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Chapter 1 - The Congo jungle Click the action button (X) and George will unfasten his seatbelt. Pick up the beer bottle lying on the floor. Go to the right of the plane. On the left side of the crate there is a buckle and strap, attaching the crate to an iron bar. Click the action button and George will untie the buckle and strap. Place yourself in front of the crate until the "fist" action button appears. Keep pressed the X button and use the left analogue stick to pull the crate towards the middle of the plane. Go on the other side of the crate, with your back to the cockpit, and push the crate all the way to the rear of the plane. Enter the cockpit, and pick up the fire extinguisher by the control panel. Shift the action focus point to the window screen. Click the action button and George will smash it with the fire extinguisher. Click the action button once more (as the "cogs" icon appears over the X button) and George will attempt to exit the plane, but will realize that he needs more weight at the back of the plane. Examine Harry using the magnifier glass and George will get a bottle opener. Bring up the inventory and use the left action button (Square). Scroll the items in the inventory until the bottle opener is combined with the bottle of beer. A 'combine item' button will appear on the left action button. Click and George will open the bottle of beer. Try and speak with Harry. Open the inventory and use the opened beer bottle on Harry. Speak with Harry again, all topics. Face the broken front windscreen and click the lower action button. Watch the cut scene. (and... how did they do that?) Jump to where Harry is, and climb the ledge. Walk towards the right of the ledge and stand on the cracked surface. George will fall down several levels. Climb the ledge in front of you. Walk to the wall and when the 'hug the wall' icon appears, press it to make George sidestep along the ledge. Drop down one level, and instead of jumping towards the waterfall, go down two more levels. Now jump across the gap, and then climb on the ledge on the other side of the waterfall. Go down so that George hangs above what appears to be a pitfall. Don't let go. Use the directional buttons and he will make his way along the ledge shimmying. Now it is safe to drop down. Walk to the right, hug the wall again, and sidestep along the ledge. Jump across the gap, and climb up two levels. Face the platform covered in plants, and advance slowly until the "climb" icon appears over the upper action button. Climb onto the following platforms, and then continue making your way to yet another ledge. Climb up two more levels and watch the cut scene. ------------------ CHAPTER 2: PARIS - NICO Cut scene. Walk left towards the notice board and pick up the pencil. You can try the door of the flat, as well the neighbour's door, but they are both locked. Open the balcony door, and go outside. There is a flat-topped stone column there. Pull it and push it to the opposite edge of the balcony. Climb it and face the drainpipe. Hang onto this drainpipe and shimmy across to the next balcony. Look through the balcony doors, and try to open them, but they are locked. Step over the balcony railing, and side step along to the third balcony and window door. Look through it. Use the right action button and Nico will notice that there is a gap between the two door shutters. Open the inventory and select Nico's press card. Use it on the door. She will use her press card to lift the latch, and steps inside the flat. You can walk around, and observe the various objects, but there will be nothing useful to pick up. Go through the available door into the living room. Walk around and examine various objects, including the corpse. As you face the bookshelves, the door on the right is the door out of the flat, which is locked. On the other side of the wall, there are two doors. The one you came through, and on its right, one leading to the bathroom. You can enter the bathroom but there is nothing of interest there. On the floor just in front of the bookshelves you will find a shell casing from the bullet that killed Vernon. Pick it up. Search the body, and pick up Vernon's card. Examine the desk with the computer, which turns out to be badly damaged, and the binders, but there is nothing you can use there. SAVE THE GAME NOW Watch the cut scene, keeping your finger on the X action button. (You can press it repeatedly all through the cut scene). This will allow Nico to use the frying pan to hit her attacker, and deflect a bullet. Do not stop pressing the X button, as Nico will then swing open the fridge door to try to knock out her attacker. The impostor will now run away. Go back into the kitchen, and listen to the messages on the answer machine. The last message will tell you that Vernon has a girlfriend named Beatrice who is waiting for him in the park after his meeting with Nico. Walk to the trashcan at the side of the kitchen, and pick up a bank statement. When you walk over the rug, you'll notice one of the floorboard creaks. Press the lower action button, and Nico will push back the rug. Press it again and she will remove a loose floorboard, to reveal a safe. However you cannot find the combination of the safe yet. Exit the kitchen through the backdoor, and go out on the outer staircase. Climb down to the street. You can search the trashcans if you feel like it, but Nico will find nothing in them. Pick up the old sheet of newspaper lying on the street. Try to climb the drainpipe next to the trashcans, but it will break, and Nico will fall gracefully to the ground. Stand in front of the wall covered in graffiti, and climb onto it using the upper action button. Climb down on the other side and walk over to the benches in the shadow. In front of one of them you will find a black wig. Pick it up, and then open the inventory, and examine the dark wig using the right action button. Nico will find a few strands of blonde hair inside. Climb back on top of the wall and over, into the alley. Go along the street and you will arrive to the main street. Turn left and walk along the building, and then turn left again into another alley. The main entrance into Vernon's apartment is here, as well as an old woman sweeping the pavement. Talk with her, all topics. Walk back to the main street, and have a word with the young skater, all topics. After a very enlightening conversation walk back along the main street past Vernon's back alleyway, as well as a street marked with a one way sign, and head towards the traffic warden. But don't talk with her yet. Instead enter the large park. Just for fun try to find the dog poo on the grass and listen to the ensuing squelching sound. How much did those shoes cost again? Go and sit on the bench next to the purple creature, who turns out to be Beatrice. Talk to her all topics, leaving Vernon till last. One minded isn't she? Go back into the street, and talk with the traffic warden, all topics, but starting with the shell casing. Watch the cut scene with the Police. Speak with the inspector, all topics. ---------------------- CHAPTER 3: CONGO AGAIN - GEORGE Watch the cut scene. Ah well. He died. Get over it and search the corpse. Go to the desk (actually just a wooden table) and pick up the post card, and find out about Glastonbury and Bruno. Also pick up the magnifying glass. Have a look around and notice the crate and the pressure pad inconspicuously placed just in front of it. If by now you haven't worked out what to do, just give up, the game will be too difficult for you. Ok I'll tell you anyway. Push the crate onto the pressure pad, and the stone door will open. Go through it, into what seems be a scientific lab. Stand next to the complicated looking machinery, and press the X button in front of the control panel. The machine will start. Next go the level at the right of the machine and press the X button again. George will pull the lever, and months of research will be completely annihilated. What could be the cause of this mindless destruction? But to get hold of that plain metal rod, of course (d'oh!). So pick it up from the ground and walk to the panel by the door you came through. Open the inventory and insert the metal rod into the hole. George will say: "Cool! It fits!" Well, better than his fingers, anyway. Use the action button on the rod twice, and the door will stay open even when the crate is removed from the pressure pad. So go back into the first room and push the crate through the door all the way into the machine room. Then push