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Ipad 2 Real Racing 2 Hd - 1080p Video Out Demo

  • Duração: 00:59
  • Visualizações: 280
  • Categoria: Outros
  • Jogo: RacePro
With full support for high-definition, 1080p output - a first for any iOS game - in the next major update, Real Racing 2 HD will be the perfect title to see the full potential of Apple's latest hardware.LnLnLnLnRelish crisp, gorgeous graphics at full screen 1080p, running at rock-solid frame rates, with an unbeatable hands-on, precision control method that'll have your console green with envy. Real time telemetry puts your iPad 2's display to work while your big screen takes care of the track-side action.LnLnLnLnIGN has heralded Real Racing 2 HD as "the best racing game for the iPad", and Real Racing 2 on iPhone has received numerous accolades, including two Game of the Year awards from Pocket Gamer and perfect scores from Slide To Play, Macworld, Touch Arcade and CNET.

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