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Porta demonio

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# Porta demonio

Alguem poderia listar os segredos das portas demonio em um lugar só! Não eh?


- A do bordeu... vc tem que transar com umas 10 mulheres!

- A da Guilda de Heróis, vc tem que acender a lanterna!

- A da Rose...bla bla bla...(A casa da velhinha que perdeu o neto)... Vc tem que dar um presente pra ela (chocolate)...

... Sacou? Mandem as suas ai!
# Ingles, mas tá valendo...
Consegui através do
Está em inglês, mas nada que um dicionário do lado não resolva!
e aaahhh, isso exercita o inglês da pessoa!
Video-game tbm é cultura! hehehe

***********************************... /¯\
/ 1 \
\___/ Location: Heroes Guild

How to get inside: The door tells you that your path is too dark and you need
to show him the "light". To do this just go into your inventory and show him
the lantern and he will let you enter.

Reward: Elixir of Life Potion

***********************************... /¯\
/ 2 \
\___/ Location: Greatwood Gorge

How to get inside: You must perform a deed of great evil in front of the door.
In other words, have someone follow you and then murder them in front of the
door. You can also eat 10 crunchy chicks which is much easier than just killing
someone because it sometimes does not work. Also, if your personality is 100%
evil the door will let you pass without having to do the evil deed.

Reward: The legendary weapon, Wello's Pickhammer

*******************************... /¯\
/ 3 \
\___/ Location: Greatwood Caves

How to get inside: Get a combat multiplier of 14 or higher. A good way to do
this is first cast physical shield and then go into the Hobbe Cave. Now you
will need to get a multiplier of over 30 because when you leave an area your
multiplier is halved. Once you've got it hurry to exit the cave and talk to
the door. You can also try killing the earth troll that usually spawns at the
Greatwood Caves, although this does not always get your combat multiplier high
enough. Now these aren't the only ways to do this, so go ahead and find other
ways yourself.

Reward: The legendary weapon, Cutlass Bluetane

*********************************... /¯\
/ 4 \
\___/ Location: Rosewood Cottage

How to get inside: First go to a shop and buy a gift, doesn't matter what kind.
Next stand next to the door and give the gift to it. The door will be so
grateful that it will open for you.

Reward: The full Bright Will Users Suit

*************************************... /¯\
/ 5 \
\___/ Location: Darkwood Marsh

How to get inside: Talk to the door and he will tell you that you have to
defeat his mercenaries before he will grant you access. Accept the challenge
and 4 waves of Hobbes will spawn. Defeat all of the Hobbes and you're in.

Reward: The full Dark Will Users Suit

*************************************... /¯\
/ 6 \
\___/ Location: Barrow Fields

How to get inside: The door tells you that you must be fat and obese before you
can enter. To do this, just eat plenty of meat and fatty foods or drink plenty
of beer. A cheaper way to do this is to buy 60 carrots and eat them. This will
give the same effect as beer or fatty foods.

Reward: Will Masters Elixir

***********************************... /¯\
/ 7 \
\___/ Location: Grey House

How to get inside: This one is simple. All that you need to do is be married to
Lady Grey and he will grant you access. For information on how to marry Lady
Grey scroll to the end of the Demon Doors section.

Reward: The legendary weapon, Ronok The Axe

**************************************... /¯\
/ 8 \
\___/ Location: Abandoned Road

How to get inside: Present yourself to the door wearing the full Bright Plate
Mail suit, full Dark Will Users suit, and full Bandits suit. To get the Bright
Plate Mail, you can either buy the full set at the Arena, or buy the leggings
and boots at Knothole Glade and pick up the torso and gloves from wondering
traders in Witchwood. To get the Dark Will Users suit follow the Demon Door #5
instructions. The Bandits suit you should already have from opening the chests
located on the Abandoned Road.

Reward: The legendary weapon, The Dollmasters Mace

*************************************... /¯\
/ 9 \
\___/ Location: Witchwood Stones

How to get inside: Talk to the door and he will tell you that you can not enter
unless you know his name. Next go to the stones and hit them to spell out his
name in the order H - I - T - S. If you want to have some fun spell out S - H
- I..... well you get the picture. When you do that Balvorines will spawn for
you to kill.

Reward: This door is part of the "Find the Archaeologist" quest so when you
open it he will leave and there will be various items including books, a
tattoo, and Chainmail Leggings for you to take.

************************************... /¯¯\
/ 10 \
\____/ Location: Knothole Glade

How to get inside: The door tells you that you must hit it in the face with a
bow, but it has to be a powerful shot. For best results I recommend using an
Ebony bow or higher, BUT this can be achieved with any bow in the game. The way
you do this is by holding down the fire button to charge your shot up. The
longer you hold down the button the more powerful the shot will be. Also, if
you aim at the eye of the door you won't have to charge your shot for as long.

Reward: Elixir of Life

*************************************... /¯¯\
/ 11 \
\____/ Location: Headmens Hill

How to get inside: If you choose to do the "Marry Lady Grey" quest (which is
explained in this guide) you will have to at one point defeat Thunder to prove
yourself to Lady Grey. Once you have defeated him talk to the door and it will
open up.

Reward: Nothing, it just provides you a way out of the ravine that you fight
Thunder in.

**************************************... /¯¯\
/ 12 \
\____/ Location: Lychfield Graveyard

How to get inside: You must collect Nostro's belongings scattered across the
graveyard and place them in his tomb. The helmet is located in the
Gravekeepers cottage. The armor is located in a crypt near Nostro's crypt. The
shield is located in the nearby river on a rippling spot. The sword is buried
in a grave that has a shining spot on the ground near it.

Reward: This is the entrance to the Prison Path which you will need to use to
make it to the prison to save your mother in a quest.

***********************************... /¯¯\
/ NA \
\____/ Location: Lookout Point

At lookout point by the entrance to the Hero's Guild there is something that
looks like a demon door that has no face on it. You can not access it and to my
knowledge you can not get into it. This was probably one of the many things
that was cut from the game before it was released.

# a porta dos mutiplos
na porta do multiplos seu multiplos tem q ser 14
# Re:Porta do demonio
na porta do dmonio q precisa ser o multiplo 14
no meu n entra fala q precisa ser + grande e o meu eh 40 e poko
alguem poderia me explicar direito
# porta demonio
para abrir esse porta demonio do multiplicado
seu multiplicado precisa ta no 13 pra cima mas
ten q ser na hora
# porta demonio
algeun sabe como abrir o porta demonio
q pede para vc fazer uma maldade perto dele....
eu ja levei um carinha la e matei ele i naun deu nada....
me ajudem por favor....
# Re: Porta demonio
ei to com um probleminha.. eu não casei com a lady grey e virei prefeito da north bowerstone e ela desapareceu... como fasso agora para abrir a porta?( a De Grey House)

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