it towards the section of back wall framed by wooden pillars. Walk towards the closed wooden door on the other side of the room and try to open it. It's locked. On the left of the door, there is a small gap in the wall, click on it and watch the cut scene. Meet Mr Sussaro. Go back into the room and take back the metal rod from the panel by the door, using the left action button. So now go back to the crate and climb on top of it. Next climb into the gap in the wall. On the far back wall there is a bird nest. Open the inventory and use the metal rod on the bird's nest, and it will fall on the ground (poor, poor eggs). Pick up the bird nest from the ground, and then walk along the left wall until you get to a small ledge, around which you will have to walk by hugging the wall. When you get to the platform, face the wall until the "climb" icon appears on the upper action button to grip the edge of the ledge and allows George to shimmy to the next platform. Jump across the gap and exit back into the jungle. Walk towards the stone dragonhead. Use the action button and George will observe that the big stone head was filled with charred wood. SAVE THE GAME NOW. Open the inventory and use the bird's nest on the statue, then open the inventory again, and use the magnifier glass on the bird's nest. Prepare the RUN button. Well now isn't HE clever? As soon as you are in control of George, prepare to run quickly towards the jeep, and repeatedly press the X button until George climbs in. You can get killed here if you are not fast. But as you cannot really die in Broken Sword, you will have to repeat the same boring scene again and again. Unless the game freezes during one of the loading stages. ------------------------- CHAPTER 4: GLASTONBURY - GEORGE Talk with Colonel Butley, all topics. (he's the one walking up and down, in front of the windmill) Go into the store called the 'Cosmic Fairy', which is run by a hippie named Tristram Hillage. Have a look in the shop and examine any object that you can find, including the rack holding postcard. George will observe a postcard identical to the one he found in the Congo. Examine and talk about the Poetry book on the counter, and notice the silver coins embedded in the back cover of the book. Use the X button repeatedly in the book and George will read fragments of poetry (this will be useful later in the game) until George says he has no more time to read the rest of the poems. Go to Tristram and talk with him all topics. Continue questioning him about Bruno, until the ear icon appears in the topics menu. Ask Tristram about the noises upstairs. But he continues denying. So exit the shop and talk with the Colonel Butley about Tristram. Run down the street and on your right hand side you will find a pub, with a man sitting outside at one of the tables. Eamon O'Mara is his name. Cross the street and enter Zazie's Kiosk. She is a fortuneteller, and she will ask you to cross her palm with silver in order to tell you more, especially about the postcard. Go back to Cosmic Fairy shop. Talk with Tristram about the poetry books with coins. Tristram will give you a copy of his book. Go out of the shop, and open the inventory. Use the metal rod on the book (see, it worth the destruction of the "amazing machine"). You will obtain three silver coins as well as the poetry book. Run back to the pub and talk with O'Mara about Tristram. Follow him back to the Cosmic Fairy, and as he argues with Tristram, and take advantage of the situation to sneak upstairs. Meet Melissa Butley, the Colonel's daughter. Talk with her, all topics, then go back downstairs and talk to Tristram about Bruno. He will give you a pair of boxer shorts. Eww. Exit the shop and go back to Zazie's kiosk. Give her one silver coin for the reading on the postcard, and then talk to her about the boxer shorts. Watch the cut scene. George will be out of the kiosk and notice the fire behind the Yeoman's Arms pub. Try the little door in the back alley on the left of the pub, then go and talk to O'Mara. He will help you knock down the door. Watch the cut scene. You are in a small courtyard and you will catch a glimpse of an ugly monk, but George will refuse to go after him as the wooden structure is on fire. There is a crate puzzle again, so here is what you have to do in order to allow George to enter the burning house: Push the far right crate between the building and the two piled up crates. Then push the single left crate in-between the wall and the other crates. Climb onto the crates and pull the top one towards the building. Switch sides and push it so that it goes against the wall. Climb on top of it, then into the building. Be ready for ACTION. Walk to the guy on the ground and George will automatically untie his hands. Then run back towards the window and press the X button quickly. Watch the cut scenes, and talk with Bruno, all topics. ---------------- CHAPTER 5- PARIS AT NIGHT - NICO Listen to your messages on the answering machine. Call Andre Lobinaux, and then the newspaper.Have a look around, and... guess what: ... Exit Nico's apartment and go the Vernon's street. Talk with the two women outside the brasserie, and find out about Vernon's manuscript and about the power building up. Then get into Vernon's apartment through the back staircase entrance that leads to the kitchen. Examine the door using the right action button, and Nico will observe the keyhole on the other side. Open the inventory and use the newspaper on the door. Nico will slip the newspaper underneath the door. Use the pencil on the door to push out the key from the lock. It will fall down on the newspaper. Use the X button to pull out the key and pick both items up. Use the key to unlock the door, and enter the kitchen. Go to the sink, and pick up a tissue paper. Amazingly, despite the police having been in the house, the carpet and safe are just as you left them. Go to the bedroom door and you will hear heavy sobbing on the other side. Open the door to find poor Beatrice. (did you notice the poster on the wall?) Talk with Beatrice. Use the paper tissue on Beatrice, and she will talk to you. Go back to the safe, and enter her birthday as the combination. Pick up both items that were inside the safe. (press X twice on the open safe for Nico to pick both the DVD and the strange diagram). Go back to the bedroom and talk with Beatrice, all topics. Exit the room and then the flat through the kitchen door. SAVE GAME NOW. As you exit the back alleyway, keep the left directional button pressed, and in the same time repeatedly press the X button, as the red Jag will try to run you over. Exit the area and return to Nico's apartment. Use the DVD on the DVD player. You will find out about the Manuscript as well as the key of Solomon. Call Andre. He decides to come around. Talk with him, all topics, then call up the newspaper, and talk to the secretary about the Theatrical Mask. Again talk with Andre all topics, especially about the mask and the theatre. Try to leave the apartment, and the phone will ring, it's your boss. Exit the apartment and go to the old theatre (L'Hierogliphe). ------------------------ CHAPTER 6 - L'HIEROGLIPHE - NICO Look through the door using the left action button, and then try the door. Obviously, it's locked. Turn to the right, and walk along the street by the riverbank. Take the first left turn into an alleyway named 'Rue St. Louis en L'ile' On the right hand side you will have scaffoldings and on the left hand side the theatre itself with the backstage door. Walk towards the end of the alley, and you will find a red Jag parked there. Look through the window using the Square button, and Nico will notice the theatrical mask on the back seat. So basically now you need to find a way to enter the theatre and guess what? You will need to climb all way up the scaffoldings. Just across the street from the stage door there is a scaffolding area that is not covered in a metal net. So climb up to the first floor then up the ladder to the next floor, and run towards the back of the screen, around the corner, until the scaffolding finishes. Place Nico so that the upper action button highlights with the 'climb' icon. Climb up there to the third floor. Repeat this process to climb up to the fourth floor. Walk as far as you can go around the corner, then drop down to the floor below (third floor), and climb the ladder in front of you all the way to the fifth floor. Take a few steps, then as soon as possible climb to the sixth floor. Walk until you find the upper edge of the long billboard. Place Nico so that the 