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Isso Sim e Um Bom Jogador

!!!READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING!!!LnLnLnLnFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSLnLnLnLnQ: WHY DID YOU STEAL THIS FROM IAMCHRIS4LIFE????!!!!???!!!LnLnA: This video was released on April 19, 2008.LnLniamchris4life FC'd the song on June 3, 2008.LnLnSo it CANNOT POSSIBLY BE THE FC VID.LnLnLnLnQ: But you still stole clips from iamchris4life!LnLnA: iamchris4life allows users to post his vids (or, on this occasion, clips of his vids) on YouTube in order to spread his material.LnLnLnLnQ: So, it's a fake vid, isn't it?LnLnA: Yep.LnLnLnLnQ: Why did you make this?LnLnA: Because you touch yourself at night.LnLnLnLnQ: Can I state the fact that somewhere in the vid it says "300 note streak" and then "400 note streak"?LnLnA: No. People have already stated this many, many times. There is no need to do it again.LnLnLnLnQ: How about the fact that the guitarist at the end screen is Slash while the guitarist in the rest of the vid is Izzy Sparks?LnLnA: This has been stated less frequently, but nevertheless has been stated. You do not need to restate this.LnLnLnLnQ: How about the fact the most you can get on this song is 995k?LnLnA: I know this as well. No need to state it again.LnLnLnLnQ: What's the Buckethead song at around 6:34?LnLnA: The song is Nottingham Lace. It is from the album "Enter the Chicken".LnLnLnLnQ: What does FC mean?LnLnA: It means you're a noob to Guitar Hero's internet fandom.LnLnLnLnQ: No. Really. What does it mean?LnLnA: FC is an abbreviation for "Full Combo", meaning that the player hit 100% of the notes without overstrumming. If a player hits 100% of the notes but overstrums, it's called 100%ing the song.LnLnLnLnQ: So, can I still post a comment telling you this is a fake?LnLnA: *comment deleted*LnLnLnLnQ: He really has FC'd it now. Did you hear?LnLnA: Yes, I heard about it on GameFaqs and posted a link to the video at the bottom.LnLnLnLnQ: I want to prove to you that you suck at Guitar Hero.LnLnA: Okay, my gamertag is MysticLyman. I have Take This Life, The Way it Ends, and Through the Fire and Flames left to 5 star and can get 98% on Impulse. And yes, I can consistently 5* Raining Blood.LnLnI'm up for a pro-face off or co-op match whenever, so just drop a note and I'm in.LnLnLnLnOriginal text:LnLniamchris4life FC's Through the Fire and Flames in Guitar Hero III with 1,014,372 points. Pretty damn awesome.LnLnLnLnHe finally did it, folks. On video, too. Congrats to him. Absolutely incredible. No question about it.LnLnLnLnJust so that you know, the video is broken up into parts because for some reason my connection froze during the transfer of the live feed multiple times, so I had to add a little more video in, but I was able to catch him FCing the end and his final score.LnLnLnLnAdditionally, Guitar Hero III has an odd way of condensing the score text for point values beyond 999,999, so that's why the score text looks a little odd. I assure you that he FC'd it anyway.LnLnLnLnFinally, iamchris4life hasn't uploaded his score yet to ScoreHero. My guess is that his connection timed out when he tried to submit it the first time.LnLnLnLnFor a better quality version of this video with no breaks but a slightly lower score, check out this:LnLn

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