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Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing Pt. 2

Like the vid? Click Save to: Favorites!LnLnLnLnDigg it up!: [url]hide:aHR0cDovL2RpZ2cuY29tL2QzMVRIVTU=[/url]LnLnLnLnClick to RT: [url]hide:aHR0cDovL2JpdC5seS9SVFBhcnQy[/url]LnLnLnLnMissed Part 1? See it here: [youtube][/youtube]LnLnLnLnSOUND DESIGN BEHIND THE SCENES: [youtube][/youtube]LnLnLnLnFull credits: [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3d3dy5jb3JyaWRvci1kaWdpdGFsLmNvbS9mcm96ZW5jcm9zc2luZw==[/url]LnLnLnLnFinally - part 2 is here! Hopefully we delivered this in a reasonable amount of time.LnLnLnLnThanks to people graciously helping us for the sake of making a fun action movie, we managed to do all of this for a total of just over $600. A little pricier than the first, but totally worth it. LnLnLnLnAlso if you're a super nerd, see if you can find when Spectre gets an achievement.LnLnLnLnWe are not authorized, nor affiliated in any way with Activision or Infinity Ward. Just dudes with computers as usual!LnLnLnLnAnd if you want a Part 3, let us know in the comments below!LnLnLnLnAlso, Spectre is equipping OMA on this, hence the weapon switching.LnLnLnLnDIRECTED BY Niko Pueringer & Sam GorskiLnLnPRODUCED BY James Sicignano, Robert Setari, Robert HoovenLnLnASSOCIATE PRODUCER Hilary GlaholtLnLnMADE POSSIBLE BY Think Big ProductionsLnLnCAMERA EQUIPMENT AND GEAR Invision Productions, Shane ValdesLnLnAIRSOFT EQUIPMENT AND TACTICAL GEAR Freddie Mac and Alan HuLnLnLnLnSPECTRE/MARCO Daz CrawfordLnLnANJA Lisa CataraLnLnDUST Robert HoovenLnLnLIAM Robert SetariLnLnHQ Heldine AguiluzLnLnDIMITRI (AKIMBO THUG) David MutchlerLnLnWAREHOUSE THUGS Neil Sandilands, Freeman White III, James Sicignano, Mark RitchieLnLnGLA MILITIAMEN Kevin McMahon, Freddie Mack, Aaron Yohe-Mellor, Jake WatsonLnLnLnLnEDITING / VISUAL EFFECTS / COLOR BY Corridor Digital (our company!)LnLnSOUND DESIGN BY Freddie WongLnLnMUSIC Rich DouglasLnLnENDING THEME Sam GorskiLnLnMATCHMOVING Brandon LaatschLnLnLnLnDIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Sean ColesLnLn1ST AC Chris SolLnLn2ND AC Freeman White IIILnLn3RD AC Shane ValdesLnLnLnLnKEY GRIP Mike OrrLnLnGAFFER Kirk BartolataLnLnGAFFER Waide AllenLnLn1ST AD Freddie WongLnLn2ND AD Brandon LaatschLnLnPRODUCTION COORDINATOR Emma RollLnLnSPECIAL EFFECTS/STUNTS Jeff ScottLnLnPROPS/SET DRESSING Robert BoufardLnLnPROPS (ORDINANCE)/WARDROBE Kevin McMahonLnLnPA's Jess Spotts, Matt Arnold, Jake WatsonLnLnHAIR & MAKE-UP Chelsea RedaLnLnCRAFT SERVICES Heldine Aguiluz, Ivy BrownLnLnLOCATION The Poodle ParlorLnLnSTILL PHOTOGRAPHERS Emma Roll, Joe GuilfoyleLnLnINSURANCE Hilary Glaholt

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