'cogs' icon appears on the X button, and press it. Nico will unfasten the billboard but nothing happens. Make your way back down the first floor, and climb up the ladder to the second floor again. Now instead of going to the rear of the screen, jump the gap to the scaffolding bit to the front of the screen, and advance as far as you can. Turn around, and take slow steps until the 'climb' icon appears then press the upper action button and Nico will climb to the third floor on the other side of the scaffolding. Advance until you find a crate, and guess what? You'll have to pull/push it under the fourth floor scaffolding. Climb on the crate and then on the fourth floor scaffolding, and walk towards the lower edge of the billboard. Press the X button and Nico will unfasten the bottom latches as well. The billboard falls down and fits perfectly across the gap. Walk along it to get to the opposite building. Climb up the ladder to get to the top of the roof of the theatre. There are two doors directly in front of you, but both are locked. Get on the left side of the roof, and go down the long ladder there to another long balcony. Go through the door at the base of the ladder. You are now inside the theatre. Walk around and go through the open space on the right of the screen into the corridor, and down some stairs. Enter the foyer of the theatre. Walk around until the cut scene. -------------------------- CHAPTER 7- L'HIEROGLIPHE - GEORGE Watch the cut scene. "It is only paranoia when they are NOT out to get you". (heh, heh) Ok, so guess what? George will need to find a way inside too. All the available doors are (ofcourse) locked. Walk along the alley to the rear of the screen and through the large archway on the right side of the road. You are in a small courtyard with some dumpsters, and guess what else? Crates. Another crate puzzle coming up! Pull and push the crate to the right side of the dumpster with the open lid. Push the crate in the gap between the dumpster and the wall, all the way to the back wall. Climb on the crate and look towards the back of the dumpster. The 'cogs' icon will appear. Press the X button and George will shut the lid of the dumpster. Climb on top of it, and press the X button when next to the window. George will undo the lock. Press the X button again and George will go through the window. What? MORE crates? Never mind this, it's not a puzzle. Across the room from the window there is a door and on the left of the door a light switch. Press it but nothing happens. Go through the door into what appears to be a dark library. You can have a look around, and read some of the book titles. Ew. Go to the door on the right of the one you just came through (as you are facing it) and George will find another small room full of crates. Right, THIS is the crate puzzle room. At the far left corner of the room, by the window, there is a crate that can be pulled two spaces forwards, then all the way to the right wall. Push the single crate next to the two stacked crates one space to the right, so that it is pressed against them. Then push the crate that you got from the other side of the room so that it goes against the other single crate. Climb on top and pull the upper crate, which will allow George to reach a light switch. The light in the room will come on. Examine the base of the middle crate, and George will notice deep scratches on the floor. Push the top crate one more space, and pull the middle crate away from a trap door in the floor. Press the X button and George will go down into what appears to be an underground tunnel. Walk all along the tunnel and then climb up the ladder at the end, into a room with a rusty old boiler. The door will be locked, so go up the ladder, and watch the cut scene. Now its time to use the 'creep' button (R2) and stick close to the walls of the theatre hall. Keep the R2 Button pressed all the time, otherwise Flap will notice you. Enter the door on the right side of the stage, and climb up the long ladder. I said: the ladder not the few steps that lead to the stage. You are now above the stage, so take the right bridge, towards the back wall. There is a rope dangling down from the lighting rig. Pull it and the lighting rig will come down and become stuck, allowing George to hang and shimmy to the other side of the platform. Drop down as soon as possible and walk around on the wooden bridge to the other side, to a pair of sandbags. Click on the left one (you will notice how it's just above Flap's head) and then quickly click on the second sandbag. YAY! Got him! Watch the cut scene. Playing with George and Nico: After the extensive loading time, and if the game doesn't freeze, you will regain control of both George and Nico. You can search Flap, but there will be nothing useful on him. So exit the stage through the left. (No. The OTHER left) Head to the back of the hall, and go towards the left. You are now in the foyer where Nico was previously captured. So have a look around and by the old cash register, you will find a plastic cup. Nothing else to do here, so go back into the theatre hall, and go through the door on the left of the stage, and down the wooden stairs. You reach an area which is presumably underneath the stage. From there walk along the corridor and turn left into what we will call from now on the 'elevator room'. In the middle of the room there is a stage elevator and a trap door. This will be useful later. However next to the elevator there is a crate with a block of theatrical grease paint. Pick up one stick. Take the stage elevator and go up onto the stage. Go right and use the right action button to examine the old stage light (funny, eh?). Open your inventory and use the grease paint on the cup. Then open the inventory again and use the cup holding the grease paint on the stage light. You will obtain a cup full of melted grease. Go back downstairs to the stage elevator room, and bring down the elevator. Pick up one more grease paint stick. Exit the elevator room and continue towards the back of the corridor. If you turn left you will find a door, so open it and go downstairs. Watch the cut scene. What the hell is up with this guy?! From the stairs there is a corridor on the right with a locked door as well as with the door behind which the shooting guy was. But if you walk straight along the corridor you will reach another door that this time will open. A support strut is in the middle of the room. Examine it with the right action button, but George will refuse to move it. Talk with Nico all topics. Exit the room, and continue around the corridor, around the corner, and watch the cut scene. Search the dead body and examine the card reader on the right hand side of the big metal door. Go back to the stairs and climb to the upper floor. Go all along the corridor and enter the first door on the right. You are in a small dressing room. Underneath the desk there is a safe. Try to open, but it is locked, and George will work out that the support strut on the floor below is holding up the safe. Exit the room and go back to the floor below, into the room with the support strut. Click again the X button on the support strut but it will not budge. Open the inventory and use the melted grease paint on the base of the strut. Then talk to Nico about the safe, and about the support strut. In order to get Nico to help you, go back to the strut, and open the inventory. Select the icon with Nico's face. Watch the cut scene. Pick up the key card and the weird artefact from the safe. Talk with Nico about the weird artefact. Exit the room and go to the big metal doors with the card key lock. Use the security swipe card on the lock, and the doors will open to reveal an elevator. Go inside, and the elevator will go down. Walk along the corridor. Watch the small cut scene about the engraved stone on the floor. Enter into large room filled with crystals. Go along the bridge to the central platform, with the column of energy. It likes George (aw). Press the X action button to pick up the item floating in the column of energy. SAVE THE GAME NOW And prepare for ACTION. Watch the cut scene while pressing the left analogue stick towards the left, and keep your finger on the left action button. George will drop over the ledge, and hold on to it. Shimmy to the left as far as you can, as Nico is blocking your way. Press the up action button to climb back up behind Sussaro. Watch the cut scene, while keeping the run (R1) button pressed. As soon as you gain control of George, run from Petra, along the corridor, as fast as you can. Be