tower North View ChorrolCastleTowerR1 Castle Chorrol West Tower ChorrolCastleTowerBL Castle Kvatch Passageway KvatchCastlePassageway Castle Leyawiin Basement LeyawiinCastleBasement Castle Leyawiin County Hall LeyawiinCastleCountyHall Castle Leyawiin Dungeon LeyawiinCastleDungeon Castle Leyawiin Servants' Quarters LeyawiinCastleServantsQuarters Castle Skingrad Barracks SkingradCastleBarracks Castle Skingrad County Hall SkingradCastleSkingrad Castle Skingrad Courtyard SkingradCastleCourtyard Castle Skingrad Dining Hall SkingradCastleDiningHall Castle Skingrad Dungeon SkingradCastleDungeon Castle Skingrad Living Quarters SkingradCastleLivingQuarters Castle Skingrad Lord's Manor SkingradCastleLordsManor Castle Skingrad South Hall SkingradCastleSouthHall Castle Skingrad Wine Cellar SkingradCastleWineCellar Castle Varaldo Interior CastleVaraldo Catacombs JakbenTombInterior Catacombs of The Temple of The Moth TempleMothCatacombs02 Cave Exterior entrances WarehouseCaveEntrance Cave Tomb Warehouse WarehouseCaveTombNecro Caverns TestCameronCave Caverns TestCave01 Caverns TestCave02 Caverns TestCave03 Caverns of the Abused OblivionRD001Caves Ceyatatar Ceyatatar Ceyatatar Gorigarlas Ceyatatar02 Ceyatatar Gorihame Ceyatatar03 Chair testing TestChairs Chamber of the Lost SkingradCastleChamberOfTheLost Chapel Hall AnvilChapelHall Chapel Hall BravilChapelGreatHall Chapel Hall BrumaChapelHall Chapel Hall CheydinhalChapelHall Chapel Hall ChorrolChapelHall Chapel Hall KvatchChapelHall Chapel Hall LeyawiinChapelHall Chapel Hall SkingradChapelHall Chapel of Akatosh KvatchChapelofAkatosh Chapel of Dibella AnvilChapelofDibella Chapel of Stendarr ChorrolChapelOfStendarr Chapel of the Brethren HackdirtChapel Chapel Undercroft AnvilChapelUndercroft Chapel Undercroft BrumaChapelUndercroft Chapel Undercroft CheydinhalChapelUndercroft Chapel Undercroft ChorrolChapelUndercroft Chapel Undercroft KvatchChapelUndercroft Chapel Undercroft LeyawiinChapelUndercroft Chapel Undercroft SkingradChapelUndercroft Charcoal Cave CharcoalCave Charcoal Cave - Abandoned Tunnels CharcoalCave02 Charcoal Cave - Bandit Lair CharcoalCave03 Chestnut Handy Stables ICChestnutHandyStables Cheydinhal Bridge Inn CheydinhalBridgeInn Cheydinhal Bridge Inn Basement CheydinhalBridgeInnBasement Cheydinhal Castle County Hall CheydinhalCastleCountyHall Cheydinhal Castle Dungeon CheydinhalCastleDungeon Cheydinhal Castle Great Hall CheydinhalCastleGreatHall Cheydinhal Castle Guard Barracks CheydinhalCastleGuardBarracks Cheydinhal Castle Private Quarters CheydinhalCastlePrivateQuarters Cheydinhal Fighter's Guild CheydinhalFightersGuild Cheydinhal Fighters Guild Basement CheydinhalFightersGuildBasement Cheydinhal Lords' Private Quarters CheydinhalCastleLordsQuarters Chironasium ICArcaneUniversityEnchantingCenter Chironasium Upper Level ICArcaneUniversityEnchantingCenterUpstairs Chorrol Castle Gate Tower ChorrolGateBRandBL Chorrol Fighters Guild Basement ChorrolFightersGuildBasement Chorrol Fighters Guild Tower ChorrolFightersGuildTower Chorrol Mages Guild ChorrolMagesGuild Cingor's House LeyawiinCingorsHouse City Swimmer's House BravilCitySwimmerHouse City Watch Barracks AnvilTownGuardBarracks City Watch Barracks LeyawiinCityWatchBarracks Clarabella Lower Deck AnvilTheSeaTubClarabellaLowerDeck Clarabella Mid Deck AnvilTheSeaTubClarabellaMidDeck Claudius Arcadia's Basement ICTalosPlazaClaudiusArcadiasHouseBasement Claudius Arcadia's House ICTalosPlazaClaudiusArcadiasHouse Claudius Arcadia's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaClaudiusArcadiasHouseUpstairs Clothing Warehouse WarehouseClothes Cloud Ruler Temple East Wing CloudRulerTempleEastWing Cloud Ruler Temple Great Hall CloudRulerTempleGreatHall Cloud Ruler Temple West Wing CloudRulerTempleWestWing Clutter Crates and Boxes WarehouseFortRuinsxxxCLUTTERarrCrates Coast Guard Station LeyawiinCoastGuardStation Collapsed Mine CollapsedMine Collapsed Mine - Breakthrough CollapsedMine02 Colovian Traders SkingradColovianTraders Combat AI Warehouse WarehouseCombatAI Corridors of Dark Salvation MQ10BrumaHall02 Corridors of Dark Salvation MS13OblivionHall02 Corridors of Dark Salvation OblivionMqKvatchCitadelHall02 Corridors of Dark Salvation OblivionRD002Hall02 Corridors of Dark Salvation OblivionRD004CitadelMainHall03 Corridors of Dark Salvation OblivionRDCitadel01Hall03 Corridors of Dark Salvation OblivionRDCitadel03Hall03 Corridors of Dark Salvation OblivionRDCitadel04Hall02 Corridors of Dark Salvation OblivionRDCitadel05Hall01 Count's Quarters KvatchCastleKingsQuarters Cracked Wood Cave CrackedWoodCave Crayfish Capillaries CrayfishCave02 Crayfish Cave CrayfishCave Crayfish Soggy Bottom CrayfishCave05 Crayfish Steep CrayfishCave04 Crayfish Vents CrayfishCave03 Crime Warehouse WarehouseCrime Crowhaven Crowhaven01 Crowhaven Burial Halls Crowhaven02 Crumbling Mine CrumblingMine Crypt of Rielle Rielle02 Crypt Of The Night Mother BravilCryptOfTheNightMother Culotte Culotte Cursed Mine CursedMine Cursed Mine Breakdown Chambers CursedMine02 Cursed Mine Lower Galleries CursedMine03 Cyronin Sintav's Basement ICElvenGardensCyroninSintavsHouseBasement Cyronin Sintav's House ICElvenGardensCyroninSintavsHouse Cyronin Sintav's Private Quarters ICElvenGardensCyroninSintavsHouseUpstairs Dagon Shrine LakeArriusShrineDagon Damian Magius Quarters ICWaterfrontImpTradingCoOfficeUpstairs Dar Jee's House LeyawiinDarJeesHouse Dareloth's Basement ICWaterfrontDarelothsHouseBasement Dareloth's House ICWaterfrontDarelothsHouse Dark Brotherhood Living Quarters CheydinhalSanctuaryQuarters Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary CheydinhalSanctuary Dark Brotherhood Training Room CheydinhalSanctuaryTrainingRoom Dark Fissure DarkFissure Dark Fissure Inner Sanctum DarkFissure03 Dark Fissure Tunnels DarkFissure02 Darkfathom Cave DarkfathomCave Dasek Moor DasekMoor Dasek Moor Maleboge DasekMoor03 Dasek Moor Tombs DasekMoor02 Dead Halls OblivionRDCitadel01Hall02 Dead Halls OblivionRDCitadel03Hall02 Deep Bramblepoint Cave BramblePointCave03 Deetum-Ja's House HarlunsWatchinteriorDeetumJasHouse Derelict Mine DerelictMine Derelict Mine DerelictMine03 Derelict Mine Tunnels DerelictMine02 Deserted Mine DesertedMine Deserted Mine Caverns DesertedMine02 Desolate Mine DesolateMine Desolate Well OblivionMqKvatchSmallTower03 Desolations End OblivionRD004CitadelMainHall02 Dining Hall AnvilCastleDiningHallandServantQuarters Dining Hall KvatchCastleDiningHall Divine Elegance ICMarketDistrictDivineElegance Divine Elegance Basement ICMarketDistrictDivineEleganceBasement Divine Elegance Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictDivineEleganceUpstairs Doomed Mine DoomedMine Dorian's Basement ICTalosPlazaDoriansHouseBasement Dorian's House ICTalosPlazaDoriansHouse Dorian's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaDoriansHouseUpstairs Dovyn Aren's Basement ICElvenGardensDovynArensHouseBasement Dovyn Aren's House ICElvenGardensDovynArensHouse Dovyn Aren's Private Quarters ICElvenGardensDovynArensHouseUpstairs Drakelowe DrakeloweFarm Drakelowe DrakeloweFarmCOPY0000 Drakelowe Basement DrakeloweFarmBasement Drarana Thelis' House HarlunWatchinteriorDraranaThelisHouse