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PES 2010 Licensing Patch v4.00 para Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Categoria: Patches Não-Oficiais
Nome do arquivo: Licensing Patch v4.00
Tamanho: 59 MB
Downloads: 876
Mirrors: 3
Por: llllshadowllll

[img]hide:aHR0cDovL2ltZzgxLmltYWdlc2hhY2sudXMvaW1nODEvNTMxNS8xMDE1MzEwNi5wbmc=[/img]LnLn[img]hide:aHR0cDovL2ltZzQwMi5pbWFnZXNoYWNrLnVzL2ltZzQwMi85MTc2LzU3NzU5NjY5LnBuZw==[/img]LnLn[img]hide:aHR0cDovL2ltZzE2My5pbWFnZXNoYWNrLnVzL2ltZzE2My8xMzY5Lzc0ODYzODMxLnBuZw==[/img]LnLn[img]hide:aHR0cDovL2ltZzgxLmltYWdlc2hhY2sudXMvaW1nODEvNTIyOC82MTY4NDI1NC5wbmc=[/img]LnLn>*PES 2010 PATCH V4.00 BY LETRADINMELO AND PUPAPOWLO*< LnLnHOW TO INSTALL?? LnLn----------------------------------- LnLnLnLn1) Extract "kitserver" and "save" from the .rar archive. LnLn2) Place the "save" folder into the following directory: LnLnLnLnC:\Users\>YOUR USERNAME HERE<\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 LnLnLnLn3) Click "Ok" to confirm to overwrite. LnLn4) Place the "kitsever" folder into the following directory: LnLnLnLnC:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 LnLnLnLn5) Click "Continue" on the Administrator overwrite prompt. LnLn6) If using Windows 7, install the following addon located in the .rar archive. LnLn The file name is called "dxwebsetup". LnLn7) Once installed, locate back to the folder where you placed the "kitserver" LnLn8) Open the "kitsever" folder. LnLn9) Double Click on "setup.exe" LnLn10) Before clicking "Install" verify that "pes2010.exe" is NOT in Read-Only attirbutes. LnLn To do this, right click on "pes2010.exe" and choose "Properties". Where the section says "Attributes", LnLn Untick the box that applies to 'Read-Only", then click "Apply, followed by "Ok". LnLn11) Revert back to the "setup.exe" and Click "Install". LnLn12) Close the dialog box. LnLn13) Go back to "pes2010.exe" and Right Click, choose "Properties" and choose the "Compatibility Tab" LnLn Then Underneath "Privillege Level", choose "Run as Administrator". LnLn Followed by "Apply" , then "Ok". LnLn14) Run the game. LnLn15) Play and enjoy. LnLnLnLn$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ LnLnLnLnWHAT HAS BEEN UPDATED? LnLnLnLn$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ LnLnLnLnVersion 1.00 LnLn~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LnLnLnLn> ALL Premier League Teams licsensed, with correct kits and players. LnLn> ALL Serie A Teams licsensed, with correct kits and players. LnLn> ALL La Liga Teams licsensed, with correct kits and players. LnLn> ALL Eredivise Teams licsensed, with correct kits and players. LnLn> ALL Ligue 1 Teams licsensed, with correct kits and players. LnLn> Most National Teams licsensed, with correct kits and players. LnLn> Formations to teams have been re-corrected. LnLn> National Team Players that weren't registered are now registered. LnLn> Updated the National Cups, now include: LnLn FIFA World Cup 2010 LnLn CONCACAF Cup LnLnLnLnLnLnVersion 2.00 LnLn~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LnLnLnLn> National Teams updated: LnLn TOGO-All players registered LnLn UNITED STATES-All players registered LnLn BULGARIA-All players registered LnLn WALES-All players registered LnLn SERBIA-All players registered LnLn> League logos updated for Master League and League Cup LnLn> ALL formations complete LnLn> Added Ballpack 1.1 by Amauri LnLn> Re-corrected Wolverhampton Wolves to Wolverhampton Wanderers LnLn> UD Almeria (La Liga) logo updated to 64x64 LnLnLnLnLnLnVersion 3.00 LnLn~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LnLnLnLn> All replay logos for all leagues and cups LnLn> Fixed small league logos LnLn> Newly transfered players LnLn> All national team kits are licensed LnLn> Fixed all cup logos LnLn> Fixed most bugs LnLn> Tribute Ballpack v2.00 by Bendit LnLn> Kitserver 2010 9.05 by Juce and Robbie LnLn> PS3 Pad + Buttons Graphic Patch by oesick LnLnLnLnPlayer Tranfers LnLnLnLn> Johannes Vennegoor of Hesselink - Hull City LnLn> Kamel Ghilas - Hull City LnLn> Tuncay Sanli - Stoke City LnLn> Stephen Hunt - Hull City LnLn> Eiður Guðjohnsen - AS Monaco LnLn> Hernán Crespo - Genoa LnLn> Álvaro Negredo - Sevilla FC LnLn> Sylvinho - Manchester City LnLnLnLnVersion 4.00 LnLn~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LnLnLnLn> Bundesliga replaces Other Leagues B LnLn> Updated team players and names LnLn> New Master League sponsers Carlsberg, Fly Emirates, Samsung etc.. LnLn> Registeted teams replace unlicensed teams in Other Leagues A LnLn> Registered league cup and league logos LnLn> Updated all national team formations and kits LnLn> All Ligue 1 and La Liga transfers now completed


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