careful, the view changes, but as long as you keep the run button pressed you will not need to change direction with the left analogue stick since this will only make George zig-zag and bump into the wall. Instead use the left analogue stick only to mildly re-orient George while he is running as to keep him as close as possible to the wall on HIS left (Yup. His left is your right. Weird, eh?). Get to the elevator door as fast as you can and Nico will operate it automatically. Nico will keep the doors of the elevator open. Open your inventory, and use the bottle opener on the elevator doors to jam them open. Run along the corridor, then to the left, up the staircase and through the door. Go into the 'elevator room' (don't take the stairs up the stage, because you will be shot by the guards). Take the stage elevator up onto the stage, then jump down and run to the right of the room, to the ladder through which George came in. George will argue that this way out is safer. Watch the cut scene. Ok, the guy stole the weird artefact, but accidentally he left a weird cylinder. -------------------------- CHAPTER 8 NICO'S APARTMENT - GEORGE When the cut scene ends, a topic menu will automatically open, and you will not be able to exit it. So talk with the guys around you, all topics. You will find out about the Key of Solomon and the Voynich Manuscript. George will realize that the stone he took from the column of energy is the same shape as the slot on the door back in the Congo. Nico will also talk about the weird diagram she retrieved from the Vernon's safe (While constantly brushing her shoulder. Does she have dandruff or something?) ----------------- CHAPTER 9 - CONGO AGAIN - GEORGE AND NICO (Ancient temple) Talk with Nico about the destination, and then try the main door, which of course is locked. Open the inventory and use the metal rod on the doors. But George will not be able to get the rod into the gap between the doors. Talk with Nico again about the doors and she will help you to hold the doors slightly ajar so that you can slide the rod in. You are now back in the machinery room. Go through the door to the Omega portal, and use the Omega stone on the slot. Yup, there will be traps. Talk with Nico about all topics. Get to the wall on the left, until the upper action icon appears, then hang on the edge and shimmy across. Oh look at the big spikes! Somewhere midway there will be an earthquake that will destroy the ledge, but don't worry, carry on across and we will find a way to get Nico to the other side. When you get onto the safe ground, have a look at the huge cogs on the right hand side of the wall. Examine them with the right action button, then open the inventory and use the metal rod on the cogs. Cut scene. (Isn't she cute?) On the left of the screen there are two stone blocks. Pull the first one to the middle of the path, then push it until it blocks the first row of spikes. Push the second block next to the first one, so that it also is on the pressure sensitive stone floor. Climb on top of the blocks, and go on the other side. Pull the first block only ONE space. Don't go further unless you want George to be killed by the second row of spikes. Climb into the gap in-between the two blocks, and push the first one a space forwards, so that it blocks the second row of spikes. Now you can get to the corpse, and examine it using the X button. George will find a cloth. Get back to Nico, and examine the ancient scarf, and George will find a metal plate inside. Go into the next room. It's a floor tile puzzle. When George walks on one of bottom tiles, all the other similar ones on the tile board will light up. Talk to Nico about this. First get her to stand on the fish stone. Walk to the 'safe' tile, then open the inventory, and use Nico again. Get her to stand on the scorpion tile. Walk to the FIRST safe tile. Get her to stand on the snake tile. Walk across to the safe tile. Fish stone is next. Then bird. Then Scorpion. Then snake, and walk to the safe tile at the West of the screen (as if you want to go back to where Nico is). Next is the bird tile, then fish, then scorpion, then snake, and you will have reached the other side of the room. Use the upper action button to climb on top of the ridge. Leave Nico behind and go into the next room. In the next room there is not much floor left, so get close to the right wall as you turn your back to the entrance, and drop down to the platform below. Jump on the next platform and drop. Then shimmy around the narrow ledge to the next platform below you. Drop down two more levels, and you will have reached the bottom of the pit. Exit through the opening at the bottom of the pit. Oh joy... the next room is a block puzzle. There are three RED blocks in total. As George faces the main platform, there is one red block on his left, piled on two other plain blocks (those cannot be moved), and on his right there are two other red blocks. The red block on the left we will call Block 1, and the two blocks on the right will be 2 (upper block) and 3 (lower block). Get behind block 2 and push it on top of block 3. Then go east from it, and push it 7 spaces left (west). Grab block 3 and pull it two spaces south, then 9 spaces west. Then 4 spaces north, and 2 spaces east. Push block 2 three spaces north, crossing the bridge formed by block 3. Grab block 3 and pull it two spaces west, and 1 space north. Climb on top of it and push block 1 on top of block 2, and further east towards the next gap. Now push block 3 back to form a bridge for block 2, then pull block 2 three spaces south, then 4 spaces east, and finally 3 spaces north to form a bridge for block 1 to go on the other side of the gap. Push block 1 three spaces east, and pull it 1 space south. Pull/push block 3 back to its original place. Then pull/push block 2 back to its original space, then push it further one block north to form a bridge for block 1 to be pulled two spaces east, and then pushed one further space east onto the top of the stone seesaw. Now George can safely cross to other side. Jump over the gap and enter the next room. In this next room, go the other side from where you entered, and face the device (control panel). What you will have to do is to combine the four units into one "energy machine". The 4 units will be numbered as following: 1- the unit at the north-east 2- unit at south east 3- unit at south west 4- unit at north west (again, as George faces the control panel) First move unit 2 to the middle. Turn it 90 degrees using the upper and left action buttons. Then press the X button to place it into unit 1. Bring unit 4 into the middle. Turn it 90 degrees anti clockwise and plug it onto piece number 2. Finally bring unit 3 into the middle, turn it 180 degrees, and plug it into unit 4. As you do this, an energy beam will go through the tip of the machine into the next room. Attached to unit 1 there is a touch sensitive panel, which when pressed, reverses the flow of the energy. Before going into the next room make sure that the energy beam is going from the machine into the next room. Go through the door. In the next room the energy beam is reflected by a crystal on the top of a pole. Use the action button the turn the crystal three times anti-clockwise. The beam will hit the next crystal. Rotate this one twice anti-clockwise, and the flow will hit a third crystal. Turn the third crystal three times anti-clockwise and the energy beam will hit crystal 4, and further up crystal 5. Go directly to crystal five and turn it once anti clockwise. The beam will push the big stone block to the left, uncovering a control panel, which can be activated by George. This will make four spots above one of the doors to light. Go up the stairs and find Nico who will come back with you. Now turn crystal #3 by 90 degrees anti-clockwise and the beam will hit another crystal (number 6). Turn crystal 6 twice anti clockwise, and the beam will hit crystal 7. Turn crystal 7 three times anti-clockwise, and it will hit crystal 8 and hit the large stone further up. Now go into the previous room where the energy machine is, and click on the pressure pad to inverse the energy flow. Go back into the room with the crystals, and observe how the beam will pull aside the big stone block from the second control panel. Go to the recently uncovered control panel, and activate it. George will notice that four other light spots will be activated on the top of the door. Go and talk with Nico about the crystals and about the control panels. She will suggest operating both control panels at the same time. So