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Fallout 3 - Drop the Bombshell Music Video

  • Duração: 03:12
  • Visualizações: 207
  • Categoria: Music-Videos
  • Jogo: Fallout 3
  • Plataforma: PC
Thanks for all your comments, they're all very much appreciated, keep them coming :)LnLnLnLnLnLnREAD first please:LnLnLnLnFinally my Fallout 3 music video is finished. My goal while making this was to synchronize the music as good as possible with the video, and I think I succeeded. LnLnLnLnWhile watching you really should pay attention to the lyrics and the video at the same time, you might not understand what's happening if you're listening with one ear. You really need to think and focus if you want to understand it all.LnLnLnLnWhat can you expect while watching?LnLn- 99 DeathsLnLn- 25 Explosions (nukes, missles, grenades etc.)LnLn- Countless severed limbsLnLn- Lots of blood!LnLn- Oh yea, great editting too!LnLnLnLnAnd I really recommend to watch it on High Quality and Full Screen.LnLnLnLnSoftware used: Fraps and Adobe Premiere Pro CS3LnLnLnLnSong used: Powerman 5000 - Drop the Bombshell

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