Dica de teteussg para Red Faction II de PS2

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Well here we go again, cheats for Red Faction II ! ;) Go to Extras -> Cheats and enter the following combinations to get the desired results. After that click on the star to mark them and ofcourse use them in the game. Super Health xxywywz Unlimited Ammo ywxzyzxw Unlimited Grenades zxzxzxzx Wacky Deaths wwwwwwww Directors Cut yxzwzxyw Bouncy Grenades zzzzzzzz Zombie Walk xxxxxxxx Fire Bullets yyyyyyyy Rapid Rails zyzyxxww Instagib Ammo xxxxyzxx Instagib Explosions wzxywzxy Bullet Gibs zzzzwxzz And after you entered all those nice cheats you get the final 3 :p Unlock Everything wwxxyzyz Unlock All Cheats yzwzyxwx Unlock All Levels zyxwyzxx Happy cheating! /Team Goldstrike
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