go to the control panel on the left while Nico will activate the other. Now the door on the right side of the room will open. Go along the ledge and jump across the gap. Walk all along the platform then enter the next room. George will try to open the stone door, but it wouldn't budge. On the right wall there is a panel with the lightening symbol. Open the inventory, and use the metal plate on the crafted panel. The door will open, but the plate pops out. Pick it up from the floor and in the inventory menu, place it next to the ancient scarf. Use the metal plate in the panel and as soon as you regain control quickly open the inventory and use the scarf with the plate. Watch the cut scene. George will automatically ask Nico to hold the plate and the scarf for him. So go through the next door, and walk across the bridge. Having flashbacks? Well, exactly! Go and grab the Alpha stone from the energy column. Run back across the bridge, and enter the next room. George will automatically talk with Nico about the Alpha stone, then before exiting the room SAVE THE GAME. Watch the cut scene while holding the R1 button pressed. George will have to run for his life yet again. Damn' camera angles! ------------------------ CHAPTER 10 - NICO'S APARTMENT Back to Nico's apartment. Guess who's there? Andre...and the inspector. Watch the extensive cut scene and dialogue. Man that inspector is a real gentleman. Even Andre becomes jealous of him! But now... who is coming in? It's Beatrice! She really seems to have a strong impression on Andre. Just follow the direction of his glance... Nico will remind George about the office in the theatre, and guess what? You have to go back there. ----------------------- CHAPTER 11- BACK TO L'HIEROGLIPHE - NICO Make your way to the main theatre hall and down the stairs to the left of the stage to the room where the safe was. The door leading down to the second basement is locked, so you have to go down through the hole in the floor. Go into the room where the crazy guy who shot at you locked himself. The door will be now open. SAVE THE GAME NOW Examine the two vases, start going into the next room and prepare for ACTION. Flap will try to strangle Nico from behind so keep clicking the X button all along the cut scene and Nico will grab one of the vase and smash it on Flap's head. Go into the next room and search the big desk. Nico will find a photograph of a castle in Prague where obviously Sussaro's secret base is located (as well as your next destination). ----------------------- CHAPTER 12- SUSSARO'S CASTLE - GEORGE AND NICO Playing with George: Go to the main gate and click on the switch at the right of the gate. You didn't think that the guard would let you in did you? Talk with Nico all topics and leave the "door bell button" topic to the end. As soon as you finish, go hide behind the small wall on the left of screen. Nico will go and ring the bell. You could sneak in this castle but instead listen to the dialog. As soon as the guard closes the gate, talk with Nico again. Repeat this twice, and just listen to the amusing dialogues. After the third time George will automatically sneak into the castle. Once inside, walk to the left wall and as soon as the climb up icon appears, jump over the left wall, then drop down on the next side. Creep towards the rear wall, and behind the tree there, and you will get to another wall. Creep along it until the climb up icon appears (its about when George arrives at the tree level). Drop again on the other side of the wall and creep towards the back of the garden. NOT towards the guards (I know, the view is impossible). Keep following the left wall until the view changes and you will be able to observe the guard with the dog. Keep creeping, the guard will turn his back on you, but the dog is still there, so wait until both the dog and the guard start walking right. Start creeping up and left, towards the stairs where the light beam is. As soon as you enter the courtyard with the light beam keep creeping as close as possible to the wall on George's left (he's facing the screen, so the wall will actually be on your RIGHT). That will allow George to avoid the light beam. Continue walking along the wall until you reach a bunch of trashcans, which you will have to search. George will find a piece of string, a burger and a piece of foil. You don't need to creep in this area, since the light beam is quite far away. Keep going along the wall, then along the circular structure (tower?). Creep now. You will reach a pair of windows, through which you can look (meh). You can't go through them, so continue along. As soon as the light beam goes away from the wall at the back of the screen, run to the other side (right), past big arched doors, which will be locked anyway. Quickly enter the next area, which will contain... crates. Observe the wall on the north east of the screen. See there is one opening in the wall that does not have iron bars over it? Well this is where you have to get. First push the top crate from the stack of two onto the single crate on its right. Then pull the crate that was underneath one space southeast. Then push it two spaces towards the wall. Go around the BIG crate, and pull the single crate one space northwest, so it will be placed between the stack of two crates and the wall you need to climb. Push the top crate from the stack on top of the single crate next to the wall, and then climb up. You are now on top of the battlements. Drop down to the floor, and walk on the battlements southwest until you reach the wall. The climb icon will appear and you can climb up onto a ledge. Continue to follow the ledge around the corner. You will be above the main castle's entrance, where the two guards with dogs are. Jump onto the balcony and cross to the other side, then go to the ledge there. Continue walking around the corner until you reach the end of the ledge. You will be just above a small courtyard in front of which the still guard with a dog is. Drop down from the ledge there and SLOWLY creep towards the other side of the screen, where there is an archway with some stairs. Now you will be a bit confused, because the camera turned 90 degrees clockwise and what was west before is north now. There is a small yard with grass and one tree. George will enter this area from the south (arch with steps). There is another arch on your right hand side (east) and a guard patrolling from right to left at the top right of the screen. You will have to cross from that arch to the other side without the guard actually seeing you. SAVE HERE You will have to creep the whole time. Wait until the guard reaches the left side. He will spend a few seconds there loading his gun, and then suddenly he turns around and starts walking towards the right. EXACTLY at that moment you need to start creeping towards the right in a straight as possible line. The guard will stop for a few seconds on the right side, which will allow you to creep further without being seen. If you have the right timing you should be like two steps behind the guard all the time. In the next area, there is another crate puzzle. Pull the only crate that you can move one space south, then push it one more space south. Pull the second crate one space east, then the third one 1 space north, and finally the crate that is closer to the left wall one space west. Now check that the hamburger in your inventory is the first thing that pops up when you open it. Use the upper action button to climb on the top of the column, and then drop down to the other side. Turn around and creep slowly towards the pen where the dog is locked. Use the X button as soon as the 'look through the window' icon appears. Open the inventory and choose the half eaten burger, and use it on the fence. Now the dog will not bark, even if George goes around the big crate, and then to the next archway. EXIT THROUGH THE ARCH TO THE RIGHT OF THE SCREEN, AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE TO THE SOUTH PILLAR. Don't make any unnecessary steps before you can head south when you enter the next area, because there is a guard at the north of the screen that will shoot you immediately. Creep ALL the time and go around along the south wall down to the gate where Nico awaits for you. Examine the gate and George will notice that there is a sensor on the top. Talk with Nico about the gates. Continue walking right along the wall CREEPING until you reach a big metal crate, and then continue along the wall behind the first truck (you can walk normally here, the guards are not able to see