Dro'shanji's House BravilDroshanjisHouse Dul gro-Shug's Basement ICElvenGardensDulgroShugsHouseBasement Dul gro-Shug's House ICElvenGardensDulgroShugsHouse Dul gro-Shug's Private Quarters ICElvenGardensDulgroShugsHouseUpstairs Dungeon AnvilCastleDungeon Dust Sumps of Fieldhouse FieldhouseCave02 Dynari Amnis' Basement ICTalosPlazaDynariAmnisHouseBasement Dynari Amnis' House ICTalosPlazaDynariAmnisHouse Dynari Amnis' Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaDynariAmnisHouseUpstairs Dzonot Cave DzonotCave Dzonot Main Cavern DzonotCave02 Earthquake OblivionRD002Tower02Left Echo Cave EchoCave Echo Mine EchoMine Echo Necromancer's Chamber EchoCave03 Echo Passages EchoCave02 Edgar's Basement ICMarketDistrictEdgarsDiscountSpellsBasement Edgar's Discount Spells ICMarketDistrictEdgarsDiscountSpells Edgar's Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictEdgarsDiscountSpellsUpstairs Eduard Retiene's House WatersEdgeEduardRetienesHouse Elder Council Chambers ICPalaceElderCouncilChambers Elder Scrolls Library ICPalaceLibrary Elder Scrolls Library ICPalaceLibraryBackup Elenglynn Elenglynn Emma May Captain's Cabin EmmaMayCaptainsCabin Emma May Lower Deck EmmaMayLowerDeck Emma May Mid Deck EmmaMayMidDeck Emma May Upper Deck EmmaMayUpperDeck Empty Mine EmptyMine Empty Mine Lair Emptymine03 Empty Mine Tunnels Emptymine02 Eruption OblivionRD002Tower01Left Eugal Belette's Basement ChorrolEugalBelettesBasement Eugal Belette's House ChorrolEugalBelettesHouse Exhausted Mine ExhaustedMine Exhausted Mine Bottom Section ExhaustedMine03 Exhausted Mine Spent Works ExhaustedMine02 Eyes of the Serpent PalePass01 Fallen Rock Cave FallenRockCave Fanacas Fanacas Fanacasecul Fanacasecul Fangs of the Serpent PalePass02 Faregyl's Interior FaregylInterior Fatback Cave FatbackCave Fatback Deep Basins FatbackCave03 Fatback Great Chamber FatbackCave02 Fathis Ules' Basement ICElvenGardensFathisUlesHouseBasement Fathis Ules' House ICElvenGardensFathisUlesHouse Fathis Ules' Private Quarters ICElvenGardensFathisUlesHouseUpstairs Felgageldt Cave FelgageldtCave Felgageldt Wishbone Vault FelgageldtCave02 Fieldhouse Cave FieldhouseCave Fighters Guild AnvilFightersGuild Fighters Guild BravilFightersGuild Fighters Guild ChorrolFightersGuild Fighter's Guild LeyawiinFightersGuild Fighter's Guild 2nd Floor East LeyawiinFightersGuildTraining Fighter's Guild 2nd Floor West LeyawiinFightersGuildRoom01 Fighter's Guild 3rd Floor West LeyawiinFightersGuildRoom02 Fighters Guild Basement BrumaFightersGuildBasement Fighters Guild Basement SkingradFightersGuildBasement Fighter's Guild Basement LeyawiinFightersGuildBasement Fighters Guild Company Offices AnvilFightersGuildCompanyOffices Fighters Guild Dining Hall AnvilFightersGuildDinningHall Fighters Guild Upstairs SkingradFightersGuildUpstairs Fighting Dojo WarehouseFight Fingerbowl Cave FingerbowlCave Fingerbowl Cave - Lord Crypt FingerbowlCave04 Fingerbowl Cave - Noble Crypt FingerbowlCave03 Fingerbowl Cave - Servant Crypt FingerbowlCave02 Fire and Steel ChorrolFireAndSteel First Edition ICMarketDistrictFirstEdition First Edition Basement ICMarketDistrictFirstEditionBasement First Edition Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictFirstEditionUpstairs Five Claws Lodge LeyawiinFiveClawsLodge Five Riders Stable LeyawiinFiveRidersStable Flooded Mine FloodedMine Floyd Nathan's House BlankenMarchHouse01 Forsaken Mine ForsakenMine Forsaken Mine Lost Passages ForsakenMine02 Fort Alessia FortAlessia Fort Alessia Assembly Hall FortAlessia02 Fort Ash FortAsh01 Fort Ash Stockade FortAsh02 Fort Aurus FortAurus Fort Black Boot FortBlackBoot Fort Blueblood FortBlueBlood Fort Blueblood Halls FortBlueBlood02 Fort Blueblood Halls FortBlueBlood02Backup Fort Caractacus FortCaractacus Fort Carmala FortCarmala Fort Cedrian FortCedrian01 Fort Cedrian Mausoleum FortCedrian02 Fort Chalman FortChalman Fort Coldcorn FortColdcorn Fort Cuptor FortCuptor Fort Cuptor Battlemains FortCuptor02 Fort Dirich FortDirich Fort Doublecross FortDoublecross Fort Doublecross Battlemage Muster FortDoublecross03 Fort Doublecross Caves FortDoublecross02 Fort Empire FortEmpire Fort Empire Barracks Block FortEmpire02 Fort Entius FortEntius01 Fort Entius Sepulcher FortEntius02 Fort Facian FortFacian Fort Facian Vaults of Honor FortFacian02 Fort Farragut FortFarragut Fort Flecia FortFlecia Fort Gold-Throat FortGoldThroat Fort Hastrel FortHastrel01 Fort Hastrel Keep FortHastrel02 Fort Homestead FortHomestead01 Fort Homestead Heroes' Hall FortHomestead03 Fort Homestead Passages FortHomestead02 Fort Horunn FortHorunn Fort Horunn Hall of the Eternal Flame FortHorunn02 Fort Horunn Legate Assembly FortHorunn03 Fort Irony FortIrony Fort Istirus FortIstirus Fort Istirus Barracks FortIstirus03 Fort Istirus Sanctuaries FortIstirus02 Fort Linchal FortLinchal Fort Linchal Hall of Knights FortLinchal03 Fort Linchal Temple of War FortLinchal02 Fort Magia FortMagia Fort Magia Garrison Blocks FortMagia03 Fort Magia Memorials FortMagia02 Fort Naso FortNaso Fort Nikel FortNikel Fort Nomore FortNomore Fort Nomore Bunker FortNomore02 Fort Ontus FortOntus Fort Ontus Understreets FortOntus02 Fort Rayles FortRayles Fort Rayles FortRayles02DUPLICATE000 Fort Rayles Hall of Winter FortRayles02 Fort Redman FortRedman01 Fort Redman Hall of Judges FortRedman02 Fort Redwater FortRedwater01 Fort Redwater Halls of Glory FortRedwater02 Fort Roebeck FortRoebeck01 Fort Roebeck Winter Station FortRoebeck02 Fort Ruins Clutter Mausoleum WarehouseFortRuinsxxxCLUTTER Fort Scinia FortScinia01 Fort Scinia Hall of Legends FortScinia02 Fort Sejanus FortSejanus01 Fort Sejanus Catacombs FortSejanus02 Fort Strand FortStrand01 Fort Strand Great Dome FortStrand02 Fort Sutch FortSutchInterior Fort Teleman FortTeleman Fort Teleman Order of the Black Rose FortTeleman02 Fort Urasek FortUrasek Fort Urasek FortUrasek02DUPLICATE000 Fort Urasek Company Billets FortUrasek02 Fort Variela FortVariela Fort Variela Staff Quarters FortVariela02 Fort Virtue FortVirtue Fort Vlastarus FortVlastarus Fort Wariel FortWariel Fort Wooden Hand FortWoodenHand01 Fort Wooden Hand Stockade FortWoodenHand02 Francois Motierre's Basement ChorrolFrancoisMotierresBasement Francois Motierre's House ChorrolFrancoisMotierresHouse Frostfire Cave FrostFireCave Fyrelight - Deep Canyon FyrelightCave02 Fyrelight - The Lost Sump FyrelightCave03 Fyrelight Cave FyrelightCave Ganredhel's House CheydinhalGanredhelsHouse Garlas Agea GarlasAgea Geem Jasaiin's Basement ICElvenGardensGeemJasaiinsHouseBasement Geem Jasaiin's House ICElvenGardensGeemJasaiinsHouse Geem Jasaiin's Private Quarters ICElvenGardensGeemJasaiinsHouseUpstairs Gilen Norvalo's Basement ICTempleDistrictGilenNorvalosBasement Gilen Norvalo's House ICTempleDistrictGilenNorvalosHouse Gilen Norvalo's Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictGilenNorvalosHouseUpstairs Glademist Cave GlademistCave Glarthir's Basement SkingradGlarthirsBasement Glarthir's House SkingradGlarthirsHouse Goblin Jim's Cave GoblinJimsCave Goblin Jim's Pantry GoblinJimsCave03 Goblin Jim's Whiteskin City GoblinJimsCave02 Gogan's House AnvilGogansHouse Gottlefont House GottlefontHouse Gottlefont Priory GottlefontPrioryMonastery