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Start the game as usual and bring up the console with ~ (TILDE) key and enter one of the codes from the table. god killall notarget give health give mana give stamina give weapon_all give coins give monstersouls give xp give time give item_healthpotion give item_superhealing give item_fullregen give item_respawn give specabilities_all [title]Warrior Only [/title] give armor give shield give weapon_handaxe give weapon_trimace give weapon_soa give weapon_warsword give weapon_battleaxe give weapon_warhammer give ammo_soa give item_iconofmight give item_iconofdefense give item_iconofcold [title] Amazon Only [/title] give weapon_shortsword give weapon_bow give weapon_spear give weapon_crossbow give weapon_crossbow2 give weapon_scimitar give weapon_firebow give weapon_swarmbitebow give ammo_arrows give ammo_bolts give ammo_skullbolts give ammo_firearrows give ammo_swarmbitearrows give item_iconofregeneration give item_iconoffire give item_iconofinvisibilit
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