you). Continue along the wall until you reach a small door, which will obviously be locked. Further, you will find a metal fence with a small red button on the side. George presses the button and the gates will open, but will close again when he lets go. Continue past this structure along the wall until you reach an arch (don't go there, there's nothing). A bit further along a limo and a jeep are parked. Search the glove compartment of the jeep and George will take the remote control. After getting the remote, go back along the wall to the gate where Nico waits for you. Always walk along the wall and start creeping immediately after you pass the big metal crate, as the guard can see you as this point. Open the inventory and use the remote control on the gates and Nico will walk in. Nico and George will run and hide automatically behind the metal crate. Go along the wall to the little yard with the fence and use Nico from the inventory on the button to make her hold the gates open. Pick up a lucky piece of coal and go to the door blocked with a pole (actually a car jack). George will take the car jack handle. Now go with Nico to the jeep, and use the car jack handle on the jeep from behind to remove the jack, then try pushing the jeep from behind, but it wont budge. Examine the car and George will notice that the hand break is on. Click on the X button and George will let the hand break off. Go back to the rear of the jeep and use the action button. George will push the jeep against the wall. Press the up action button to make George climb on top of the jeep, and then on top of the terrace. Go to the drainpipe. Use the action button on the drainpipe. Watch the cut scene. (Poor, poor) Playing with Nico Nico will have to find another way in. Pick up the drainpipe bracket on the ground. Climb down from the terrace back on top of the jeep and go further left, towards the single black car. Climb on the top of the car. Use the left action button on the window then try to open it. Open your inventory and use the drainpipe bracket on the window. Nico will force it open. Climb through into the castle. You are in a sort of storeroom. Have a look around. Exit through the door. Nico will creep automatically. Look at the cut scene. Climb up the stairs and go through the door on the right. You will hear a plank creek. Watch the cut scene. Nico will automatically hide behind a plant pot. Creep towards the right past the twin windows, around the portrait gallery, past a locked door and enter the corridor with the red carpet. From there you don't need to creep. Don't bother trying the doors. Follow the corridor until you come to the end. There will be two doors, the one on the left wall is Petra's room. Thankfully she is not there, but her luggage is. Open the clothe chest and pick up the hair dryer. Go behind the screen, there is a second chest there, so open it. It's empty apart from a wig. Examine the chest again. Nico will observe there is a hidden compartment. Click the X button and Nico will find a tiny button. Open the inventory and use the pencil. Pick up the sharpening stone. Exit the room. Go back along the corridor to the portrait galleries. Creep right and go back to the door through which you came in. Go down the stairs and enter the main hallway. Creep along the walls past a locked door and enter through the door between the row of benches. Talk with the chef in the kitchen and give him the sharpening stone. Go through the kitchen and take the bottle of industrial bleach that is up on a shelf. Creep back to Petra's room. Can you guess what you have to do? Go to the bathroom, and use the brown wig on the sink, then open the inventory again and use it on the wig to bleach it blonde. Then open the inventory again and use the hair dryer on it. Go back to the main hall. Playing with George Hey, another crate puzzle. Pull the crate then push it to the wall that is across the flight of steps. Climb on top of the crate, then onto the end of the collapsed stone staircase leading to the battlements. Carry on up the steps until you reach the door at the end. It is locked. Go left along the parapet to the gargoyle, and examine it. Go back to the door and jump on the right side of the parapet, there is another gargoyle but this one is damaged, so click the X button and George will push it down. Go around the corner and then around the other corner. Hug the walk and sidestep to the other side of the parapet. Once you get above a balcony with a terrace, drop down on it. Walk to the right of the windows until the climb up button appears. Hang on the ledge and shimmy right across the gap between the buildings to the next terrace. Drop down and go through the small open window. Climb on the wooden platform to the crates...get into the gap in-between the crates and push the top one, then go south east of the now single crate and pull it two spaces right and one space north. Pull the top crate from the stack away, and then pull the only crate that you can now move away from the gap in the wall. You will be out once more onto stone battlements. Go to the north east of the screen, and down the stairs to a small courtyard with a tree on the left of the screen. The arched doors will be locked, so go into the small alley to the north of the screen. Use the X button the drainpipe. Examine it and George will notice a small tin cup. A "pick up" icon will appear on the left action button. So pick the cup up. Exit to the courtyard, and head east behind the tree to a grate. Examine it, and try to open it, and George will notice that the hinges are badly rusted. So go back onto the battlements, all the way up, and re-enter the storeroom with the crates. On the left wall there is an old ornate oil lamp. Use the X button with the "cog" icon on the old lamp. The oil will start dripping. Open the inventory and use the tin cup on it. God isn't he Mr. Safetyman? Exit the storeroom through the window, down the battlement to the courtyard, and back to the old rusted grate. Use the oil on the grate hinges. Now open it and go through. Playing with Nico. Watch the cut scene. To the right of the stairs there is a door that you must examine and try to open. There is a key card lock on it. Talk with the guard reading a book. Talk with him about the door, and then answer no to his question. Go out of the castle through the main door. Walk to the right past the other guard with a dog, and go through the right archway, and you will be once more in the yard with the crate puzzle. So do it again, climb up the wall (there might be another way, though). Talk with the other guard about the dog just for fun. Go through the right archway again, and then north to talk with the guard next to the truck. He is the head of security, and will give you a security card. Go back to the castle. (Just pass behind the security sergeant). From the main entrance in the Castle's hallway, go to the other side from where the guard at the desk is, and enter a wooden door. You will be in a sort of computer room. Go and talk with the woman sitting in front of the computer. Talk with her about all topics, and she will validate the security card for you. Pick up the card from the desk, and go back to the locked door next to the desk where the guard is reading. There are two highlights on this door, so you will have to switch the highlight using the L1, L2 buttons to the card reader. Then use the security card on it. Go through the door and down the stairs into the basement. Examine the prison cell that is empty. Continue along the corridor and watch the cut scene. Playing with George Go the old rusted washing machine and pull it two spaces left, then one space south, and then push it 6 spaces left until you reach the washing powder barrels. Then pull it one more space south, and push it on the old trolley. Go behind the trolley and use the lower action button on it to smash open the door. Run along the corridor then take the second right corridor, towards the end of the screen, and watch the cut scene. Playing as George and Nico. From where you are standing turn right into the corridor, and Nico will follow you. You will reach a guard cabin. Go back to the metal door, and talk with Nico. Use Nico (from your inventory) on the door and she will swipe her security card to open the door. You are in a large changing room, with wardrobes along the wall. Use the X button on the uniform, and George will get dressed as a guard. Go back to the guard cabin and watch the cut scene. Go through the door the guard just opened, to another security door, but you cannot