Gottshaw Inn GottshawInnTavern Graman gro-Marad's Basement ICTempleDistrictGramangroMaradsBasement Graman gro-Marad's House ICTempleDistrictGramangroMaradsHouse Graman gro-Marad's Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictGramangroMaradsHouseUpstairs Grateful Pass Stables SkingradGratefulPassStables Grayrock Cave GrayrockCave Grayrock Shambles GrayrockCave02 Great Chapel of Mara BravilChapelofMara Great Chapel of Talos BrumaChapel Great Hall KvatchCastleRooms Great Wold Interior GretWold Greenmead Cave GreenmeadCave Greenmead Inky Grottos GreenmeadCave03 Greenmead Soggy Hollow GreenmeadCave02 Greyland Greyland Grey-Throat's Basement ICTempleDistrictGreyThroatsBasement Grey-Throat's House ICTempleDistrictGreyThroatsHouse Grey-Throat's Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictGreyThroatsHouseUpstairs Guard House ICElvenGardensGuardHouse Guard House Basement ICElvenGardensGuardHouseBasement Guard House Private Quarters ICElvenGardensGuardHouseUpstairs Guildmaster's Quarters ICWaterfrontDarelothsHouseUpstairs Gutted Mine GuttedMine Gweden Farm GwedenFarmInterior Gweden Farm Basement GwedenFarmBasement Hackdirt Caverns HackdirtCaverns Hagaer's Basement ICTempleDistrictHagaersBasement Hagaer's House ICTempleDistrictHagaersHouse Hagaer's Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictHagaersHouseUpstairs Hall of Combat WarehouseCombatHall Hall of Epochs ImperialSewerSystemTG11c Hall of Epochs ImperialSewerSystemTG11d Halls of Dark Hate OblivionRD002Hall02Lava Halls of Eternal Twilight OblivionRD004CitadelLeftHall01 Halls of Eternal Twilight OblivionRD004CitadelRightHall01 Halls of Nonungalo Nonungalo02 Halls of Shame OblivionRD004CitadelLeftHall02 Halls of Shame OblivionRD004CitadelRightHall02 Hame Hame Hame Silasel Hame03 Hame Wendesel Hame02 Hammer and Axe BrumaHammerAndAxe Hammer and Tongs SkingradHammerAndTongs Hammer and Tongs Basement SkingradHammerAndTongsBasement Hanz gro-Hubrag's House BlankenMarchHouse02 Harborside Warehouse AnvilHarborsideWarehouse HARLUN'S WATCH TEMP HarlunsWatchTEMP Harm's Folly HarmFolly Hastrel Ottus' Basement ICTempleDistrictHastrelOttusHouseBasement Hastrel Ottus' House ICTempleDistrictHastrelOttusHouse Hastrel Ottus' Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictHastrelOttusHouseUpstairs Haunted Caverns HauntedMIne02 Haunted Mine HauntedMine Haynote Basin Galleries HaynoteCave02 Haynote Cave HaynoteCave Haynote Winding Sump HaynoteCave03 Heinrich Oaken-Hull's House AnvilHeinrichOakenHallsHouse Helvius Cecia's House BrumaHelviusCeciasHouse Helvo Atius' Basement ICTalosPlazaHelvoAtiusHouseBasement Helvo Atius' House ICTalosPlazaHelvoAtiusHouse Helvo Atius' Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaHelvoAtiusHouseUpstairs Henantier's Dream DreamHub Henantier's House BravilHenantiersHouse Herminia Cinna's Basement ICElvenGardensHerminiaCinnasHouseBasement Herminia Cinna's House ICElvenGardensHerminiaCinnasHouse Herminia Cinna's Private Quarters ICElvenGardensHerminiaCinnasHouseUpstairs Hidey-hole for Wabbajack target WabbajackHole Honditar's House ChorrolHonditarsHouse Honmund's House BrumaHonmundsHouse Horn Cave HornCave Horn Cave Grottoes HornCave03 Horn Cave Still Pools HornCave02 Horse Whisperer Stables AnvilHorseWhisperer House For Sale BravilHouseforSale House for Sale BrumaHouseForSale House for Sale CheydinhalHouseForSale House for Sale LeyawiinHouseForSale Howling Cave HowlingCave Howling Cave Lower Galleries HowlingCave02 Hrol Ulfgar's House BleakersWayHrolUlfgarsHouse Hrota Cave HrotaCave Hrotanda Vale HrotandaVale Hrotanda Vale Sanctum HrotandaVale02 Hurricane OblivionRD002Tower02Right Ida Vlinorman's Basement ICElvenGardensIdaVlinormansHouseBasement Ida Vlinorman's House ICElvenGardensIdaVlinormansHouse Ida Vlinorman's Private Quarters ICElvenGardensIdaVlinormansHouseUpstairs Imperial Battlemage's Chambers ICPalaceOcatoChambers Imperial Bridge Inn ImperialBridgeInnTavern Imperial City Arena ICArena Imperial City Arena ICArenaGrandChampion Imperial City Arena ICArenaSpectators Imperial Guard Quarters ICPalaceGuardQuarters Imperial Legion Barracks ICImperialLegionHQBarracks Imperial Legion Basement ICImperialLegionHQBasement Imperial Legion Offices ICImperialLegionHQMessHall Imperial Orrery ICArcaneUniversityImperialOrrery Imperial Prison Dark04Dungeon01 Imperial Prison ImperialDungeon01 Imperial Substructure ImperialDungeon04 Imperial Subterrane Dark04Dungeon02 Imperial Subterrane ImperialDungeon02 Imperial Trading Company Office ICWaterfrontImpTradingCoOffice Imperial Trading Company Office Basement ICWaterfrontImpTradingCoOfficeBasement Imperial Trading Company Private Storage ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo02WarehouseUpstairs Imperial Trading Company Private Storage ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo03WarehouseUpstairs Imperial Trading Company Warehouse ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo02Warehouse Imperial Trading Company Warehouse ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo03Warehouse Imperial Trading Company Warehouse Basement ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo02Basement Imperial Trading Company Warehouse Basement ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo03Basement Imperial Villa ImperialVilla Imperial Watch Barracks ICArcaneUniversityImperialWatchtowerGuardsQuarters Imperial Watch Barracks ICWaterfrontLighthouseGuardQuarters Imperial Watchtower ICArcaneUniversityImperialWatchtower Infested Mine InfestedMine Infested Mine Old Works InfestedMine02 Infested Mine Spent Galleries InfestedMine03 Iniel Sintav's Basement ICElvenGardensInielSintavsHouseBasement Iniel Sintav's House ICElvenGardensInielSintavsHouse Iniel Sintav's Private Quarters ICElvenGardensInielSintavsHouseUpstairs Inn of Ill Omen InnIllOmen Inn of Ill Omen Private Quarters InnIllOmenBasement Inner Bramblepoint Cave BramblePointCave02 Irene Metrick's Basement ICElvenGardensIreneMetricsHouseBasement Irene Metrick's House ICElvenGardensIreneMetricsHouse Irene Metrick's Private Quarters ICElvenGardensIreneMetricsHouseUpstairs Irroki the Wide's House PellGateIrrokitheWidesHouse Isolated House IsolatedHouse Istrius Brolus' Basement BrumaIstriusBrolusBasement Istrius Brolus' House BrumaIstirusBrolusHouse Jair's Shack ICWaterfrontJairsShack Jakben Imbel's Basement ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouseBasement Jakben Imbel's House ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouse Jakben Imbel's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouseTop Jakben Imbel's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouseUpstairs Jastia Sintav's Basement ICElvenGardensJastiaSintavsHouseBasement Jastia Sintav's House ICElvenGardensJastiaSintavsHouse Jastia Sintav's Private Quarters ICElvenGardensJastiaSintavsHouseUpstairs J'Bari's House LeyawiinJBarisHouse J'Bari's House 2nd Floor East LeyawiinJBarisHouse2ndFloorEast J'Bari's House 2nd Floor West LeyawiinJBarisHouse2ndFloorWest Jearl's Basement BrumaJearlsHouseBasement Jearl's House BrumaJearlsHouse Jeetum Ze's Room LeyawiinBlackwoodRoom01 Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise