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Patch de Correcção para The Sims 2: Apartment Life

Categoria: Patches Não-Oficiais
Tamanho: 91.7 MB
Downloads: 503
Mirrors: 1
Por: ekans

[title]Instruções:[/title] Guarde o ficheiro no disco e depois execute para instalar o patch. Tenha o CD do jogo disponível durante a instalação do patch.LnLnLnLn[title]Nota:[/title] Este patch é compatível com todos os idiomas.LnLnLnLn[title]Lista de mudanças completa:[/title]LnLnLnLn o Bathtubs from The Sims 2 Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff can now be tinkered with.LnLn o All badges now take the same amount of time to acquire as they did in The Sims 2 Open for Business.LnLn o Lots now reset when an entire family moves in with another familyLnLn o Switching between a pet and a Sim during a magical fire no longer improperly disables the Rewards panel.LnLn o All versions of Jewelry Rack from The Sims 2 Bon Voyage will now be availableLnLn o Sims can now ask neighbors they have good relationships with to watch their children when leaving the lotLnLn o Cauldron now has ???resume??? option for interrupted spellsLnLn o Witch???s hats no longer become the default hairstyle when a Sim witch ages.LnLn o Sims may now invite their apartment neighbors to house and sports partiesLnLn o Teens in neighboring apartments will no longer briefly appear both in the car and in their room when asked to sneak out.LnLn o Gameplay will no longer get stuck when a witch goes to the magic world while on a blind dateLnLn o Maids and Butlers will now make the Murphy Bed and Heart Bed if they are messy.LnLn o Roommates can now gain hobby enthusiasmLnLn o Toy Dog will no longer get stuck in ???Play With??? animationLnLn o Occupied apartment lots can now be moved in neighborhood viewLnLn o The nanny will no longer stop working if a toddler falls asleep in a pet bedLnLn o Lots saved while the NPC witch is present will still have the witch when loaded again.LnLn o Sims can no longer be let into neighboring apartments while Freeze Time is in effect.LnLn o In Thai, spellbook now properly shows alignment.LnLn o Sims who use Vivificus Zombiae no longer end up with wants and fears as if they had a relationship with themselves.LnLn o Cars placed on unoccupied apartment lots now remain when a Sim moves inLnLn o Apartment neighbors of pre-made families are now hidden properly.LnLn o Downtown Community lots Similar Sights Sculpture Park and Lulu Lounge no longer are overlapped by buildingsLnLn o Maxing out physiology knowledge no longer makes gaining all other skills much easier.LnLn o Typos in item descriptions fixedLnLn o In Traditional Chinese, while selecting ???Spell: Save from Death,??? Sim???s name is now properly displayed.LnLn o Apartment Mailboxes now behave properly when Sim attempts to retrieve a Love LetterLnLn o Hand of Darkness Floor Lamp now takes less time to create.LnLn o Correct thought bubbles now appear while Sim is reading a genre book without The Sims 2 FreeTime installed.LnLn o Sims on hotel vacations with their roommate are no longer stranded after their vacation time expires.LnLn o Toddlers and babies are no longer chosen as part of a group when going downtown.LnLn o Wall decoration height adjustment hot keys now match game tips in all languagesLnLn o In Polish, build mode music track list is fixedLnLn o Correct Sim names will now be displayed for all Networking MessagesLnLn o Conjured servants no longer count against the Sim per household limitLnLn o College Rock now an available radio station without Sims 2 University and Sims 2 Pets installed.LnLn o The lifetime aspiration pop-up window now appears correct in all languages.LnLn o The heads of witches will now look correct after they drop out of college.LnLn o Sims with Body Skills from 1 to 4 are now susceptible to death by Murphy BedLnLn o Sims will now continue to play the piano until told to stopLnLn o Adult Sims can no longer ask young adults to be roommates.LnLn o There is no longer an error when a Sim returns to their parent???s apartment after college.LnLn o Computer in Apartment now behaves properly when Sim is awarded many scholarshipsLnLn o The landlord will now continue gardening, even if a butler is presentLnLn o A nine Sim family can no longer be attained by having twins when there are already seven membersLnLn o Sims may now Marry/move-in with their landlordsLnLn o Moved in families??? apartments will no longer be hidden from view when the occupying family exits themLnLn o Error will no longer occur when player locks in and strands a neighbor in their apartmentLnLn o Sims will now properly answer their cell phones and the phones won???t disappear from the inventoryLnLn o A former landlord that has moved in with a Sim can no longer collect rentLnLn o Freeze Time spell no longer causes errors with Contained PetsLnLn o Chastity Gere will no longer cause an error if marriedLnLn o Dream Date Flowers/Card can now be placed anywhere on shelvesLnLn o Butler will no longer leave the lot with a baby

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Patch de Correcção
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Patch de Correcção
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