enter it and Nico's key will not work. Instead enter the prison cell and YAY! Another crate puzzle...Push the crates around so that you are able to reach the air vent at the top of the wall. If you don't know how to do this just take a look at the screenshots on my site. Once you can reach the air vent, use the ear icon that will appear on the X button. Watch the cut scene. Enter Petra and Flap and Sussaro finds out where the Key of Solomon is. Now Sussaro and his band will go back to Paris to retrieve it. When you regain control of George, open the inventory and use the silver coin on the vent. Then use Nico to climb through the vent and open the door from the inside. So go to the now unlocked door and watch the cut scene. As Nico and George look at the map they find the lay lines come together in Egypt. Examine Sussaro's desk and prepare the run button. As he examines it George will find a secret button hidden under the desk. Another highlight will appear that you will have to select with the L buttons. Go through the secret door. -------------------------- CHAPTER 13: BACK IN VERNON'S APARTMENT Watch the cut scene and listen to the conversation. --------------------------- CHAPTER 14: MONTFOCON - GEORGE In the centre of the place there are two guys doing road works. Go and try to talk with the guy inside the truck (Alphonse). The guy is sleeping, so George will not be able to talk to him. Go and talk with the old guy drilling in the pavement. Flobbage is his name. Oh surprise, he is... well see for yourself. You find out Alphonse is 'seismophobic', he is scared of earthquakes. Check the manhole cover, and try to pick it up. Check the tool bag, in which there is a sewer key, but Flobbage prevents you from picking it up. On the other side of the square there is a house with scaffoldings, and some public toilets. Talk with the woman next to them, all topics. Go behind the toilets, and use the 'pissoir'. Wow, he's whistling. Get around the building in the scaffoldings, and climb to the first platform, and up the ladder to the top platform. Jump across the gap. As you go round the next corner the woman by the toilets shouts at you, and you have to get down. Go and talk to her again. She will go and investigate how clean the toilets are, so quickly climb back up to the top of the scaffoldings. Jump across the gap once more, and go down on the other side of the scaffolding. Grab the length of rope, and climb back down. Go back to the workers, and go to the compressor that is powering the pneumatic drill. Use the X button to switch it off, and quickly go around the truck. You have to wait while the workmen are arguing, and press the X button over the tool bag again to pick up the sewer key. If you want to have fun, you can keep on switching off the compressor and listening to the dialogs. Anyway, one the guy starts drilling again, go by the manhole and use the sewer key on it. George will try to lift the lid, but will be unsuccessful. You will find out the cover was blocked, and guess why... Open the inventory and combine the length of rope, using the square button, with the sewer key. Then open the inventory again and use the two combined items on the manhole cover. George will attach the other end of the rope to the back of the truck. Go to the front of the truck and talk with Alphonse. Now the sewer will be accessible. Go down the ladder. Remember this place? Check the archway doors for fun, then go around the corner and check the door with a skull on top. Examine it using the round button, then click the X button, and George will put his hand inside the hole. Nothing will happen (d'oh). Open the inventory, and use the Stone cylinder on the door. The door will slide open, so go in. From this moment on I suggest I you save as often as you can, because there will be a lot of instances in which you could get killed and/or the game will freeze. Go straight down the corridor, and you will get to some stone steps, and a large door. Watch the cut scene. The dialogs are absolutely hilarious. Of course George will not open the door. Instead go back to the entrance of the underground, and turn down the first path right in the corridor. George will discover a large pool of blood, and a trail. Follow the trail of blood. The right path in the crossroads leads to a large locked gate. So continue following the trail of blood, until you reach two doors, on either side of the corridor. First go into the left one, that leads to what appears to be some showers with some lockers. Go back in the corridor and into the opposite room. You will discover the carnage Sussaro's men left. Behind the door there is a body you can search, to find an old rusty key. Open your inventory and make sure that this key is the first item up. Check the old microwave in the corner of the room. Go out of the room and turn right in the corridor, towards the big dining room at the end. One of Sussaro's men is guarding the place. Go back to the room with the corpses, and use the X button the old microwave, then QUICKLY go out and cross the corridor and hide behind the wall in the shower room. The guard will go in the microwave room, and as he does go to the kitchen door, and close it. Then quickly open the inventory and use the old key to lock the door. You need to make sure of two things in order not to get killed by the guard: First, is that you need to be on the right side of the door, so that George does not lock himself in with the guard. Second, after closing the door, you need to open the inventory and use the key in less than a second! Right, now that the guard is out of your way, go back into the dining hall. Exit through the door at the back of the screen. You will be in what looks like a mine tunnel, which you need to follow to a small room filled with bookshelves. The trail of blood continues here, and leads to a wine rack at the back of the room. Go to the rack, and examine the five bottles. There will be 5 highlights on the bottles (1 for each bottle). There are two red tops, one blue, one white, and one green. Examine each of the wine bottles, scrolling between the highlights using the L1/L2 buttons. You will have to activate the bottles in a certain order, using the X button. Remember that dialog you had with Andre about the history of St. Stephan? The story is they key to this puzzle. As the order you need to activate them in is the one of St. Stephan's journey from Italy to Israel, and back to France. I will number the bottles as follows: 1 is the top bottle, with a blue top (Chateuax Berentoires Wine, French) 2 is the left red top bottle (Modena Lambrusco Wine, Italian) 3 is the right red top bottle (Wiesbaden Wine, German) 4 is the white top bottle ( Montagne de Rheims, Champagne, French) 5 is the green top bottle (Sauvignon Blanc Wine, Israeli) The order you need to pull the bottles in, using the X button and scrolling through the highlights using L2/L1 is: 5, 2, 3, 4, 1. Watch the cut scene. The blood trail continues along the new passage. Continue down the corridor, and watch the other cut scene. Leave the monk to rest in peace, and go up the flight of stairs, and enter some sort of dressing room. Examine the broken clock on the floor. Go through the door there, and SAVE THE GAME HERE. Since this is one of the most annoying sections of the game... That you will have to repeat three times as well! Creep as close as possible to the wall on George's right side (which since he will be facing you, will be your left side- I know it's complicated). Slowly creep behind the stand with the bible (the place where the priest normally stands and reads sermons from the bible), but you will not need to go inside it YET. Ok, as the guard walks towards the stand, you will need to keep George in sight, just behind the stand. Once the guard reaches the stand, he will turn around 180 degrees, turning his back to the stand. Don't move! The guard will then continue and walk towards the middle of the room, but then will stop and face the altar. Once he starts walking towards the left, run and hide behind the altar, crouching. The guard will then walk towards the column on the right, and then will walk towards the column on the left. Don't move! Wait until the guard turns around and starts walking towards the stand with the bible. At that very moment run and hide behind the column on the right of the screen, as close as possible to the wall, and crouch while the guard walks now towards the column behind which you are hidden. The second the guard turns his back to the column on the right side of the screen, CREEP slowly