ICMarketDistrictJensinesGoodasNewMerchandise Jensine's Basement ICMarketDistrictJensinesGoodasBasement Jensine's Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictJensinesGoodasUpstairs Jerall View Inn BrumaJerallView Jerall View Inn BrumaJerallViewBasement Jesan Sextius' House AnvilJesanSextiusHouse J'Ghasta's House BrumaJGhastasHouse Jirolin Doran's Basement ChorrolJirolinDoransBasement Jirolin Doran's House ChorrolJirolinDoransHouse Jiv Hiriel's House HackdirtJivHirielsHouse J'mhad's Basement ICTempleDistrictJmhadsBasement J'mhad's House ICTempleDistrictJmhadsHouse J'mhad's Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictJmhadsHouseUpstairs J'Riska's House BorderWatchJriskasHouse Kastus Sintav's Basement ICElvenGardensKastusSintavsHouseBasement Kastus Sintav's House ICElvenGardensKastusSintavsHouse Kastus Sintav's Private Quarters ICElvenGardensKastusSintavsHouseUpstairs Kemen Kemen Kemen Varlasel Kemen02 Kindred Cave KindredCavern Kindred Cave Runways KindredCavern02 Kindred Cave Winding Hollows KindredCavern03 Kingscrest Cavern KingscrestCavern Kingscrest Cavern Basin Chambers KingscrestCavern03 Kingscrest Cavern Chert Galleries KingscrestCavern02 Kingscrest Withered Forest KingscrestCavern04 Knights of the Thorn Basement CheydinhalKnightsBasement Knights of the Thorn Headquarters CheydinhalKnightsoftheThorn Kvatch Castle Great Hall KvatchCastle Kvinchal's Shack ICWaterfrontKvinchalsShack Lair of Anaxes ParadiseAnaxesCave Lake Arrius Caverns LakeArriusCaverns Landslide OblivionRD002Tower03Left Lazare Milvan's Basement SkingradLazareMilvansBasement Lazare Milvan's House SkingradLazareMilvansHouse Leafrot Cave LeafrotCave Leafrot Hollow LeafrotCave02 Lelles' Quality Merchandise AnvilLellesQualityMerchandise Lelles' Quality Merchandise Basement LellesQuailityMerchandiseBasement Leyawiin Mages' Guild LeyawiinMagesGuild Lighthouse ICWaterfrontLighthousePrivateQuarters Lighting Warehouse WarehouseLight Lindai Lindai01 Lindai Inner Tombs Lindai02 Lipsand Tarn LipsandTarn Lipsand Tarn Lorsel LipsandTarn02 Llevana Nedaren's House CheydinhalLlevanaNedarensHouse Llevana Nedarens House Basement CheydinhalLlevanaNedarensBasement Lockpick Warehouse WarehouseLock Lord Drad's Estate LordDradsEstateFarm Lords Manor BrumaCastleLordsManor Lord's Manor North Wing BravilCastlePrivateQuartersNorthWing Lords' Manor Private Quarters LeyawiinCastlePrivateQuarters Lords Rugdumph's Estate LordRugdumphEstate Lorkmir's Basement ICElvenGardensLorkmirsHouseBasement Lorkmir's House ICElvenGardensLorkmirsHouse Lorkmir's Private Quarters ICElvenGardensLorkmirsHouseUpstairs Lost Black Rock Chasm BlackRockCaverns03 Lost Boy Canyon LostBoyCaverns02 Lost Boy Cavern LostBoyCaverns Lost Boy's Hidden Bastion LostBoyCaverns05 Lost Boy's Yawning Halls LostBoyCaverns03 Lower Arrowshaft Cavern ArrowshaftCavern02 Lower Breakneck Cave BreakneckCave02 Lower Class Clutter Warehouse WareHouseLowerClass Luciana Galena's House BravilLucianaGalenaHouse Luronk gro-Glurzog's Basement ICTempleDistrictLuronkgroGlurzogsBasement Luronk gro-Glurzog's House ICTempleDistrictLuronkgroGlurzogsHouse Luronk gro-Glurzog's Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictLuronkgroGlurzogsUpstairs Lustratorium ICArcaneUniversityAlchemyHeadquarters Lustratorium Upper Level ICArcaneUniversityAlchemyHeadquartersUpstairs Luther Broad's Boarding House ICElvenGardensLutherBroadsBoardingHouse Luther Broad's Boarding House Basement ICElvenGardensLutherBroadsBasement Luther Broad's Boarding House Rooms ICElvenGardensLutherBroadsRooms Lyra Rosentia's House BrumaLyraRosentiasHouse Mach-Na's Books CheydinhalMachNasBooks Mackamentain Mackamentain Mage Quarters ICArcaneUniversityMageQuarters Mage Quarters Basement ICArcaneUniversityMageQuartersBasement Mage Quarters Upper Level ICArcaneUniversityMageQuartersUpstairs Mages' Guild CheydinhalMagesGuild Mages Guild 2nd Floor East LeyawiinMagesGuildLibrary Mages Guild 2nd Floor West LeyawiinMagesGuildLaboratory Mages Guild 3rd Floor East LeyawiinMagesGuildPrivateQuarter Mages Guild Basement CheydinhalMagesGuildBasement Mages Guild Basement ChorrolMagesGuildBasement Mages Guild Basement LeyawiinMagesGuildBasement Mages Guild Basement SkingradMagesGuildBasement Mages Guild Library AnvilMagesGuildLibrary Mages Guild Library ChorrolMagesGuildLibrary Mages Guild Living Quarters AnvilMagesGuildLivingQuarters Mages Guild Living Quarters BrumaMagesGuildBasement Mages Guild Living Quarters BrumaMagesGuildBasementDestroyed Mages Guild Living Quarters ChorrolMagesGuildLivingQuarters Mages Guild Living Quarters SkingradMagesGuildLivingQuarters Mages Guild Well CheydinhalMagesGuildWell Magrum gra-Orum's Basement CheydinhalOrumHouseBasement Magrum gra-Orum's House CheydinhalOrumHouse Mahei's House LeyawiinMaheisHouse Mahei's House 2nd Floor East LeyawiinMaheisHouse2ndFloorEast Mahei's House 2nd Floor West LeyawiinMaheisHouse2ndFloorWest Malada Malada01 Malada Aldmerisel Malada02 Malintus Ancrus' House ChorrolMalintusAncrusHouse Malyani Dalvilu's House BleakersWayMalyaniDalvilusHouse Marana Rian's Basement ICTempleDistrictMaranaRiansBasement Marana Rian's House ICTempleDistrictMaranaRiansHouse Marana Rian's Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictMaranaRiansHouseUpstairs Margarte's House LeyawiinMargartesHouse Marie Alouette's House WatersEdgeMarieAlouettesHouse Marie Elena Lower Deck ICWaterfrontMarieElenaLowerDeck Marie Elena Mid Deck ICWaterfrontMarieElenaMidDeck Marinus Catiotus' Basement ICElvenGardensMarinusCatiotusHouseBasement Marinus Catiotus' House ICElvenGardensMarinusCatiotusHouse Marinus Catiotus' Private Quarters ICElvenGardensMarinusCatiotusHouseUpstairs Marlena Brussiner's Basement HackdirtMarlenaBrussinersBasement Marlena Brussiner's House HackdirtMarlenaBrussinersHouse Matthias Draconis' Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaMatthiasDraconisHouseUpstairs Matthias Draconis' Basement ICTalosPlazaMatthiasDraconisHouseBasement Matthias Draconis' House ICTalosPlazaMatthiasDraconisHouse M'dasha's House BorderWatchMdashasHouse M'dirr's House BorderWatchMdirrsHouse Meat Harbor OblivionMqKvatchSmallTower02 Meat Harbor OblivionRD007SmallTower01 Melus Petilius' House MelusPetilusHouse Memorial Cave MemorialCave Methredhel's House ICWaterfrontMethredhelsHouse Middle Class Clutter Warehouse WarehouseMiddleClass Mingo Cave MingoCave Mire of Ash OblivionRDCavesEnd01 Mire of Ash OblivionRDCavesEnd03 Mire of Ash OblivionRDCavesEnd05 Mire of Ash OblivionRDCavesEnd07 Miscarcand Miscarcand01 Miscarcand Welkynd Stone Room XXXMiscarcand05 Miscarcand, Morimath Miscarcand03 Miscarcand, Sel Vanua Miscarcand02 Modryn Oreyn's House ChorrolModrynOreynsHouse Molten Halls OblivionRD004Caves Molten Halls OblivionRDCavesMiddleA01 Molten Halls OblivionRDCavesMiddleA03 Molten Halls OblivionRDCavesMiddleA05 Molten Halls OblivionRDCavesMiddleA07 Mongrel's Tooth Cave MongrelsToothCave Monk's Quarters TempleOfTheAncestorMothFarm Morahame Morahame Moranda Moranda Moranda Abaspania Moranda03 Moranda Aratasel Moranda02 Morvayn's Peacemakers AnvilMorvaynsPeacemakers Moslin's Basement HackdirtMoslinsDryGoodsBasement Moslin's Dry Goods HackdirtMoslinsDryGoods Moslin's Guest