towards the exit door. If your timing is right, George will creep to the door exactly the same time the guard spends to cross the distance between the two columns. The next room is a library with a large beautiful clock, that doesn't work. Examine it, and then click the X button. Try entering the smashed clock number into it. Nothing happens. Click again and enter the St. Stephan number. Go on the other side of the room, and examine the three statues. The middle one is the statue you are looking for. Scroll between the two highlights, and examine the plaque at the bottom of the statue. You HAVE to examine it for George to find out about the 'Revelation' Chapter in the bible. Try to click on the plaque. So guess what you have to do now? Yup, you have to cross the room with the guards again to reach the bible stand. So creep slowly and get in the same position as before, behind the column on the left side of the screen, until the guard crosses the room to the column on the left side of the screen, then turns around, then goes towards the bible stand. As soon as the guard turns his back, run behind the altar and crouch there. When the guy starts walking from the centre of the room towards the right of the screen, run to the stand and enter it. Funny enough, as long as you are there, no matter how close he gets the guard will not be able to see you. Click the X button the bible and George will flick through it to find the Revelations chapter. Now repeat the first steps to cross the room once more. Save the game so you don't have to ever do this again. Go to the clock and enter the number from the bible. Watch the cut scene. OOOOOOooooooo... Sir George meets the NEW Grand Master. ---------------------------- CHAPTER 15: VERNON'S APARTMENT Hmm Andre is sitting closer and closer to Beatrice, his little 'chickpea'. You cannot talk with either Andre of Beatrice. Could it be love? Go and talk with Nico, all topics. Click on the North African map, and the inventory will open on the Psi stone. Use it with the map. Click on the map again. The inventory will open once more so use the omega stone on the map. Click for the third time on the map and use the Alpha stone. --------------------------- CHAPTER 16 - THE ARMILLARY- EGYPT- GEORGE AND NICO One you get control of George creep behind the first portal, and walk left. Creep behind the first inverted L-shaped wall, and then creep left behind the small clump of stones, then further left and up to the segment of wall between two columns. Watch for the guard patrolling with his dog. As he stops creep behind the top left inverted L shaped wall. When the guard and the dog turn around and start walking back towards the gate, first creep past the column lying on the ground, until the camera view changes, and then run for it. I did it several times this way, and if the timing is right it works fine. Talk with Nico, all topics. Examine the exposed area of stone, and the symbols on the wall. Open the inventory and use the car jack handle on them. A door will open. Watch the cut scene. You must pass two tests to prove you are worthy of the power. Talk with Nico, all topics. Examine the door bearing three symbols. This is the first 'test'. I wonder what George has to do... Use the three stones on the door. The door slides open, so you can enter the next room. Anubis will talk once more. Well if you cannot understand what he is saying, you can use the almost illegible red on grey subtitles. Good luck. It's a logic puzzle. You have to get the three figures on the tribunal side of the river. But you can't leave the brother and the suspect together while Horus is elsewhere. Same with leaving the suspect and the witness together. Horus can only carry one item at a time and he has to do it all in seven trips. First, take the killer, and cross to the other side (1). Cross river (2). Put the brother on Horus, and take him to the other side (3). Take the killer back to the panel (4). Then take the witness and cross to the other side (5). Now go and take the killer (6) and bring him to the other side (7). The door will open, so go through. Watch the cut scene. Keep clicking the X button, as you will have to do some action at the end of the cut scene. Keep clicking even after George jumps on Flap, and you will have to grab for the pistol. Watch the cut scene. You are now in control of George again. Talk to Nico and Bruno. You can examine Sussaro and Flap but they have nothing on them. Go to the machinery, and press the X button. George will pick up the Key of Solomon. Go up the staircase on the opposite side of the room, and turn left. George will find a bomb! Press the X button immediately, to make George jump out of the way as the bomb goes off. Watch the cut scene. Go to the left, to the trench created by the rubble. There you will find two red blocks that can be pushed. One is inside the trench, the other is towards the left of the screen, by the side of the trench. Push and pull the first block to form a bridge across the gap between the two sides of the circular platform. Pull the second block across the gap onto the side where Nico and Bruno are. Jump into the trench, and pull the first block all around the statue, until you cannot push it any further. Go back to the second back and pull/push it around the statue, past where Nico is standing, then behind the statue, to cross the gap again, on top of the first block. Then push it towards the rear of the screen, as far as it goes, climb on top of it and onto the tall stone block. Watch the cut scene. Nico observes that the lines converge in Glastonbury. Walk into the next room, and observe that the Anubis hologram is malfunctioning. Talk with Bruno and Nico, all topics. Then go by the puzzle and watch the rather emotional cut scene. Not so much of a hologram after all... -------------------- CHAPTER 1 - GLASTONBURY AGAIN - GEORGE AND NICO Watch the cut scene, and talk to Nico all topics. Run along the street towards the windmill. There will be an open gate on the right hand side, and, OH JOY! Another crate puzzle... There are 7 crates. 3 by the wall on the left of the screen, 1 single (crate 1) and a stack of 3 crates (crate 2, top one. Crate 3, middle, and crate 4, the lower one). There is a single crate on the other side of the small wall (crate 5), one single one on the top of a little wooden bench (crate 6), a single one in front of the little wooden bench (crate 7) and a single one at the corner formed between the wooden bench and the building (crate 8). Pull crate 6 two spaces west. Pull crate 1 one space north, and then two spaces east. Pull crate 8 one space south, then push it two spaces west. Pull crate 5 one space east. Climb on top of crates 5 and 8, and pull crate 6 one space south, on top of crate 8. Pull crate 7 one space south, then push it one more space south, and then pull it one space east. Climb on top of it. Pull crate 6 one space south from the top of crate 8 to the top of crate 5. Pull crate 1 one space west. From here you will have to re-arrange the crates as to form a path from the little wooden bench to the wall on the left of the screen, by gradually moving the crates, and pushing crate 6 on top of them. The goal is to form a stack of two crates between the gap in the wall and the stack of 3 crates. If you REALLY don't know how to do that, look at the sequence of screen shots on my Website. Once you managed to do this, climb on the little wall, and push crate 2 from the top of the stack of three, onto the newly formed stack of two, next to the wall with the gap. Climb on top of this stack, and then into the gap in the wall. Watch the cut scene. Ooo catfight! Oh sh..... oot. Look at the dragon! George will fall through a crack in the ground in what looks like King Arthur's tomb. Go to the sword in the stone, and open the inventory, and use the Solomon's Key on the stone. Then scroll between the two highlights, using the L1/L2 buttons to highlight the sword. ARISE! Sir George... Dun dun dun! BOSS FIGHT TIME! (Sir) George and the Dragon. SAVE GAME HERE Keep the run button pressed, and as soon as you have control of George run to the right, so as to avoid the flames. George will now be shielded by some wall remains. Start running left, but as the flames head towards you run right to avoid them. Run left once more to avoid the second jet of flames, and as the dragon stops to 'recharge' and is surrounded by blue light, run towards him. When the sword action appears over the X button, press it and George will 'slay' the dragon
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