Rooms HackdirtMoslinsInnRoom02B Moslin's Inn HackdirtMoslinsInn Moslin's Room HackdirtMoslinsInnRoom01 Moss Rock Cavern MossRockCavern Moth Priest's Quarters ICPalacePrivateQuarters Mouth of the Serpent PalePass Muck Valley Cavern MuckValleyCavern Mystic Archives ICArcaneUniversityMysticArchives Mystic Archives Upper Level ICArcaneUniversityMysticArchivesUpstairs Mystic Emporium ICMarketDistrictMysticEmporium Mystic Emporium Basement ICMarketDistrictMysticEmporiumBasement Mystic Emporium Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictMysticEmporiumUpstairs Myvryna Arano's House ICWaterfrontMyvrynaAranoHouse Nagastani Nagastani Nagastani Sedorsel Nagastani02 Narfinsel Narfinsel Natch Pinder's House HackdirtNatchPindersHouse Natural Caverns ImperialDungeon05 Necromancer's Asylum Mackamentain03 Nenalata Nenalata Nenalata Sel Aran Arpena Nenalata03 Nenalata Wendesel Nenalata02 Nenyond Twyll NenyondTwyll Nenyond Twyll Riellesel NenyondTwyll02 Nerastarel's House SkingradNerastarelsHouse Nerastarel's House Upstairs SkingradNerastarelsHouseUpstairs Newheim the Portly's House AnvilNewheimThePortlysHouse Newlands Lodge CheydinhalNewlandsLodge Newt Cave NewtCave Newt Cave Breezeways NewtCave03 Newt Cave Chapels of Light NewtCave02 Ninendava Ninendava Niryastare Niryastare Niryastare Silaseli Niryastare02 Nisin Cave NisinCave Nivan Dalvilu's House BleakersWayNivalDalvilusHouse Nonungalo Nonungalo Nonwyll Cavern NonwyllCavern Nonwyll Chamber of the Titans NonwyllCavern02 Nord Winds BrumaNordWinds Nornal Nornal Nornal Ageasel Nornal02 Nornal Goriluch Nornal03 Nornal Varlasel Nornal04 Nornalhorst Nornalhorst Nornalhorst Sel Gandrevla Nornalhorst02 North Country Stables ChorrolNorthCountryStables North Watch Barracks ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNGuardQuarters North Watch Barracks ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNTopGuardQuarters North Watch Captain's Quarters ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNCaptainsQuarters North Watch Tower ICImperialLegionWatchTowerN Northeast Wall Tower ChorrolCastleWallTowerNE Northeast Watch Barracks ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNEGuardQuarters Northeast Watch Barracks ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNETopGuardQuarters Northeast Watch Captain's Quarters ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNECaptainsQuarters Northeast Watch Tower ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNE Northern Goods and Trade ChorrolNorthernGoodsAndTrade Northwest Wall Tower ChorrolCastleWallTowerNW Northwest Watch Tower ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNW Northwest Watch Barracks ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNWGuardQuarters Northwest Watch Barracks ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNWTopGuardQuarters Northwest Watch Captain's Quarters ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNWCaptainsQuarters Novaroma BrumaNovaroma NPC Combat AI Warehouse WarehouseNPCCombatAI Oaken-Hull's Private Rooms AnvilHeinrichOakenHallsHouseSecondFloor Object Avoidance Warehouse WarehouseObjectAvoid Odiil Farm OdiilFarm Office of Imperial Commerce ICMarketDistrictOfficeofImperialCommerce Office of Imperial Commerce Basement ICMarketDistrictOfficeBasement Office of Imperial Commerce Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictOfficeUpstairs Oghash Gra-Magul's House CheydinhalMagulHouse Ohtimbar's House CheydinhalOhtimbarsHouse Olav's Tap and Tack BrumaOlavsTapAndTack Ondo Ondo Ondo Canohaelia Ondo02 One Stop Bandit Shop WarehouseCaveBandit Ongar's House BrumaOngarsHouse Ontus Vanin's Basement ICTalosPlazaOntusVaninsHouseBasement Ontus Vanin's House ICTalosPlazaOntusVaninsHouse Ontus Vanin's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaOntusVaninsHouseUpstairs Onyx Canyon Bridge OnyxCaverns02 Onyx Caverns OnyxCaverns Ormil's Cabin ICWaterfrontTheBloatedFloatCabin Othrelos' Basement ICElvenGardensOthrelosHouseBasement Othrelos' House ICElvenGardensOthrelosHouse Othrelos' Private Quarters ICElvenGardensOthrelosHouseUpstairs Otumeel's House LeyawiinOtumeelsHouse Outlaw Endre's Cave OutlawEndresCave Outlaw Endre's Hideout OutlawEndresCave02 Palace Basement ICPalaceCrypt Pennus Mallius' Basement ICTempleDistrictPennusMalliusBasement Pennus Mallius' House ICTempleDistrictPennusMalliusHouse Pennus Mallius' Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictPennusMalliusHouseUpstairs Perennia's Ghost Holding Cell DarkGhostCell Peryite World TEMP PeryiteWorldTEMP Philip Franc's House BlankenMarchHouse03 Pillaged Mine PillagedMine Pillaged Mine Limestone Works PillagedMine02 Pinarus Inventius' House AnvilPinarusInventiusHouse Piukanda Piukanda Piukanda Ceyede Piukanda03 Piukanda Edesel Piukanda02 Plundered Mine PlunderedMine Plundered Mine Abandoned Works PlunderedMine02 Portals of Natural Disaster OblivionRD002Citadel Pothole Caverns PotholeCaverns Practice Rooms ICArcaneUniversityPracticeRooms Practice Rooms Upper Level ICArcaneUniversityPracticeRoomsUpstairs Praxographical Center ICArcaneUniversitySpellmaker Praxographical Center Upper Level ICArcaneUniversitySpellmakerUpstairs Private Quarters AnvilCastlePrivateQuarters Private Quarters East Wing BravilCastlePrivateQuartersEastWing Quake Ruin OblivionRD004SubmergedTower Quickwater Cave QuickwaterCave Quickwater Sump QuickwaterCave02 Quill-Weave's House AnvilQuillWeavesHouse Ra'Jahirr's House LeyawiinRaJahirrsHouse Ra'jhan's Basement ICElvenGardensRajhansHouseBasement Ra'jhan's House ICElvenGardensRajhansHouse Ra'jhan's Private Quarters ICElvenGardensRajhansHouseUpstairs Ra'jiradh's Basement ICTalosPlazaRajiradhsHouseBasement Ra'jiradh's House ICTalosPlazaRajiradhsHouse Ra'jiradh's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaRajiradhsHouseUpstairs Ranaline's House BravilRanalineHouse Ravaged Mine RavagedMine Reapers Sprawl OblivionMqKvatchSmallTower01 Reapers Sprawl OblivionRD006TowerRight Reapers Sprawl OblivionRD007SmallTower02 Red Diamond Jewelry ICMarketDistrictRedDiamondJewelry Red Diamond Jewelry Basement ICMarketDistrictRedDiamondJewelryBasement Red Diamond Jewelry Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictRedDiamondJewelryUpstairs Red Ruby Cave RedRubyCave Red Ruby Hollows RedrubyCave02 Redas Dalvilu's House BleakersWayRedasDalvilusHouse Redguard Valley Cave RedguardValleyCave Redwater Slough RedwaterSlough Reedstand Canyon ReedstandCave02 Reedstand Cave ReedstandCave Regner's House BrumaRegnersHouse Reman Broder's House SkingradRemanBrodersHouse Rending Halls MQ10BrumaHall01 Rending Halls MS13OblivionHall01 Rending Halls OblivionMqKvatchCitadelHall01 Rending Halls OblivionRD002Hall01 Rending Halls OblivionRD004CitadelMainHall01 Rending Halls OblivionRDCitadel01Hall01 Rending Halls OblivionRDCitadel02Hall01 Rending Halls OblivionRDCitadel03Hall01 Rending Halls OblivionRDCitadel04Hall01 Renoit's Books ChorrolRenoitsBooks Reynald Jemane's Basement ChorrolReynaldJemanesBasement Reynald Jemane's House ChorrolReynaldJemanesHouse Ri'bassa's House BorderWatchRibassasHouse Rickety Mine RicketyMine Rickety Mine Bottom Section RicketyMine02 Rielle Rielle Rimalus Bruiant's Basement ChorrolRimalusBruiantsBasement Rimalus Bruiant's House ChorrolRimalusBruiantsHouse Rindir's Basement ICMarketDistrictRindirsStaffsBasement Rindir's Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictRindirsStaffsUpstairs Rindir's Staffs ICMarketDistrictRindirsStaffs Riverview CheydinhalRiverview Riverview Basement CheydinhalRiverviewBasement Ri'Zakar's Room LeyawiinBlackwoodRoom02 Robber's Glen Cave RobbersGlenCave Rock Bottom Caverns RockBottomCaverns Rockmilk - Blackbow Camp RockmilkCave04 Rockmilk Cave RockmilkCave Rockmilk Haven RockmilkCave02 Rockmilk Haven RockmilkCave03 Roderic Pierrane's Basement ICElvenGardensRodericPierranesHouseBasement Roderic Pierrane's House ICElvenGardensRodericPierranesHouse Roderic Pierrane's Private Quarters ICElvenGardensRodericPierranesUpstairs Roland Jenseric's Basement ICTempleDistrictRolandJensericsBasement Roland Jenseric's Cabin RolandJensericsCabin Roland Jenseric's House ICTempleDistrictRolandJensericsHouse Roland Jenseric's Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictRolandJensericsHouseUpstairs Rosentia Gallenus's House LeyawiinRosentiaGallenusHouse Rosentia Gallenus's House 2nd Floor LeyawiinRosentiaGallenusHouse2ndFloor Rosethorn Hall SkingradHouseforSale Rosethorn Hall Basement SkingradHouseForSaleBasement Rosethorn Hall Top Floor SkingradHouseForSaleUpperFloor Roxey Inn RoxeyInn Royal Quarters AnvilCastleRoyalQuarters Ruslan's Basement ICTempleDistrictRuslansBasement Ruslan's House ICTempleDistrictRuslansHouse Ruslan's Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictRuslansHouseUpstairs Rythe Lythandas's Basement CheydinhalRythesBasement Rythe Lythandas's House CheydinhalRythesHouse Sage Glen Hideaway SageGlenHollow02 Sage Glen Hollow SageGlenHollow Sakeepa's House AleswellSakeepasHouse Salmo The Baker's Basement SkingradSalmoTheBakersBasement Salmo the Baker's House SkingradSalmoTheBakersHouse Salomon Geonette's Basement ICTempleDistrictSalomonGeonettesBasement Salomon Geonette's House ICTempleDistrictSalomonGeonettesHouse Salomon Geonette's Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictSalomonGeonettesHouseUpstairs Samuel Bantien's Basement ICTalosPlazaSamuelBantiensHouseBasement Samuel Bantien's House ICTalosPlazaSamuelBantiensHouse Samuel Bantien's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaSamuelBantiensHouseUpstairs Sancre Tor SancreTor01 Sancre Tor, Catacombs SancreTor04 Sancre Tor, Catacombs xMikeBackupSancretor04 Sancre Tor, Entry Hall SancreTorHub Sancre Tor, Hall of Judgement SancreTor02 Sancre Tor, Prison SancreTor03 Sancre Tor, Tomb of the Reman Emperors SancreTorTomb Sandstone Big Rooms SandstoneCavern02 Sandstone Cavern SandstoneCavern Sarcophagus Chamber AmelionFamilyTomb02 Sardavar Leed SardavarLeed Sardavar Leed Lattasel SardavarLeed02 Satha Dalvilu's House BleakersWaySathaDalvilusHouse Savlian Matius's Tent KvatchTentSavlianMatius Scales of the Serpent PalePass04 Secret Room LeyawiinCastleSecretRoom Secret Training Room BrumaJGhastasHouseTrainingRoom Sedor Sedor Sercen Sercen Seridur's House ICTempleDistrictSeridursHouse Seridur's House Basement ICTempleDistrictSeridursHouseBasement Seridur's House Bedroom ICTempleDistrictSeridursHouseUpstairs Serpent Hollow Cave SerpentHollowCave Serpent Hollow Chillers SerpentHollowCave02 Serpent's Trail SerpentsTrail Serpents Wake Cargo Hold AnvilTheSerpentsWakeLowerDeck Serpents Wake Mid Deck AnvilTheSerpentsWakeMidDeck Servant's Quarters LordRugdumphServants Service Hall BrumaCastleServiceHall Sevarius Atius' Basement ICTalosPlazaSevariusAtiusHouseBasement Sevarius Atius' House ICTalosPlazaSevariusAtiusHouse Sevarius Atius' House Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaSevariusAtiusHouseUpstairs Sewer Waterworks ImperialSewersElvenGardens03 Sewers Dark04Sewers01 Sewers Dark04Sewers02 Sewers Dark04Sewers03 Sewers ImperialSewers03 Shack for Sale ICWaterfrontShackForSale Shadow's Rest Cavern ShadowsRestCavern Shadow's Rest Rocky Run ShadowsRestCavern02 Shafaye's House PellGateShafayesHouse Shagol gro-Bumph's House AleswellShagolgroBumphsHouse Shameer's House SkingradShameersHouse Shardrock Interior Shardrock Shattered Mine ShatteredMine Shattered Mine New Galleries ShatteredMine02 Shattered Scales Cave ShatteredScalesCave Shattered Scales Long Run ShatteredScalesCave02 Shetcombe Farm ShetcombeFarm Shinbone Cave ShinboneCave Shinbone Galleries ShinboneCave02 Shrine Antechamber LakeArriusShrineAntechamber01 Shrine Living Quarters LakeArriusShrineAntechamber02 Shrine of The Moth TempleMothCatacombs04 Sideways Cave SidewaysCave Sideways Cave SidewaysCaveNEW Sideways Cave - Hidden Lake SidewaysCaveNew02 Sideways Cave - Lost Abagarlas SidewaysCaveNew03 Sideways Cave - Muttering Pool SidewaysCave02 Sigillum Sanguis MQ10BrumaCitadelLord Sigillum Sanguis MQ14OblivionCitadelLord Sigillum Sanguis MS13OblivionCitadelLord Sigillum Sanguis OblivionMqKvatchCitadelLord Sigillum Sanguis OblivionRD002CitadelLordB Sigillum Sanguis OblivionRD004CitadelMainLord Sigillum Sanguis OblivionRDCitadel01Lord Sigillum Sanguis OblivionRDCitadel02Lord Sigillum Sanguis OblivionRDCitadel03Lord Sigillum Sanguis OblivionRDCitadel04Lord Sigillum Sanguis OblivionRDCitadel05Lord Silgor Bradus' House AnvilSilgorBradusHouse Silorn Silorn Silorn Buroseli Silorn03 Silorn Sedorseli Silorn02 Silver Tooth Cave SilverToothCave Silver Tooth Warrens SilverToothCave02 Silverhome 2nd Floor BravilSilverHomeonthewater2ndFloor Silverhome 3rd Floor BravilSilverHomeonthewater3rdFloor Silverhome on the Water BravilSilverHomeonthewater Sinderion's Cellar SkingradWestWealdInnCellar Sinkhole Cave SinkholeCave Sinkhole Great Hall SinkholeCave02 Skingrad Fighters Guild SkingradFightersGuild Skingrad Mages Guild SkingradMagesGuild Skingrad Town Guard House SkingradTownGuardHouse Skooma Den BravilSkoomaDen S'krivva's House BravilSkrivvaHouse Slash 'N Smash ICMarketDistrictSlashNSmash Slash 'N Smash Basement ICMarketDistrictSlashNSmashBasement Slash 'N Smash Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictSlashNSmashUpstairs Slave Quarters LordDradsSlaveQuarters01 Slave Quarters LordDradsSlaveQuarters02 Sleeping Quarters KvatchCastleSleepingQuarters Smithy AnvilCastleBlacksmithQuarters Smoke Hole Boot Tomb SmokeHoleCave03 Smoke Hole Brass Tomb SmokeHoleCave02 Smoke Hole Cave SmokeHoleCave Smuggler's Cave AnvilCastleSmugglersCave Soris Arenim's Basement ICTalosPlazaSorisArenimsBasement Soris Arenim's House ICTalosPlazaSorisArenimsHouse Soris Arenim's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaSorisArenimsHouseUpstairs South Watch Barracks ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSTopGuardQuarters South Watch Captain's Quarters ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSCaptainsQuarters South Watch Tower ICImperialLegionWatchTowerS Southeast Wall Tower ChorrolCastleWallTowerSE Southeast Watch Barracks ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSEGuardQuarters Southeast Watch Barracks ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSETopGuardQuarters Southeast Watch Barracks ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSGuardQuarters Southeast Watch Captain's Quarter ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSECaptainsQuarters Southeast Watch Tower ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSE Southern Books LeyawiinSouthernBooks Southern Books 2nd Floor LeyawiinSouthernBooks2ndFloor Southwest Wall Tower ChorrolCastleWallTowerSW Southwest Watch Barracks ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSWGuardQuarters Southwest Watch Barracks ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSWTopGuardQuarters Southwest Watch Captain's Quarters ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSWCaptainsQuarters Southwest Watch Tower ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSW Spindle Shrine OblivionRD001Tower01 Spindle Shrine OblivionRD003Tower01Left Spindle Shrine OblivionRD003Tower01Right Squandered Mine SquanderedMine Squandered Mine Snake Works SquanderedMine02 Squandered Mine Wind Holes SquanderedMine03 S'rathad's Basement ICTalosPlazaSrathadsHouseBasement S'rathad's House ICTalosPlazaSrathadsHouse S'rathad's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaSrathadsHouseUpstairs Stantus Varrid's Basement ICTempleDistrictStantusVarridsBasement Stantus Varrid's House ICTempleDistrictStantusVarridsHouse Stantus Varrid's Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictStantusVarridsHouseUpstairs Steward's and Healer's Private Quarters LeyawiinCastleStewardsHealersPrivateQuarters Stonewall Shields ICMarketDistrictStonewallShields Stonewall Shields Basement ICMarketDistrictStonewallShieldsBasement Stonewall Shields Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictStonewallShieldsUpstairs Summitmist Manor SkingradSummitmistManor Summitmist Manor Basement SkingradSummitmistManorBasement Summitmist Manor Living Quarters SkingradSummitmistManorLivingQuarters Sump of Misery OblivionMqKvatchCave Sunken Sewers ImperialSewersElvenGardens02 Surilie Brothers' Basement SkingradSurilieBrothersBasement Surilie Brothers' House SkingradSurilieBrothersHouse Surius Afranius' Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictSuriusAfraniusHouseUpstairs Surius Afranius' Basement ICTempleDistrictSuriusAfraniusBasement Surius Afranius' House ICTempleDistrictSuriusAfraniusHouse Swampy Cave SwampyCave Swampy Cave Dry Rock Run SwampyCave02 Talos Plaza Sewers ImperialSewerSystemTalosPlaza Talwinque Talwinque Talwinque Aransel Talwinque03 Talwinque Ceysel Talwinque02 Tamika's Basement SkingradTamikasBasement Tamika's House SkingradTamikasHouse Telepe Telepe Temple Armory CloudRulerTempleArmory Temple of the Ancestor Moths TempleOfTheAncestorMothMonastery Tent KvatchTent01 Tent KvatchTent02 Tertius Favonius' Basement ICElvenGardensTertiusFavoniusHouseBasement Tertius Favonius' House ICElvenGardensTertiusFavoniusHouse Tertius Favonius' Private Quarters ICElvenGardensTertiusFavoniusHouseUpstairs Test of Courage DreamofCourage Test of Patience DreamofPatience Test of Perception DreamofPerception Thamriel's Basement ICTalosPlazaThamrielsHouseBasement Thamriel's House ICTalosPlazaThamrielsHouse Thamriel's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaThamrielsHouseUpstairs The All-Saints Inn ICTempleDistrictTheAllSaintsInn The All-Saints Inn Lodging ICTempleDistrictTheAllSaintsInnBasement The Anguish Keep OblivionRD004CitadelRight The Anguish Shrine OblivionRD004CitadelRightLord The Archer's Paradox BravilTheArcherParadox The Bastion ICImperialLegionHQTheBastion The Bastion Tower ICImperialLegionHQTheBastionTower The Beast's Maw TheBeastsMaw The Beast's Maw Caverns TheBeastsMaw02 The Best Defense ICMarketDistrictTheBestDefense The Best Defense Basement ICMarketDistrictTheBestDefenseBasement The Best Defense Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictTheBestDefenseUpstairs The Bloated Float Inn Deck ICWaterfrontTheBloatedFloatBelowDeck The Bloated Float Private Room ICWaterfrontTheBloatedFloatLoadRoom The Bloated Float Tavern Deck ICWaterfrontTheBloatedFloat The Blood Feast OblivionMqKvatchCitadel The Bowels MS13OblivionCave01 The Bowels MS13OblivionCave02 The Brooding Fortress OblivionRD004CitadelMain The Caverns of The Moth TempleMothCatacombs03 The Chaos Stronghold MS13OblivionCitadel The Claw Monolith OblivionRDCitadel03 The Copious Coinpurse ICMarketDistrictTheCopiousCoinpurse The Copious Coinpurse Basement ICMarketDistrictTheCopiousCoinpurseBasement The Copious Coinpurse Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictTheCopiousCoinpurseUpstairs The Count's Arms AnvilTheCountsArms The Counts Arms Private Rooms AnvilTheCountsArmsPrivateRooms The Dividing Line LeyawiinTheDividingLine The Dreaded Refuge OblivionRDCitadel02 The Drunken Dragon Inn TheDrunkenDragonInn The Elven Garden Sewers ImperialSewersElvenGardens01 The Embers of Hatred OblivionRD002CitadelLava The Fair Deal BravilTheFairDeal The Feed Bag ICMarketDistrictTheFeedBag The Feed Bag Basement ICMarketDistrictTheFeedBagBasement The Feed Bag Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictTheFeedBagUpstairs The Flesh Spire OblivionRDCitadel01 The Flooded Grotto ParadiseGrotto01 The Flowing Bowl AnvilTheFlowingBowl The Foaming Flask ICTalosPlazaTheFoamingFlask The Foaming Flask Basement ICTalosPlazaTheFoamingFlaskBasement The Foaming Flask Lodgings ICTalosPlazaTheFoamingFlaskUpstairs The Fo'c's'le AnvilTheFocsle The Fo'c's'le Private Rooms AnvilTheFocslePrivateRooms The Forbidden Grotto ParadiseGrotto02 The Forbidden Grotto ParadiseGrotto03 The Forbidden Grotto ParadiseGrotto04OLD The Fume Vaults OblivionRD002LavaCave The Fume Vaults OblivionRDCavesMiddleA02 The Fume Vaults OblivionRDCavesMiddleA04 The Fume Vaults OblivionRDCavesMiddleA06 The Fury Spike MQ10BrumaCitadel The Gilded Carafe ICMarketDistrictTheGildedCarafe The Gilded Carafe Basement ICMarketDistrictTheGildedCarafeBasement The Gilded Carafe Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictTheGildedCarafeUpstairs The Gore Steeple OblivionRDCitadel05 The Great Chapel of Arkay CheydinhalChapelOfArkay The Great Chapel of Julianos SkingradChapelofJulianos The Great Chapel of Zenithar LeyawiinChapelOfZenithar The Great Hall BrumaCastleGreatHall The Grey Mare ChorrolTheGreyMare The Hate Tunnels OblivionRDCavesStart01 The Hate Tunnels OblivionRDCavesStart03 The Hate Tunnels OblivionRDCavesStart05 The Hate Tunnels OblivionRDCavesStart07 The Hunter's Abyss HuntersRun02 The Hunter's Run HuntersRun01 The King and Queen Tavern ICElvenGardensTheKingandQueenTavern The King and Queen Tavern Basement ICElvenGardensTheKingandQueenTavernBasement The King and Queen Tavern Rooms ICElvenGardensTheKingandQueenTavernRooms The Lonely Suitor Lodge BravilLonelySuitorLodge The Lost Catacombs ImperialSewerSystemTG11b The Lust Keep OblivionRDCitadel04 The Main Ingredient ICMarketDistrictTheMainIngredient The Main Ingredient Basement ICMarketDistrictTheMainIngredientBasement The Main Ingredient Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictTheMainIngredientUpstairs The March Rider CheydinhalTheMarchRider The Market Sewers ImperialSewerSystemMarketDistrict The Merchants Inn ICMarketDistrictTheMerchantsInn The Merchants Inn Basement ICMarketDistrictTheMerchantsInnBasement The Merchants Inn Rooms ICMarketDistrictTheMerchantsInnUpstairs The Molten Halls OblivionRD003CavesA The North Tunnel ImperialSewerSystemN01 The North Tunnel ImperialSewerSystemN02 The Oak and Crosier ChorrolTheOakandCrosierTavern The Oak and Crosier Cellar ChorrolTheOakandCrosierCelllar The Old Way ImperialSewerSystemTG11a The Old Way ImperialSewerSystemTG11a2 The Palace Sewers ImperialSewerSystemImperialPalace The Red Gnash Channels OblivionRD007Cave01 The Sanctum Dark04Dungeon03 The Sanctum ImperialDungeon03 The Scratch Paths OblivionRDCavesEnd02 The Scratch Paths OblivionRDCavesEnd04 The Scratch Paths OblivionRDCavesEnd06 The Sea Tub Clarabella AnvilTheSeaTubClarabella The Serpent's Wake AnvilTheSerpentsWake The Sightless Grotto DAPeryiteCave01 The Sightless Grotto DAPeryiteCaves01 The Sightless Grotto DAPeryiteCaves02 The Sleeping Mare PellGateTheSleepingMare The Smoke and Scorch MQ14OblivionCaveInterior The Sorrow Keep OblivionRD004CitadelLeft The Sorrow Shrine OblivionRD004CitadelLeftLord The South East Tunnel ImperialSewerSystemSE The South West Tunnel ImperialSewerSystemSW The Temple of The Moth Halls TempleMothCatacombs The Temple of the One ICTempleDistrictTempleOfTheOne The Temple of the One ICTempleDistrictTempleOfTheOneMQ16 The Temple Sewers ImperialSewerSystemTempleDistrict The Tiber Septim Hotel ICTalosPlazaTheTiberSeptimHotel The Tiber Septim Hotel Basement ICTalosPlazaTheTiberSeptimHotelBasement The Tiber Septim Hotel Lodgings ICTalosPlazaTheTiberSeptimHotelUpstairs The Tiber Septim Hotel Study ICTalosPlazaTheTiberSeptimHotelTop The Ulfgar Family's House BleakersWayUlfgarFamilysHouse Three Brothers Trade Goods ICMarketDistrictThreeBrothersTradeGoods Three Brothers Trade Goods Basement ICMarketDistrictThreeBrothersBasement Three Brothers Trade Goods Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictThreeBrothersUpstairs Three Sisters' Inn LeyawiinThreeSistersInn Three Sister's Inn 2nd Floor East LeyawiinThreeSistersInnRoom02 Three Sister's Inn 2nd Floor West LeyawiinThreeSistersInnRoom01 Three Sister's Inn 3rd Floor East LeyawiinThreesistersInnRoom04 Three Sister's Inn 3rd Floor West LeyawiinThreesistersInnRoom03 Three Sisters' Inn Basement LeyawiinThreeSistersInnBasement Tidewater Cave TidewaterCave Timberscar Hollow TimberscarHollow Toadstool Hollow ToadstoolHollow Toadstool Hollow Doubleback ToadstoolHollow03 Toadstool Hollow Tunnels ToadstoolHollow02 Tombs of the Undead Mackamentain02 Torbal the Sufficient's House BrindleHome Tornado OblivionRD002Tower03Right Toutius Sextius' Basement SkingradToutiusSextiusBasement Toutius Sextius' House SkingradToutiusSextiusHouse Trentius Family Mausoleum ICPalaceMausoleum Trenus Duronius' Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictTrenusDuroniusHouseUpstairs Trenus Duronius' Basement ICTempleDistrictTrenusDuroniusBasement Trenus Duronius' House ICTempleDistrictTrenusDuroniusHouse Trumbe Trumbe Tsalajma's House BorderWatchTsalajmasHouse Tsunami OblivionRD002Tower01Right Two Sisters Lodge SkingradTwoSistersLodge Two Sisters Lodge Cellar SkingradTwoSistersLodgeCellar Two Sisters Lodge Upstairs SkingradTwoSistersLodgeUpstairs Ulen Athram's Basement ICTalosPlazaUlenAthramsHouseBasement Ulen Athram's House ICTalosPlazaUlenAthramsHouse Ulen Athram's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaUlenAthramsHouseUpstairs Ulen Athram's Study ICTalosPlazaUlenAthramsHouseTop Ulfgar Fog-Eye's House AnvilUlfgarFogEyesHouse Umbacano Manor ICTalosPlazaUmbacanoManor Umbacano's Attic ICTalosPlazaUmbacanoManorTop Umbacano's Basement ICTalosPlazaUmbacanoManorBasement Umbacano's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaUmbacanoManorUpstairs Undena Orethi's House SkingradUndenaOrethisHouse Underpall Cave UnderpallCave Underpall Keep UnderpallCave02 Underpall Keep - North Wing UnderpallCave03 Underpall Keep - South Wing UnderpallCave04 Underpall Reflecting Chamber UnderpallCave05 Undertow Cavern UndertowCavern Undertow Cavern Hold-Your-Breath UndertowCavern02 Ungolim's House BravilUngolimHouse Unmarked Cave UnmarkedCave01 Unmarked Cave Black Queen's Hall UnmarkedCave01c Unmarked Cave Mazeway UnmarkedCave01b Upper Class Clutter Warehouse WarehouseUpperClass Usheeja's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaUsheejasHouseUpstairs Usheeja's Basement ICTalosPlazaUsheejasHouseBasement Usheeja's House ICTalosPlazaUsheejasHouse Uuras the Shepherd's House SkingradUurasTheShepherdsHouse Vahtacen Vahtacen Vahtacen Lorsel Vahtacen02 Valus Odiil's House ChorrolValusOdiilsHouse Varon Vamori's House BravilVaronVamorisHouse Varondo Varondo Varondo Beldastare Varondo02 Varondo Varlasel Varondo03 Vaults of End Times MQ14OblivionCitadelHall01 Venom of the Serpent PalePass03 Veyond Veyond Veyond Bangrara Veyond03 Veyond Black Waters VeyondCave02 Veyond Cave VeyondCave Veyond Gandrasel Veyond04 Veyond Great Sump VeyondCave04 Veyond Mathmalatu Veyond02 Veyond Sea of Darkness VeyondCave03 Vilena Donton's House ChorrolVilenaDontonsHouse Vilena Donton's House Second Floor ChorrolVilenaDontonsUpstairs Vilena Donton's House Third Floor ChorrolVilenaDontonsQuarters Vilverin Vilverin Vilverin Canosel Vilverin02 Vilverin Sel Sancremathi Vilverin04 Vilverin Wendesel Vilverin03 Vindasel Vindasel Warehouse ICMarketDistrictWarehouse Warehouse Basement ICMarketDistrictWarehouseBasement Warehouse Top Floor ICMarketDistrictWarehouseUpstairs Waterfront Lighthouse ICWaterfrontLighthouse Wawnet Inn WawnetInnTavern Weapons Warehouse WarehouseWeapons Weatherleah WeatherleahInterior Weatherleah WeatherleahInterior02 Weebam-Na's House LeyawiinWeebamNasHouse Welke Welke Welke Ceyede Welke02 Welke Edesel Welke03 Wellspring Cave WellspringCave Wendelbek Wendelbek Wendelbek Aldmerisel Wendelbek02 Wendelbek Sel Aran Mathmedli Wendelbek03 Wendelbek Silaseli Wendelbek04 Wenderbek Cave WenderbekCave Wendir Wendir Wendir Nagasel Wendir02 Wenyandawik Wenyandawik Wenyandawik Edesel Wenyandawik02 West Weald Inn SkingradWestWealdInn West Weald Inn Upstairs SkingradWestWealdInnUpstairs Weye Weye Weynon House WeynonPrioryHouse Weynon Lodge WeynonPrioryLodge Weynon Priory WeynonPrioryChapel White Stallion Lodge WhiteStallionLodgeInterior Whitmond WhitmondFarm Wildeye Stables BrumaWildeyeStables Willet's Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictTheAllSaintsInnUpstairs Willow Bank CheydinhalWillowBank Willow Bank Basement CheydinhalWillowBankBasement Wind Cave WindCave Wind Cave Black Rat Ramble WindCave03 Wind Cave Great Pit WindCave02 World Breaker MQ14OblivionCitadel World Breaker Guard MQ14OblivionTowerLeft01 World Breaker Guard MQ14OblivionTowerLeft02 World Breaker Guard MQ14OblivionTowerLeft03 World Breaker Guard MQ14OblivionTowerRight01 World Breaker Guard MQ14OblivionTowerRight02 World Breaker Guard MQ14OblivionTowerRight03 Worm Gut Channels OblivionRDCavesStart02 Worm Gut Channels OblivionRDCavesStart04 Worm Gut Channels OblivionRDCavesStart06 Wumeek's Basement ICElvenGardensWumeeksHouseBasement Wumeek's House ICElvenGardensWumeeksHouse Wumeek's Private Quarters ICElvenGardensWumeeksHouseUpstairs Yellow Tick Cave YellowTickCave Yellow Tick Hollows YellowTickCave02

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arthur silveira salvador
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